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Public greets Badgirl Nafisah’s adult music with plenty dislike!

Public greets Badgirl Nafisah’s adult music with plenty dislike!

Music is always debated by professionals to be an educative piece that teaches moral lessons to shape the lives of individuals.

However, the recent music that the country’s industry is bombarded with goes contrary to the original meaning of music.

Although various musicians like Ab Crentsil, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, Daddy Lumba, Kwabena Kwabena treated music lovers to adult music but some of the current artistes have sent the music to another level.

It is believed that children were fond of music than adults and parents expected musicians to entertain their children by providing them with quality educational and motivational content.

Recently, the airwaves are waved with tracks that have moral implication on the lives of listeners and watchers.

New musician to have added to this immoral conduct is Badgirl Nafisah, who currently is trending on social media with a track dubbed “clit***s.”

The video which has hit about 39k views has received 702 dislikes while 537 people actually liked it.

The public expressed displeasure with the track and called for the ban of the song, with some commenting it would not only have dire moral consequences on minors but would destroy the music industry of the country.

They called on the government and those in authorities to sanitise the airwaves by ensuring musicians composed musics that would project the cultural values of the country.


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