Two Wives Episode 17

Two Wives Episode 17 Jaime d!es, Yvonne pursues her concubinage lawsuit against Victor

While Albert was playing with Marcus, Victor called Yvonne to the morgue, informing her that Jaime was deàd. She went to the morgue to cry and questioned Victor what triggered her father’s heart attack. She fainted in the process.

She was admitted and Albert promised to be by her side. Victor went home to inform Janine that Jaime lost his life when he informed him that his daughter and him were separated. He blamed himself for Jaime’s deàth.

Mimi called Marlon to inform him and Marlon told his mother about it. A funeral was held for Jaime and Garry did not want to allow Victor to go in. Garry feared that he would be blamed since he was the last person Jaime spoke to before his deàth.

Janine went to see Mr Hoffer to apologise for Victor’s behaviour the other time. Hoffer told her the deal was still on and she should forget about what happened. Carmen asked Yvonne the whereabouts of Victor and asked Yvonne if she still has a problem with her husband. Yvonne told her not to worry about anything, she and Victor were good.

As Victor was pacing up and down outside, he saw Albert arriving. Seeing Victor Albert passed him to go inside. Mimi told Albert how Yvonne liked her father and took her affectionate trait from him.

Victor came in with his flowers and Marlon was held back from attacking Victor. Yvonne got close to Victor who was viewing the remains of her father and questioned him on the reason he was crying, whether he was feeling guilty. Victor admitted that he told him the truth about their separation.

Carmen overheard them and Yvonne told him to keep pretending that they were okay. Janine called Carla to ask her to find the location of the burial service of Jaime for her to send her condolences. Yvonne cried to her father that she wanted to protect him and her mother from getting hurt, that was why she kept the truth to herself.

Mimi rushed in to call Yvonne that the mistress was there. Yvonne rushed outside to sack her. Janine said she was there to sympathise with her and brought flowers to prove that she understood what she was going through so did Victor and was sorry for her pains. Yvonne blamed her for the deàth of her father and child and said that flower would not clear the guilt.

Janine had to leave and Mimi together with Shakira destroyed the flowers. Albert taught Marcus magic and the boy wondered why he was a magician yet the boss of his mother. Albert said he does magic as a side thing and gave his card to Marcus.

Jaime was buried and Marcus cried. He asked his mother about his father.  Speaking of him, Victor arrived and Yvonne reminded him that he had warned him that after the funeral they would stop pretending. Victor made it clear that Jaime was also like his father and wanted to pay his last respect.

Yvonne threatened to have her revenge on him and would make him go through all the pains and suffering he and his other women made her go through. Victor fell sick and on his sick bed, he kept mentioning Yvonne’s name and Janine got upset and had tears dribbling down her eyes. She did not want to believe that they were being punished for standing up for their løve.

Yvonne decided to pursue the concubinage lawsuit against Victor and her lawyer said she could pursue the case even when the court has annulled her marriage. Janine brought food and medicines for Victor. Victor saw that Janine was worried and he asked her about her problem.

Janine told him that he mentioned his wife’s name when he was burning out the previous night and did not know it was something she had to be jealous about. Victor said Yvonne’s father’s death was dramatic, and believed it was the reason he was acting that way. He reaffirmed his løve for her.

Later, when Janine was talking to her workers, Vida came with an engineer to survey the farm and told Janine that it was good she was meeting up with her workers, that would prepare the minds of the workers for them not to be surprised once she took over the farm. Janine believed that would be impossible and reminded her that she was left with a week for her to pay.

Janine told Victor that she would go through that for him to prove her løve. Victor asked Garry for a loan and his brother-in-law did not know how to say no to him. He was willing to lend him some money but didn’t want to be dragged into the mess he was in so he made Victor promise not to tell anyone most especially his sister.

Yvonne and her friends went to the bank. Fortunately or unfortunately, the mistress and her friend also arrived. Shakira and Mimi started innuendos. Carla got upset and responded. The friends kept on with their iñsülts so Janine stopped Carla and told her not to give her time to I’ll mannered people who grew up from the streets.

Yvonne warned her to take back her words and Janine refused since her friends started the entire fight. As they were exchanging words, Yvonne revealed her intentions to get Victor behind bars for her not to enjoy him.


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