The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 90

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 90 Tristan erases Prof T’s memories, Supremo spreads fierce terror after fortified by the Super moon 

Tristan came in to find his sister and grandparents preparing to sleep and was called to join them but he said he had something doing with Malia. Pina gave her blessings to the course Tristan and Malia were fighting for.

Soon, a news broke about the kidnap of mortals after Gilbert Imperial was appointed the National Defense Secretary. Malia and the LLU together with Tristan set the mortal captives free.

Hanno met with Jake to plead for his forgiveness over what the Moonchasers did to him. Jake said the fight had affected everyone and he understood the action of the Moonchasers. Hanno said it had really affected even Prof T and he had to talk to him. Unknown to them, the rebel vampires were watching them and went to inform Greta.

Hanno spoke with Prof T against his plans of k!lling all the good werewolves and vampires along side the bad ones and asked if Prof T would carry out his plans if Jacintha and Samantha were to be alive.

“That’s the point,” Prof T uttered.

“They are gone!”

“That is why I need to do this!”

“How about Malia, Jake and Tristan?” Hanno asked.

“Prof they will d!e if you do what you wanted to do.”

“Hanno I don’t want to argue with you about that.”

Hanno also saw some explosives and wondered what Prof T would do with that. Prof T asked if he wad happy with how his d!ed and said as long as those creatures were alive, mortals would not have peace. Hanno was still objecting and Prof T injected him and left with his explosives and serum.

Greta who was spying went inside to find Hanno laying helplessly on the floor and discovered the Professor’s plans against the werewolves and the vampires. She rushed to the lair to reveal the Professor’s plans to Sandrino and demanded that they should do something against Prof T but Sandrino said they would not hurt the professor.

“Are you willing to lose all your followers?” Greta asked.

“If losing them means all my enemies will d!e then so be it,” Supremo declared.

“The professor’s serum is not going to hurt me!”

“And it will be easy for me to create new followers from the mortals who will be left behind.”

Meanwhile, Prof T was at the location setting his serum to carry out his plans when the super moon appears.

“In just a few hours you creatures will bask in the light of the super moon.”

“There will be a downfall of red rain and all of you will d!e.”

After Jake seeks Tristan’s help in talking to Prof T, Tristan went to the lab to find Hanno who just woke up from the sleeping injection. Hanno informed Tristan that Prof was planning to k!ll all the werewolves and vampires during the super moon with he and Prof Eli’s invention.

Tristan then called Malia to make them talk to Prof T. The werewolves and the Vampires were out waiting to fortify themselves. Lemuel sacked James due to their secret. Greta arrived to tell Soraya that they would lose their lives if they did not leave the Professor was planning to k!ll them all in his blood rain. Ellice termed Greta as paranoid.

Jake ran to inform Baristo about Prof T’s plans and told him that Malia wanted them to leave. As Baristo instructed the LLU to seek for shelter the Super moon appeared and they stood in for powers.

Supremo also appeared among his followers and ushered them to gain the unlimited power of the super moon. Malia and Tristan appeared to stop Prof T. As Prof T urged them to seek shelter to save themselves from the upcoming omen, he made ready to press the button for the serum to rain.

“But it is too late,” Malia screamed to stop him.

“There is nothing you can do Prof !”

“Sandrino holds the power of the second set of the cursed ink.

“He is far too strong now!”

Prof T got devastated that his efforts to give mankind peace did not work and Tristan had no choice than to use the memory blocker on him to forget about all his plans and pains.

Tristan then urged him to be happy and continue his research, learning and profession in the US. He only came to Philippines for vacation and was having a good memories of his family. Prof now asked them what he was doing there as he could not recall anything. Tristan called him Prof T and he introduced himself as Professor Theodore Montemayor and Tristan told him that he lost his way.

He asked Tristan and Malia of their names and Malia showed him where he could pass. He thanked them and waved them goodbye. Tristan was sure Prof would be happy now. As Soraya questioned Greta on the omen she talked about, Greta said she did not know why it did not occur but they were happy that Supremo was strong now.

Supremo appeared in the blood farm and wondered why the professor did not carry out his plans. As he was receiving the blood of the mortals into his veins his fellows who were merry making while drinking got attacked by a fast moving spirit. Supremo came out to discover that most of his followers were attacked and blamed Tristan for that.

Tristan and Malia held hands but the spark occured and Tristan wondered why the spark happened again. He said after everything he would take the serum and become human again. Elsewhere, Doc had missed Collin and apple proposed he leaves them to search for Collin. Doc reminded her of his promise to Betty so Apple said they could both search for Collin.

The LLU held a meeting to find means to get Tristan and Malia stronger to finally destroy Supremo to end the terror he was spreading.

The attack on the rebel vampires kept going on and Ellice together with Greta and Soraya were told by one injured vampire that it was Supremo who was attacking his own followers and just left the lair. After the girl denigrated into ashes, they followed Supremo to see the terror he was spreading. He killed many mortals and Ellice took video of his act.

Soraya wondered if Supremo was now their enemies since he was not k!lling the mortals but his followers. At the LLU Lucho said there was no other way to get Tristan stronger unless Sandrino sacrifice the other powers to Tristan. Jethro asked if Tristan could do what Mateo did to Lia to get her more stronger but Lucho said it would not work. Miriam believed biting Malia would turn her into a monster like Veruska and Lucas.

Gael said he bit Malia but it did not affect her. Lucho said it was because her powers were not fully developed around that time. Malia asked if the spark that threw her and Tristan apart could aid in the power but Lucho said it was nothing, it just to say they were meant for eachother.

Later, Tristan discovered that James was still a vampire as he caught him red handed sucking the blood of a fowl.


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