The Blood Sisters Episode 52

The Blood Sisters Episode 52 Rocco revealed his real identity to Rosemarie

Rocco was injured while he tried saving Agatha from a bullet during the time they invaded the Bermudez family to steal the money.

After getting away with the money, he and Agatha went to a Motel to hide for her to treat the bullet wound. Agatha then rushed to a pharmacy to get medical supplies to treat Rocco’s wound.

As she treated Rocco, she thanked him for taking a bullet for her. Rocco said it was his responsibility to take care of everyone who was with him during a mission.


Agatha was delighted by the words, also no one had ever done such a thing for her before. Rocco said he was impressed with her and asked her to join his team so that they could continue working together.

Agatha however asked him about Erika because she wanted to know if he really liked her. Rocco said he was only close to Erika because he was using her to get closer to the Solomons.

Rosemarie refused to report the incidents to the police because nothing had been stolen in the house Carrie and Debbie however thought otherwise.

Debbie asked everyone to go to sleep as she tried convincing Rosemarie to call the police.

After everyone left, Debbie told Rosemarie that something had been stolen. Rosemarie however said that they would not be able to explain what had happened and they might end up getting investigated again for being involved in Paraiso.

Debbie went to see Carrie and explained to her that there was no need to report the break in to the police.

She explained that they might get into trouble again when they had just been acquainted so it was better not to report it.

Carrie asked that they tell Norman but Debbie told her not to do it because he would worry.
Erika felt guilty for what had happened to Ginny since she felt she was responsible for her losing her family.

She went to visit her at the orphanage and Ginny said she did not want to be there. She asked Erika to help her see her father if she really wanted to make it up to her.

Erika hence asked Tonyo to help her and they received a permit to take Ginny to see Greg. He was in tears when he saw her and he was thankful to Erika for taking his daughter to visit him.

Greg assured Ginny that he would soon be released and they could be together again. Erika told Greg that she would never get his daughter involved in their issues even though they had done it to her by taking Jolo.

She also assured Greg that she had nothing to do with what happened to his family. Greg asked her why her accomplice was after them and Erika said she was not working with anyone.

Greg described him as the man who came with her to Ginny’s party and Erika realised that he was talking about Rocco.

Rocco took Agatha to their hide out and Sahara was not happy to see her there. They started arguing but Rocco asked them not to fight because they were now on the same side.

Agatha left for a while to make an appearance at the house and went back to Rocco. They were planning on hiring Rosemarie to work for them now that they had Paraiso’s money.

Adele and Norman hired an investigator to help them look for Jolo. They also asked him to follow Agatha and find out what she had been doing.

Fabian called Rosemarie to ask her about the money and she said that she was yet to find it. All her assets had been frozen and she was not able to do anything so she asked Fabian not to pressure her and give her some time.

Rosemarie decided to go to the hospital to look for some files she was missing but she got abducted by Juancho on the way.

He took her to see Rocco who offered a business deal for her to work with them in a project to sell human organs.

Rosemarie absolutely refused to work with him after seeing that Agatha was there. Rocco asked everyone to leave so that she could speak to Rosemarie alone.

Rocco identified himself to Rosemarie as a product of some clinical trials that she had conducted in the 1980s.

The project was to create children who could not get sick but they all ended up with deformities so they had to be aborted.

Rocco’s mother however ran away and ended up giving birth to Rocco. He was born with a deformed face but was able to fix it using the money that his mother got from Fabian.

He also had severe complications and he blamed Rosemarie for it. Rosemarie was surprised to hear that a child had survived from the project and she apologised to Rocco for what happened to him.

She said she would do anything to make it up to him and therefore agreed to work with him.
Debbie was worried about Rosemarie since she had not been answering her calls.


She however came home later and lied to Debbie that she went to the Spa. She later called Fabian to confirm what Rocco had said and he told her that it was true; one of the women from Project X had escaped before getting an abortion.

Fabian wanted to know why she was suddenly interested in that and Rosemarie said that she was just curious.

Tonyo was worried about Carrie since she was no longer staying with Adele and Erika told him to think of something that would let him visit her at the mansion.

Tonyo went to Rosemarie’s house and announced his intentions to court Carrie. He however made it clear to her that he was not serious and was only looking for an excuse to visit her there.

Erika discussed what Greg said with Tonyo and Bruce, they then suspected that Rocco only used her to get closer to the Solomons.

There was also the issue with Sahara’s mysterious disappearance and they decided to keep investigating what was going on.

Agatha asked Rocco if Rosemarie had agreed to work with them. He confirmed it and said it was only a matter of time before they started making some money.


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