Two Wives Episode 18

Two Wives Episode 18 Janine loses her flower farm and is sunk in debts, Victor and Yvonne’s marriage annulled

In her study, Victor brought her a cheque to help her to pay off the debts. Janine’s proposal with the board was turned down and Carla did not know what she could do to help her. She advised Carla to find a job if she loses the flower farm.

Vida came to shut the flower farm down and Janine requested for more time to raise the money but Vida refused. She told Janine to consider that as her punishment. Janine was forced to pay her workers and an old woman issue touched her heart.

She promised the old woman that once she was able to settle her debt, she would come back for her. She later cried in the arms of Victor for losing everything she has worked so hard for. Yvonne and her family visited the grave of Jaime and her mother advised her not to allow anger to consume her but she should consider Marcus.

Yvonne promised her friends that she would be successful and would not surrender as her mother advised. She swore to work twice and do everything possible to raise the needed money to pay the lawyer to pursue her case against Victor.

Albert made a supervisor assigned to Yvonne with her. They went out to sell and Yvonne did well on her face day at work to gain customers. Janine had a break down when she lost everything and even had to pay off a debt amounting to $2000 if not her account would be frozen.

She cried and told Victor how deeply she was affected to become poor. All her hard work to secure the life of her daughter and everything has gradually left her hands. Victor went to see Yvonne to talk to her about their land which was their conjugal property and wanted to use the land for a business to help in the future of Marcus once the marriage was annulled.

Yvonne got upset that he was there for his shares and snatched a knife to threaten him. Janine was forced to sell off her car. Carla wondered how Audrey would adopt the new settings since she spoiled her daughter so much. She was not used to the jeepney but Janine said Victor has a car so they would manage it and promised to do everything to ensure she did not go bankrupt.

She applied for a loan yet she did not get it because the bank did an investigation  and realised she has tax issues and had not been paying her tax. Victor saw her worried and tried to calm her. Janine raised her voice at him, saying she would not be able to calm down since she was swallowed by debts and might even lose her house. She was tired of everything.

Victor found her words offensive and told her if she was blaming him then fine he could leave. Janine wondered why it was easy for him to say that since she sacrificed everything for him. She asked him if he would leave her so easily just like how he did to his wife. Victor explained that he did not leave his wife because he was a bad person but left her because he realised he løved Janine more.

After seeing her Attorney off, Yvonne told Mimi and Shakira that next week, Victor and his mistress would receive a court order. Janine could not find Victor in there but stumbled on a note which Victor has written “I’m sorry.” Yvonne went to see Sonia to tell her about her plans to get her son jailed for what he did to her. Sonia supported her in her decision.

However, Yvonne wondered how Marcus would take it should he discover that she put his father behind bars. Janine, was sitting outside her house and saw Victor has pulled over. She was happy to see him since she thought he had left her. Yvonne came to their house to spy on them sitting in her school bus. Audrey returned from school and Janine spotted Yvonne. She sent her family in and told Victor about Yvonne being there.

She was scared that Yvonne might hurt Audrey but Victor told her that Yvonne would do no such thing. Janine, later, went to see Yvonne to tell her to stop involving her daughter. She admitted to having wronged her but as parents she did not want their children to be dragged into the mess. Yvonne told her because of her, Marcus lost his father and also lost a baby because of her.

She warned her to wait for subpoena, adding that in the eyes of the law she was still the wife of Victor. Janine said it was that same law that was annulling their marriage. As she left, Marcus asked his mother who Janine was and how she was related to their family since she was the same woman Victor came with during his birthday party. Yvonne told her son to stop asking questions.

Victor met his friend and they talked about business. Victor wanted to go back into teaching to support Janine due to her financial status. His friend wondered why he wanted teaching while he knew very well that teaching did not pay. He also asked about his annulment case and promised to help him to get a lawyer who would facilitate the process to get things done very fast.

That night, Janine looked worried and asked him about the possibility of Yvonne winning the concubinage case. Victor doubted she would win. He wanted to get the marriage annulled pretty fast.

Soon, his friend introduced the lawyer to him and he facilitated the process. Yvonne, on the other hand, wanted to sell the conjugal property and use the proceeds to help her son. Garry advised him to seek the consent of Victor since the property was not entirely hers.

Janine came to meet Victor hitting things. He has received a subpoena. Victor knew that was the final straw, he would end up in jail, much to Janine’s surprise. That night, Victor’s friend called him to inform him about his annulment case. The next morning, Yvonne received court judgement on the annulment case and she cried once she saw her marriage declared null and void.

Janine broke the news to Victor but he was not happy since there was a pending concubinage case against him. He explained to Janine that concubinage was a criminal case while annulment was a civil case and since she filed the criminal case before the marriage was even annulled, he was sure Yvonne would even deprive him of being with his son.

Janine was upset and believed he needed time to cool off his head since she was not expecting that reaction from him. Yvonne kept crying and took her wedding portrait and recalled her father’s words. She told Marcus that he did not only lose a grandpa, he lost a father as well.

Victor came over to Marcus’ school to meet him but the boy refused to talk to him. He did not like him anymore for leaving his mother and him. Victor tried convincing him but Marcus fled into the school.


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