The Good Son Episode 78 Olivia flees from Dado's hand after several sexcapades

The Good Son Episode 78

The Good Son Episode 78 Olivia flees from Dado’s hand after several $3xcapades

With the effort of Raquel and Ernesto to bring the Buenavidez company back to its feet, Joseph and Enzo began their internship at the company.

Their supervisor told them that before they would get to the higher office at the company they would have to start working at the warehouse.

He explained that it would enable them to understand how things were run but Enzo had different opinion. He voiced his anger out thatt he did not have a university education just to do lowly work. To him working at the warehouse was beneath his standard.

Joseph interjected that working at the warehouse would help them gain much knowledge and learn more at the field.

The supervisor revealed that Victor and Anthony were able to become successful since they started working from the warehouse.

Enzo did not have anything to say since the supervisor insisted, he was then convinced and agreed to the work at the warehouse so the supervisor assigned them to their various posts.

Sabina arrived and went to wait for Ernesto at the work station. She saw Obet, due to their relationship problems and the call of Sabina for them to give themselves some time they ignored eachother when they met.

Sabina walked over to Enzo instead and greeted him. Obet was watching them but Arthur arrived and distracted him. He said he wanted to see him and take him out for a meal.

Dado had a talk with Calvin about his photography and said he was proud when Calvin held an exhibition.

He added that he envied Victor because Calvin treated him as his father but he was also grateful because Calvin was able to grow up comfortably unlike him.

Meanwhile, Olivia was in the house looking for a way to escape from Dado.
Raquel and Ernesto were able to revive the company and it was running smoothly. They had new partners and the company survived even after the ups and downs.

They were planning an event on the day of Victor’s death anniversary to celebrate and welcome their new clients to the company.

Raquel asked Joseph if he was getting along well with Enzo at the company. Joseph said he tried to avoid Enzo so that they did nott engage in any trouble. Upon what Enzo was passing through after his mother and brother went missing Joseph said he felt sorry for him.

The following day, Hazel went to the company after her classes to hang out with Joseph. Joseph was busy because they were preparing for the event that evening so he declined her offer to go out.

Hazel said she would stay with Joseph and help him instead.
Enzo was asked to help in the setting up of equipment at the events hall but he said it was not part of the internship, thus would not do.

The supervisor told him that the other interns were helping as well although he did not want to do it but accepted it eventually. Instead of doing it himself, he ordered others to do it for him.

Joseph was baffled that Enzo accepted and gave the work to someone else , he told him that he should treat others well.

As Joseph was walking away, Enzo pulled the wires making him fall. Hazel reprimanded him for hurting Joseph while the supervisor told him not to bother helping.

Later, Sabina saw Enzo staring at Joseph and Hazel. She said she knew it wasn’t easy since he had to see Hazel with someone else while he still had feelings for him.

Enzo asked her what happened with Obet and Sabina said things didn’t work out. They started to joke and laugh this annoyed Obet who was watching them.

He went to pick a fight with Enzo but Ernesto arrived and stopped them then left with Sabina.

When Enzo got home, he complained to Matilda, his grandmother that he didn’t want to intern at the company since they were only making him do unnecessary works meant for the uneducated ones.

Matilda however told him that he had to go because the company was theirs.
Dado let Calvin use his phone to talk to Justine.

He said he missed being with her and assured her that he and Olivia were doing fine.

Calvin also wanted to check on Enzo but Dado told him that it was not allowed.
Justine called Enzo after talking to Calvin and told him that Calvin and Olivia were fine.

He asked if she had any clue about where they were and Justine said they were by the sea because she could hear the waves.

On the day of Victor’s death anniversary, Calvin asked Dado if he and Olivia could go to church to pray.

Dado shouted at him and said that they were not allowed to go anywhere. He however agreed to bring some candles from the market so that they could pray at home.

Raquel and Joseph went to Victor’s grave for his death anniversary. They found Enzo there and invited him to eat with them but Enzo refused.

Joseph however asked that he attend the company event because they were also holding it in honour of victor.

After praying with Calvin by the sea, Olivia went back inside the house and found Dado asleep.

Calvin said he wanted to take pictures with his Camera so Olivia let him stay outside.

Olivia took out the box with Dado’s money then put the house on fire. She then ran off and tried to get Calvin on the boat so that they could escape from Dado.

Dado woke up and got to them before they got to the boat but Olivia hit him with a shovel and managed to escape with Calvin.

They took the boat and went to the mainland to get a bus to Manila. Olivia lost Calvin for a while and had to look for him which gave Dado enough time to catch up with them.

Olivia and Calvin free from Dado

Olivia and Calvin were able to board a bus to Manila before Dado caught them so he stole a car and went after them.


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