Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 337-341

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 337-341 Brandon arrested for Brother Lorenzo’s abduction, William embarks on a mission with hi guπ men to hijack ballot boxes

Bro Lorenzo makes an announcement which puts his life on the line. Enraged with the statement of the Pastor, Homer and his men prepare for an ambush.

The Cabreras are severely disappointed by the recent turn of events. To clear their names from the boiling controversy, Lucas and Brandon resorts to unethical method. Elsewhere, Alyana reconsiders her decision to marry Marco.

Lucas stops at nothing to fulfill his political plans. While his camp holds Brother Lorenzo captive, Lucas turns the table on the church leader. The citizens also have divided opinions about the two public figures. Refusing to remain silent while her husband is being persecuted.

Victoria decides to stand up against Lucas. Vendetta looks for a way to rescue Bro Lorenzo. With Brother Lorenzo at their mercy, Lucas and Renato try to save their public reputation by putting the blame on the Vendetta for the pastor’s disappearance.

Unknown to Lucas and Hipolito, Vendetta is hatching a plan against them. Soon, after, the vigilante group gets a window of opportunity to seek information regarding Bro Lorenzo’s whereabouts upon finding out about Brandon’s birthday party.

General Borja continues to struggle in securing enough evidence to convict Renato. In the midst of his crusade against the notorious senatorial candidate, the PNP chief soon finds valuable ally. With the help of Flower Power Girls, Vendetta finds a way to sneak into Congressman Cabrera’s birthday party.

Despite facing dangerous and powerful adversaries in the upcoming mission, the members of Vendetta vows to save Bro Lorenzo. As the pastor refuses to give in to his demands, Renato orders the Venom to go after Brother Lorenzo’s family.

On the other hand, Marco feels devastated as Alyana ends their relationship. Gina comes up with a ruse hoping to earn her constituents attention, and eventually their votes. Determined to support Vendetta’s cause, the Flower Power Girls embark on dangerous mission during Brandon’s birthday party.

Aside from the congressman, the ladies set their sights on getting Renato’s and Lucas’ attention in hopes of finding out Brother Lorenzo’s whereabouts. However, Andi gets wary of Brandon because of his aggressive advances toward her. Meanwhile, Scorpion threatens Bro Lorenzo’s wife to pressure the pastor into agreeing to his demands.

Elsewhere, Oscar’s suspicions against Lukas grows as the Vice President remains supportive of the controversial Renato. Andi puts her life at risk to help Vendetta in their mission. The vigilante group then storms in Brandon’s hideout to rescue Brother Lorenzo.

Oscar learns that his reputation is getting dragged through the mud because of the allegations against Lucas. The Vice President reveals his political ambitions to Renato. Flora’s family weighs in on Gina’s alleged abduction.

Vendetta successfully rescues Brother Lorenzo from Brandon. Wasting no time, the church leader informs the authorities about his ordeal in the hands of the congressman. Soon, news about Brandon’s alleged involvement in Bro Lorenzo’s abduction reaches Oscar.

Lucas vows to make the Vendetta pay for what the group did to his son. Knowing what the Vice President is capable of doing, Cardo and his comrades prepare themselves for the worst. Lucas defends Brandon from allegations of orchestrating Bro Lorenzo’s kidnapping.

However, Lucas discovers that he will have to try harder to deceive General Borja who remains doubtful of the Cabreras innocence. Moreover, Lucas finds out that Oscar shares the same sentiment with the PNP top brass. With the controversies surrounding Lucas, William hesitates on pushing through with the Vice President’s schemes for the upcoming elections.

Cardo and Vendetta refuse to back down against one of the country’s most powerful men. The vigilantes are then forced to lie low after Lucas increased the bounties for their heads. However, the Vendetta remains determined to take down the Cabreras before the election period arrives.

Fortunately for the vigilante group, Brother Lorenzo publicly extols Vendetta’s vital role in his escape from the hands of Congressman Cabrera. The pastor then announces his plans to file charges against the notorious congressman. Meanwhile, Catherine asks Alyana to give Marco another chance.

Vendetta discovers that William, the special assistant to the President is in connivance with Renato and Lucas. Upon learning how influential William is, the vigilante group begins to suspect if Oscar is also allied to the two corrupt electoral candidates.

Confident that Brandon will not be charged for Brother Lorenzo’s abduction, Lucas voluntarily surrenders his son to the authorities. Unknown to the Vice President, General Borja makes a pivotal breakthrough in his investigation that could spell trouble for the congressman.

Oscar inputs the source code for the automated counting machine. With Brandon’s arrest and Marco’s growing obsession for Alyana, the Cabreras are now facing intense public scrutiny. To further complicated matters, Oscar confronts Lucas regarding the development of his son’s case.

Despite the situation he is in, the Vice President remains unfazed as he proceeds with his schemes for the upcoming elections. Members of the Vendetta continue to speculate about the real nature of William’s alliance with Lucas and Renato.

Despite their uncertainties, the vigilantes conclude that their enemies have plans to manipulate the upcoming elections. Lucas pressures William into stealing an important flash drive from Oscar’s safe. Despite his hesitation, William complies to the Vice President’s demand.

He soon gathers his men for a dangerous mission. Meanwhile, Vendetta sets out to ensure that the automated counting machines are not tempered with before elections.


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