The Good Son Episode 75 The love journey of Joseph and Hazel begins what will happen to Enzo

The Good Son Episode 75

The Good Son Episode 75 The love journey of Joseph and Hazel begins what will happen to Enzo?

As Ernesto and Raquel tried to find the hideout of Villamanka they got stuck in traffic.

Raquel knew the area well so she told Ernesto about a different route that they could take to get there faster.

When they arrived, they spoke to Villamanka and he told them that it was Anthony who had the company’s money.

Villamanka said that Anthony had promised to return the money for the sake of his nephews but he never did it.

Villamanka indicated that since Anthony was dead, it would be hard for them to recover the money. He explained that only Anthony knew where he kept the money.

Raquel and Ernesto were stunned upon knowing the truth, they never knew Anthony could be that wicked to conceal such vital information and pretended as if he was innocent.

They however asked Villamanka to go with them so that they could look for a solution.
Villamanka went to the bedroom to pack a few clothes and ran off through the back door.

They waited for him, Ernesto realised that he was taking too long so they went to look for him, and called out his name. They discovered that he was no longer there.

Olivia arrived at the house later after Ernesto and Raquel left. She walked around looking for Villamanka but he was no longer there.

Raquel was sad when she got back home and she told Matias that it was Anthony who had the company’s money all along.

During the Brisard trip, Jordan asked Joseph about his relationship with Hazel. He observed that the two were no longer talking to each other.

Joseph said he wanted to stay out of Hazel’s way and no longer drag her into his problems. He didn’t want to interfere with her relationship with Hazel as well.

The Brisard students arrived at the hotel where they were supposed to have the leadership training. The organisers welcomed them and said that each of them would write a term paper after completing all their activities during their three day stay.

After getting their rooms assigned, they went to pick out the teams that they would be in during the training. They had to randomly pick out a bag with a shirt inside.

The ones with the same color would belong to one team. Jordan was on the same team with Hazel, Joseph got the same team with Cassie while Enzo got the same team with Sabina.

Calvin got permission to make a phone call at the mental hospital and he called Joseph. He demanded to know what Joseph was after since he was going after Olivia again.

He shouted at Joseph to leave Olivia alone and threatened to go after him once he left the hospital. The hospital staff took the phone away from him and took him to his room.

Joseph became worried after the phone call, Calvin sounded as if he lost control, hence his worry. He told Hazel what happened adding that Enzo must have told Calvin about the issue with Olivia and Dado.

Hazel therefore spent the entire day worried that Joseph and Enzo might get into another fight.

Sabina did not call Obet when they arrived at the location. He saw a picture of her with Enzo and her other group mates on social media and called her.

He accused her of enjoying her time with Enzo and forgetting about him. Sabina explained that they were just busy with their group activities and asked that they talk later. Obet got mad and decided to go there himself to stop Enzo from flirting with Sabina. His father did not want him to go alone so Arthur agreed to go with him.

Joseph confronted Enzo for telling Calvin about the issue with Olivia and Dado. He said they should be helping him get better instead of stressing him out but Enzo asked that he stop pretending to be a good brother. He accused Joseph of Calvin current situation.
Enzo said he was the one who got Calvin in his current situation.

When Justine went to visit Calvin the following day, he asked her to help him escape so that he could protect Olivia from Joseph. The nurses at the hospital heard him and asked him to rest.

Olivia observed that Calvin was getting worked up and was convinced that the presence of Justine could be the reason so she asked Justine to stop visiting Calvin. The doctor however told her that Justine actually helped Calvin because she was the only friend he had.

During the group activities, Enzo and Joseph ended up fighting. Enzo accused Joseph of cheating to win. The organisers however settled the issue and clarified that Joseph was the one who won.

Sabina talked to Enzo and told him that he shouldn’t have fought with Joseph. They were talking when Obet arrived and attacked Enzo.

He told him to stay away from Sabina. Sabina stopped them from fighting and talked to the organisers so that they wouldn’t have Obet arrested. She also told Obet to change his attitude or he wouldn’t like what she was going to do.

Hazel got lost in the forest trail and once the students found out she was missing, they went looking for her. Joseph found her first and she was relieved to see him because she was scared.

Joseph found Hazel and she confesses her love for him

After her heart almost got jumped out of her, She finally confessed her feelings for Joseph to him. She revealed that she loved him too and asked that they go back to the way things were between them.

Enzo overheard their conversation, and stood motionless to watch them as they hugged each other affectionately….

Is all hope lost for Enzo in his love affair find out in subsequent episodes. Don’t forget to subscribe to to have first hand episodes.


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