Until We Meet Again Episode 40

Until We Meet Again Episode 40 Evelyn gatecrashes Margaret and Larry’s wedding to expose Odessa 

In the house, as Odessa was happy praising her evil act, saying Larry and her would finally have a happy ending with a belief that no one would get to know her evil schemes. Larry got to the room the moment Margaret was hiding her gun. Larry who returned from his trip to Singapore received a welcome hug from his soon to be wife.

Larry then went to the room to settle while Margaret head to the kitchen to prepare food for him. Larry hid himself to call Evelyn but Helen picked the call and spoke with Larry.

She told Larry that Evelyn had become desperate and restless as she was searching for Ana and found out from the nurses of the mental home which Odessa was confined that she had escaped long time ago.

Larry then went to inform Margaret that he was going to somewhere important and left but Margaret stopped what she was frying and followed him.

Evelyn head to the garden thinking about Ana. She recalled Ana planting a flower and felt sad. She turned and saw Larry. Larry told her about what he heard from Helen and wanted to support Evelyn to find more clues on where Odessa had hidden herself but Evelyn denied him that opportunity.

Evelyn tried to keep her distance but Larry held her back. He tried to make her understand that he was involved in the issue, hence had to support her in every step of the way.

Meanwhile, Margaret came in to find Larry standing close with Evelyn and she became jealous. She shed tears while attacking Evelyn but Larry got in between to stop her action.

She accused Evelyn of trying to snatch Larry from her and confronted Evelyn for her inability to forgive Larry while she stood by Larry’s side through thick and thin. She wondered the guts Evelyn had to now make her return into Larry’s life after failing to forgive him.

Helen and Claire rushed to Evelyn’s defence and after Margaret had left, Evelyn cried while Helen provided a shoulder for her to cry on.

Meanwhile, Calvin was at the clinic watching over his mother and wished that she wakes up soon. Claire then told Evelyn that she had advised her to stay away from Calvin so she should do likewise, by staying away from Larry to avoid all those fight.

Helen slapped Claire for her disrespectful nature but Claire still stood on her high horse and walked out on them. Still in the clinic, Francis gave his consent for Calvin to date Angela. He told him to follow his heart and if Angela is the lady he wanted he should not give up on her.

Calvin smiled and thanked Francis. Larry sent Margaret home and Margaret cried that she did not deserve what Larry was doing to her but promised not to give him up and hugged him. During breakfast, Margaret received a call from a certain judge concerning her marriage date being fixed for the weekend.

She told Larry the good news but Larry was not interested and wondered how their church wedding time had to be changed. He walked out. Angela asked why Larry acted that way and Margaret said Larry was not happy with their marriage due to Evelyn. She pretended to be sad and hugged Angela.

Later, she visited Evelyn and started to plead with her to leave Larry alone for him to marry her. Evelyn seemed lost and told her that she had nothing to do with Larry.

Margaret went on her knees and kept on with her plea but Evelyn pushed her away from her. Margaret then acted the victim as Angela arrived to help her up. Evelyn however, looked stunned after seeing Angela. Angela engaged in verbal confrontation with Evelyn and Evelyn sacked her from there.

As she was sending Angela out, Angela tripped and fell. Margaret who was hiding behind the walls enjoying the confrontation between mother and the daughter suddenly appeared to help Angela up and blamed Evelyn for Angela’s accident.

Evelyn felt sad that Angela had tripped and cared for her welfare. Margaret confronted her and warned her not to act like she cared. she sent Angela away and when they got to the office she applied ointment on Angela’s leg.

Margaret told Larry about what Evelyn did against Angela when they only went there to talk and settle their issue. Angela told Larry about what she witnessed Evelyn doing against Margaret and only defended Margaret that was when Evelyn dragged her out.

Evelyn then relayed the information to her sister and Helen was sad that she was not there to defend her. Evelyn was not happy that Angela saw the scene and got hurt in the process.

