This is how Brandon Cabrera tragically murdered in Brothers- Ang Probinsyano

This is how Brandon Cabrera tragically murdered in Brothers- Ang Probinsyano

The Cabreras are introduced in the season five of Brothers which locally called FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. They hold high prominent position in the cabinet as Vice President and family.

However, the role played by the Cabreras with their key positions in governance is contrary to law abiding and helping build the nation. In fact this family from the father to the sons have no clean record.

Being the first born of the Vice President Lucas Cabrera, Brandon Cabrera who is the congressman, a role played by Mark Anthony Fernandez used his position to intimidate, destroy, engage in illegal business and k!ll many innocent civilians just to achieve his dream.

With his divine looks, Brandon is introduced to viewers when Marco sent Alyana home to meet his family. Brandon aside Menchu is the first to be introduced to Alyana in the Cabreras kingdom.

Believing he could be better than Marco, who is deeply inl0ve with Alyana and is willing to k!ll the husband of Alyana just to have her by himself, Brandon shocked many when the real colours of him began to unravel in the movie.

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Brandon never gained the congressman position with his angelic looks, rather gained the position through the devil side of him with the use of threats, kidnapping and intimidation of a particular pastor who Brother Lorenzo took his mantle.

He suggested the same tactics to Renato Hipolito whose fanbase was declining in the recent senatorial ratings. Brandon and his father vowed to help Renato to secure a seat in the senate race for them to watch eachother’s back in their crime game.

Due to his clean job of covering the crimes of his psycho brother, Marco and getting rid of all evidences that could send Marco to prison, Lucas relied on Brandon to help Hipolito. Since Renato keeps dropping and now to the 12th position in the latest survey, Brandon suggested to Hipolito to seek the help of Bro Lorenzo who had over 3-4 million followers in the Philippines and outside the country for a sure win.

As the Ray of Divine Light leader vehemently refused to endorse Hipolito due to his recent scandal: his involvement with the late Major who doubled as the boss of NMIG, Manolo Catindig to k!ll Romulo Dumaguit which they eventually k!lled 57 civilians aside the security officers who lost their lives during the bloody encounter at the hospital.

Brandon compelled Hipolito to unleash his vile men, the Venom group led by its leader Homer Adlawan better known as Scorpion to kidnap Brother Lorenzo. The pastor was sent to Brandon’s hideout which the congressman tortured Bro Lorenzo and threatened to make Homer k!ll his family if he failed to endorse Hipolito.

Unknown to Brandon, the Vendetta worked on a plan using the Flower Power Girls to discover where he has hidden Brother Lorenzo. Due to the strings that Cardo pulled, Brother Lorenzo was saved while Brandon was arrested for kidnapping the man of God.

Being an affluent person, the Cabreras managed to get him out of jail to carry on with his vile schemes. He soon goes against Diana Olegario and Bubbles, making the rest of Vendetta wild for the disappearance of the two ladies. As part of her allegiance to Renato, Lily sends the Vendetta to a bar that Brandon often visits.

Brandon comes to the venue ushered by a group of body guards. Faces of the Vendetta members are filled with both tension and grit as they begin to observe Brandon’s movements and wait for the right time to attack.

After getting reprimanded by Lucas for his unwise decision of kidnapping Lola Flora’s adopted children, Brandon tries to loosen up by drinking and mingling with a number of girls. He is noticeably feared and pampered at the place. While he is treated like a king, his enemies start to plot their actions against him.

Cardo gets up first, walks behind Bradon and stares at him with piercing rage. Delfin signals the rest of the Vendetta to scatter around the area. Unaware with what is going on, Brandon gets wasted as he tries to wash out all his problems through the aid of alcohol.

Sounding too conceited, he demands the waiter for another set of liquor. He keeps his eyes busy on the seductive girls beside him and did not notice the man who brought him his drinks, who is none other than Cardo.

While Brandon is deeply lured by the girls, Cardo gets his attention by splashing a glass of alcohol on his face. The Vendetta leader then points his guπ at Brandon who raises his hands to surrender, he begs Cardo to spare his life.

However, Cardo warns him of killing Brandon if the latter won’t speak up about Diana and Bubbles’ location. Fearing for his life, Brandon confesses that the girls are held captive in Renato’s hideout.

Cardo grabs Brandon and takes him out of the bar. The other Vendetta members leave the place as well while pointing their guπs at Brandon’s cohort, warning them not to make any move. Brandon is surprised as Cardo opens the car door for him to see Lily inside.

He attempts to escape by hitting Cardo. Brandon and his several personal securities are able to run further but the Vendetta k!lls all the enemies; leaving Brandon all by himself. Brandon stops as Cardo and the Vendetta get near him.

He still tries to fight back by picking up a guπ, forcing all them to fire at him. With a bloodied arm, Brandon hits the ground and begs Cardo to spare him from deàth. But Cardo finds no mercy for a man who ruthlessly k!lled many innocent people for the sake of power. Before taking Brandon’s last breath, Cardo declares that Brandon has finally paid for all his wickedness

While all the Vendetta gathers around Brandon, his men come out of the club for them to be rescued leading a shootout. Lucas later orders Damian to report to him regarding Brandon’s whereabouts. The Executive Secretary keeps silent at first and unable to figure out how to tell Lucas about his beloved son’s deàth.

Lucas is devastated as soon as he hears the truth. The President stares at Brandon’s corpse at the crime laboratory and sheds tears of anger and pain. Now that his two sons, Marco and Brandon, d!ed at the hands of the Vendetta, Lucas vows to crush the group and Cardo’s family as well.


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