The Law Of Revenge Episode 55

The Law Of Revenge Episode 55 Marissa withdraws her lawsuit against Ellice, Jake, Hope escape the clutches of Red

Jake and Hope in their hideout could not sleep. They respectively thought about their past life, how they met at a book shop to how they became friends. Jake rose from the couch to open the bedroom door only to find Hope standing there as she was also opening the door to be with him.

She sat next to Jake and asked him to tell her a story. As Jake told her story of how life began with him and Ebu, later Hope came into the picture, he realised his companion had fallen asleep and he sent her inside. Elsewhere, Gabriel also thought about his two children and the moment they shared as family.

Ellice on her bed thought of how she incited Jake against his mother and how Hope overheard her conversation with Marissa and became emotional, crying that she was caught in between their feud.

Marissa on the other hand, couldn’t sleep either and thought of what Jake, Avel and Lucing told her. The next day, she went to withdraw the lawsuit against Ellice. Her attorney told her that Ellice could use that opportunity to reclaim all her shares.

Marissa said she did not care of losing everything to Ellice, all that she wanted was to find her son. As the lawyer of Ellice told her and the family about Marissa’s action, Belen said Marissa was coming to her senses. Ellice said it was not time to celebrate yet they had to find Hope first.

Later, Sonya helped Marissa in the search for the teens. Sonya told her that she sympathised with her the reason she secured her secret from her brother. Marissa kept thanking her for helping her find her son. Sonya indicated that Hope was also her niece and it was part of the reason she was helping her.

Soon, Agatha came to Marissa’s office to tell her to give her son’s details to her so that they could trace Hope and him. Marissa asked Agatha why she was helping her and Agatha said she wanted to help them find the teens so Marissa complied. At the college, Ellice and Gabriel told the Dean about their missing children and they were made to check the CCTV footage but did not see even Jake on campus.

The Ceñidozas and the Pinedas increased their search for the teens as they made posters and shared with people while pasting some on walls. Alfred still could not track Jake. He and Charie also shared the posters and later decided to join the search everywhere for their friends.

Since Alfred or Charie did not know how to drive, they seek RJ’s help and convinced him that it was the least he could do for Hope and Jake after all the things he had done to them so he drove them and was upset that Alfred was showing him the road he should pass.

Elsewhere, Hope woke up and could not find Jake. She began searching for him. Unknown to her, Jake went to the market to buy foodstuffs. He returned to find Hope sitting on the couch and she told him that he scared her to death for not informing her before leaving.

Red had a lead on the whereabouts of the teens from a certain ally who spotted Jake at the market and he also tailed him to find his safe house. Red called Caesar to inform him. Soon, Agatha also had news on the teens and called Ellice to inform her that the teens were found in Batangas. Ellice and Gabriel left to the place as the police were also going there.

Belen overheard the conversation and called Caesar to inform him. She ordered him to make his man reach the teens before the police. Caesar told her that his henchman already left to the place as he was good and knew where the teens were. Jake cooked and taught Hope how to fry fish.

After everything they ate and Hope said the food Jake prepared was yummy. She asked who taught him and he said Marissa did. Hope felt sad that Marissa and her mother were best friends but their friendship hit the rocks. Jake said they should not think of that since he did not want them to come in between the feud.

Red arrived at the location of Jake and Hope. With his gun and a mask on his face, he climbed up the stairs but did not find the teens. He searched everywhere and could not find them. He then heard screeches of a car outside and realised the teens had fled. He tried to run after them but a police car which was patrolling distracted him and he had to remove his mask.

Caesar called Red to ask of the teens and he said he could not reach them, they fled. Belen became so disappointed. As Jake was driving, he recalled how they were able to flee from their pursuer. As they were eating, he spotted Red and he asked Hope not to shout, they took their essentials and passed the other side of the door to flee. Hope wondered the person who sent the henchman after them.

Meanwhile, Gabriel drove Ellice to Batangas.

“Marissa should anything happens to my daughter I have no body else to blame but you,” Ellice said beneath her breath.

Elsewhere, Marissa who also had a lead was in a car while Blue was driving her. Blue wondered why Jake would flee and Marissa blamed herself for the action of her son. She regretted for not listening to him on her plans against Ellice. Blue then asked if she would now toss her revenge and she said if that was the only way that could bring her son back into her arms.

“I can’t let Marissa and Ellice’s kids slip away
this is the only way to give me the upper hands against them all,” Caesar said after he ended the call.

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