Meanwhile, Larry and Dominic went out to have a drink and told Dominic what Margaret accused Evelyn of. That evening, Larry visited Evelyn and said sorry to her about her fight with Margaret and Angela. He said everything that had happened between Margaret and her was his fault and said sorry. He then cut off ties with Evelyn since his private wedding was around the corner and left.

Evelyn was emotionally tortured as it was finally over. She wept bitterly and went to lay on her bed recalling Larry’s apology that made her cry more. Helen was surprised to find Evelyn crying. She told her that Larry came around and the sad aspect was that Angela and Larry now think ail of her.

Larry got home and told Margaret that she had ended it all with Evelyn and now they were good to finally marry. Margaret thanked Larry and said times without number that she l*ved him so much. She laid her head on his chest and declared herself winner in the fight with Evelyn as she talked to herself.

The next day, Angela was happy that Larry had finally made that bold decision to marry Margaret. They hugged and finally packed their things to leave the house to resort for the wedding.

Calvin and Francis were happy together while eating at the hospital. They realised that Glenda had woken up. She requested for a drink and Calvin brought her water. Glenda asked where she was and Francis said she was at the hospital.

She then had a flashback of Margaret shooting her while demanding for the evidence. She kept mentioning Odessa’s name and Calvin wondered who Odessa was. She said Odessa was the one who did that to her and needed to talk to Evelyn.

Calvin then called Evelyn to tell her that Glenda has woken up and kept mentioning a certain Odessa, demanding to see her.

Evelyn and Helen quickly rushed to the clinic while Larry, Angela and Margaret reached where they were lodging to have their wedding. Margaret’s friend congratulated her for her marriage. Margaret said who would have thought she would finally get married to Larry.

Evelyn reached Glenda’s ward and she told Evelyn that Margaret and Odessa were the same person. At first Evelyn thought Glenda was still hallucinating so she asked Francis whether Glenda has taken her medication.

Francis assured her that Glenda was okay, Glenda went on with her revelation that Angela and Ana were also the same and that Odessa was the one who kidnapped Ana and turned her into feral.

She said after she discovered the truth through a confrontation between Conching and Odessa, Margaret kidnapped her and shot her when she attempted to escape. Francis was then happy that his suspicions about Margaret was right.

Angela at the new lodge saw a certain woman going around with a dog and she recalled an old woman who tried to flee with her from the barn she was kept in but the woman could not go far with her as Odessa stopped her. She then recalled the wicked woman’s name as Odessa.

Evelyn and Calvin cried after learning the truth. Calvin suggested that she called Elmo to find out about Angela and Larry after her inability to reach him. Evelyn called Larry, Margaret saw Evelyn’s call when Larry was in the shower and cut the call before Larry would see it.

Evelyn and Helen took their bags quickly to search for Larry to reveal the truth to him. They went to Larry’s workplace and were told that he was not there but was lodging some where else as he was preparing for his wedding.

As Margaret was doing her makeup, Angela came there to inform her that she remembered her kidnapper and her name was Odessa. Margaret shivered but managed to convince Angela that they should talk about Odessa after the wedding and made her promise not to talk about Odessa to Larry for the time being since they were getting married.

Larry later saw Angela and she told him that she would talk to him about an important matter after the wedding. Larry said he was ready anytime to listen to her.

They then head to the wedding as the judge was already there to officiate the process. During the wedding, Angela became so nervous as her mind got flooded with memories about Odessa inflicting pain on her. It was so intense that for a moment Angela seemed to stop the wedding as her eyes were heavy with tears with some dribbling down.

Dominic saw how devastated Angela was feeling and asked if she was okay. Evelyn and Helen while driving reached a place where they asked about the location of the Garden which the wedding was being held. They reached the location and the security stopped them from going inside but Helen struggled with them and made a forceful entry to the Garden.

The judge started with the vows and asked Larry whether he would take Margaret as his lawful wedded wife. Larry shivered to exchange the vows, he cast his eyes outside. The judge asked again and Evelyn who raced to the location said the wedding could not proceed as Margaret never existed.

Everyone turned their eyes towards Evelyn’s direction. Larry was stunned as he starred Evelyn with Angela too watching Evelyn.


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