The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 22

The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 22 Marina dies, David is successful and settles in Baguio after returning from America 

Sandy in a private conversation with Jill expressed how much she loved her and had missed her. She did not want her to reject the job offer and wanted her to return to her post. She explained to her that she had no ill intentions and wanted them to be friends again.

David was emotionally drained after all his hardwork slipped from his hands. His son showed Jill the news about his Greenhouse project being on hold as David Illustre applied for bankruptcy. Gio felt sad for his father and asked Jill what would become of his father.

Elsewhere, Fred was finding it hard to believe that Alexis was still not ready to pull herself from a man whose life was in a mess and his business had hit the rocks. He warned Lexy to leave David.

Nathalia also agreed with her husband that Lexy had lived a comfortable life and now would have to struggle along with a man who had nothing to his name.

Lexy said she løved David and could not abandon him in his trial time. She said she would have a baby with him and was sure her parents wouldn’t abandon a lõved one when the person was in its worse moment in life.

She chose David over her family, explaining that he needed her most in life. Her father warned her that she might be sued along with David and she said so be it. Jill arrived at work to find a surprise meant to welcome her back to her post. As she was celebrating her return, she received a call from Mr Lucero and she went to meet him.

The man proposed to settle all her bank loans and refund Gio’s trust fund on the condition that any legal action she would take against David, Lexy would be exempted from it. Jill told him that she could not accept his offer as she knew how to solve her own problems. They could not pretend to be friends and the only way to help her daughter, he knew how.

Jill arrived home to find her son had already cooked with the help of his friends. He did well in school and wanted to celebrate with his mother. Jill was proud of him and proposed a party which he would invite his friends and his basketball team members and coach.

Fast forward, she went out with Gio to get the necessary food items for the party. As Gio sent some of the things inside the house and she was taking the cake, a red car pulled over and it was Lexis who came to bid Jill goodbye as she was leaving the place with David.

She told Jill that David wanted to do the same but due to the restraining order, David could not draw hitherto. David was standing aloof and raised his hands if Gio could see him but he did not. Days had fled and Diane was in her third year of medical training. Jill aside being a medical tutor was also being promoted to be the MD to replace Dr Barry.

A new doctor was also stationed there and Dr Barry made Jill meet Dr Fonteverra as an add-on to the team. Jill ushered her to her new office and received a call from Migs that Marina suffered another heartache and diëd on the way to the hospital. Jill went home to find Gio crying.

Jill helped in the burial service of Marina. She heard David was coming and Gio told her he would leave with her. Jill told him to wait and say final goodbye to his grandma and told Carol to drive Gio home later. Gio said he had already said bye to his grandma multiple times and he would say bye for them to leave.

He did and left the cemetery with Jill. Before Jill could drive away, David and Lexy car arrived and they came down from the car in their black attire. As they headed to the cemetery, Jill drove off. That night, Migs sent a message that David wanted to speak with Gio before he left for America so she told Gio.

Later at the office, Dr Sandy came to Jill’s office to inform her that David was not leaving, he was rather staying for good in Baguio and gave Jill the residential address. She said David called her out for coffee and gave her all the information. Jill went to the place and when she saw the house empty, out of curiosity, she went inside the house.

Unfortunately, David arrived there, she saw from the glasses that a car had pulled over. David saw a car packed outside his property and suspected Jill. He rushed inside and didn’t see anyone. Jill used the backdoor to flee but David saw her leaving and before she could get into her car, David used a short route to get to her.

He sent her inside and offered her coffee without cream. He knew Sandy the gossip monger couldn’t keep her mouth shut and told her about where he was staying. That he said had given him that opportunity to finally thank her for organising the burial service of his mother.

He then went ahead to say the taste of Jill had not  changed. He wondered why she came to his house, whether to check if he was now successful. He asked how she felt now knowing he was the one owning the most expensive mansion in Baguio. He told Jill that she thought he would never make it and now this was him.

Jill admitted he was the most successful person between them and was glad for him. She was leaving but David did not want her to go still he was talking about his success. Jill told him that he owed her but David claimed he had paid for everything since he was imprisoned and also he took his son away.

Now that he had returned, he wanted his son back.  Jill said he might have been successful but he was still the same. David claimed Jill was wearing a jacket he gave her and told her to fix herself and find a lōve because all that he had been hearing was she going to work and head back home. Jill was leaving and he gave her his car key just to boast off.

Jill went to drive his car which was blocking the way of her car, to get better space to drive her car and left.


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