The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 23

The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 23 Jill goes out on a date, David hosts a party for the grand opening of Illustre Construction firm 

While at home, Jill recalled David’s words to fix herself and avail herself for another relationship. She applied makeup and looked fabulous. Sandy was happy to see her looks and she told her she was ready for the date.

Elsewhere, David did a presentation about his Greenhouse project to the Luceos. Fred was impressed by the presentation so did Nathalia. Fred said they have to get funds to push the project and David told them not to worry because he already had an investor. The Luceros were so proud of him.

Jill informed her son about going out on a date that night. Gio told her to be home by 11:00pm, otherwise he would not allow her to go. Migs got there and he stayed with Gio. Jill told Gio to get in touch with Aunty Carol should there be an emergency.

Jill drove to the rendezvous place and was nervous. She almost broke a wing mirror of another person who also packed his car. She apologised to him and the man asked her for a date to discuss that. Jill told him she already had a date, thus gave him her contact.

Jill went inside to find Dr Sandy with her date. Sandy introduced her to her date and already Sandy was getting along well with him. She told Jill that her date was still on his way. Jill’s date arrived and it turned out that it was the man she accidentally hit his car mirror. His name was Gabe and he was a teacher.

Sandy and her date, who was a gym instructor could not control their emotions anymore so they left, leaving Jill and Gabe behind. Jill asked for her leave but Gabe didn’t allow her. She told him that she was feeling uncomfortable and cited the mirror incident as something that tells it.

Gabe sent her to a certain spot in Baguio and Jill was surprised to just have known that place after several years she had stayed in Baguio. Gabe said he knew that place because his friend owned it. He said he was from Batangas and moved into Baguio recently.

Jill also told him that she was from Manila and lived in Baguio because she built a family but his marriage did not work that was the reason why her last date was 15 years ago but Gabe’s own was six months ago. After their chat, Gabe wanted to drive Jill home since she was feeling tipsy but she refused.

Gabe advised her to join a cab, for her car she should leave it there, he would alert his friend to secure it for her so that she go for it the next day. Jill got home and Gio had been waiting for her. Gabe sent her a message to ask if she reached home safely and she texted in the affirmative.

Gio teasingly told his mom that she was late. He went to sleep and the next day, Lexy was with her friend and she told him that she had helped David to become successful and now her husband wanted her to be a hands-on mom for their daughter, Kylie. Her friend asked if she had seen Jill and she said it was unnecessary since she had already gotten what she wanted and David was hers.

He reminded her that David had a son with Jill so Jill would forever remain in the equation and be part of David’s life. She would also be compared to a woman with a successful career. She received an invitation she ordered and began to distribute. It was the grand opening of the Illustre Construction firm.

Carol and Sandy decided not to attend the event due to Jill. After her son received his invite, Gio also assured his mother that he wouldn’t attend even when Jill advised him to go. After gaining the text that his son wouldn’t make it to his party, David called Jill to accuse her of not allowing their son to grace his party.

Jill told him that their son was 17 years old and there was no way she could dictate to him. She said he should talk to Gio instead to know why he was not coming. Jill hung up and later talked to Gio to change his mind. Carol and Charlie sent Gio to the event because Jill left him in their care.

Gio went there and when Migs and David saw him, they were surprised. David told him that he did all that for him because he wanted to see him as a successful person. He introduced his son to everyone that he was his first born. David gave Gio  a drink.

The boy protested at first since he believed his mother wouldn’t like it but David insisted on him to drink and reminded him that he would turn 17 years soon. He took pictures with Gio and forwarded it to Jill at that time, Jill was at a certain place drinking and Gabe who chanced upon her was keeping her company.

Carol had called Jill to inform her that Charlie was wasted so she was sending him home so she could not take care of Gio as planned. She proposed to return for him but Jill said she would go for him herself.

Once Jill received the pictures, she left with Gabe to the event but Mr Lucero was the first to have seen her. She told her not to cause a scene and even wondered why she was there in the first place. Jill made it clear that she was there to fetch her son and not to create trouble. Jill then told Gabe that the place was for her ex-husband.

Fred informed Nathalia about the presence of Jill. Surprisingly, Jill bumped into Sandy and both were surprised because Sandy had promised Jill not to grace the occasion. Sandy also thought Jill would not go. David spotted her and went to know why she was there.

Jill introduced Gabe to him. Gabe wanted to have a handshake with David but out of jealousy, David did not greet him. He pulled Jill aside to ask why she was there. Jill told him that he sent her pictures of her son drinking so she was there for him.

David said he would drive Gio home and reminded her that within a few months, Gio would turn 17 years. Jill did not plan on leaving till she left with her son. She went to find Gio and the boy wondered why she was there. He was surprised to see her in the company of Sir Gabe, his science teacher and new basketball coach.

Jill told him that his father sent pictures of him drinking and he knew he was not supposed to drink that was the reason she came for him. Gio said she should have texted him. He followed Grace’s daughter to the other side.

David announced the woman who hosted the event and it was no other than his wife, Lexy. Lexy told them how happy she was that they had to return to Baguio after all that they went through and since the faces there already knew how her relationship with David started. They even lost everything and had to leave to start afresh.

She was happy that they were now successful and back to set everything straight to reunite with the familiar faces. Lexy also made mention of Jill and claimed that since she was in the company of a man meant that she has moved on so they should now leave the past behind them. Jill wished her success.

Lexy k!ssed David in front of everyone and Gio got irritated and left. His mother then followed him in search of him


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