The Good Son Episode 71

The Good Son Episode 71 Written update

The Good Son Episode 71 Written update The funeral of Anthony

Obet ran to inform his father, Arthur about what had happened to Anthony and Arthur asked how Raquel took the news.

Obet answered that his mother was sad and was grieving bitterly. Arthur therefore advised Obet to stay with his mother in order to protect her against the Buenavidez family if they tried to harass her.

Romeo’s superiors at work decided to add a new member to the team to help them investigate Victor Buenavidez’s death case.

They were introduced to SPO3 George who would lead them in the investigation to finally find the culprit(s) in order to close the Buenavidez case.

Enzo went to visit Calvin at the hospital and he ran to him for a hug. Cal was in tears saying that he thought Enzo had forgotten about him. Calvin showed off the painting he had been working on and assured Enzo that he was fine.

Enzo cries over the death of Anthony and Visits Calvin to break the news to him

He asked about Anthony since he was yet to visit him and Enzo broke the sad news to him that Anthony had passed away.

Matilda was not happy to be forced to attend Anthony’s wake and pretend as if she was grieving for Anthony infront of their friends.

Olivia however told her that it would be more suspicious if they didn’t attend the wake.

She stated that if they had to cry, they would cry tears of joy. They passed over the mental hospital to pick up Calvin then went to the wake.

Raquel was at the wake with her family as well but Obet did not want them to stay because there might be trouble once Olivia and her family arrived. Raquel told him that they wouldn’t cause a scene at the wake.

Emma arrived to pay her respects along with Hazel. They each gave their condolences to Joseph and Raquel.

Olivia finally arrived in the company of her sons and Matilda, her mother. After paying their last respect to Anthony, Olivia went to speak to Raquel and Ernesto.

She accused Raquel of stealing the company’s money with Anthony adding that she was happy about Anthony’s death.

Raquel defended herself that she did not know anything about the accusations and asked Olivia to stop throwing baseless accusations.

She noted that name tarnishing was bad and asked her to accuse her only once she had evidence to back her claims.

Ernesto stopped them saying that they should give Anthony’s memory some respect. Raquel told him to tell that to Olivia instead.

Enzo saw Hazel with Joseph when he arrived so he didn’t approach her. When she was alone, he went over to her and asked what was going on with her and Joseph.

He asked if they were more than friends and Hazel said he didn’t have to know about her life. She told Enzo to appreciate the people who cared about him instead of pushing them away. As Enzo kept on with his questions he then asked him to leave her alone.

Sabina arrived later with her mother and she went to give her condolences to Enzo.

When Obet saw her, he approached Sabina in order to start conversation with her but she avoided him, saying it was not the time. Sabina did not want her father to cause a scene so she tried to save herself from her Father’s drama.

She walked over to Ernesto and Obet could no longer talk to her. Obet was unhappy.

Joseph took the chance to talk to Calvin and said he would help him prove his innocence if what he said about not killing Victor was true. Calvin however said that he didn’t trust Joseph.

Anthony was eventually buried with both the Reyes and Buenavidez family in attendance along with his friends.

Anthony’s Funeral: Tribute and burial service

Each of the four sons at the wake in a church paid their tribute and remembered Anthony’s conversation with them when he was alive. They wept bitterly as they were saying their final good bye to their uncle who they mostly referred to him as their younger father.

They felt shuttered and placed a flower on his ashes.

Enzo told Calvin that they should take care of each other since Anthony was gone, they only had each other.

Joseph tried talking to Enzo in school so that they could help each find out what really happened to Anthony but Enzo said he would do it himself because he didn’t trust Joseph.

Enzo approached Hazel at school once more and begged her to listen to him. Joseph saw them talking and decided that he wouldn’t bother Hazel anymore. He concluded she was interested in Enzo and did not want to go in between.

He told Jordan that he wouldn’t force her to be with him and hoped that Enzo would treat her better.

Olivia met with her lawyer to find out what would happen to Anthony’s assets. The lawyer said that his assets would be divided among his nephews, including Joseph.

Olivia was not happy about it and asked if there was a way to exclude Joseph. The lawyer said it would only happen if they proved that Joseph had something to do with Anthony’s death.

Romeo’s team took over the investigation of Anthony’s death as well so they went to talk to the people at the company. Ernesto told them that Arthur had threatened Anthony because of Raquel and pointed accusing figure at him.

Obet wasn’t satisfied with how his life was going especially after losing his job. He decided to take Arthur’s offer and asked that he teach him how to pickpocket. They were working on Obet’s pickpocketing skills when the police arrived to question Arthur about his involvement in Anthony’s death.

They looked shocked especially Obet, he did not understand why they were involving his father in the death of Anthony.

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The Good Son Episode 71



The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71

The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71

The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71

The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71The Good Son Episode 71


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