Until We Meet Again Episode 8

Until We Meet Again Episode 8 Odessa plans to snatch Larry from his new girlfriend 

Evelyn, Elmo and Calvin sent Ana to the hospital where she was cleaned and treated.
Calvin went to check her in at the reception desk, where he was asked about the patient but he said he did not know who she was since she could not speak.

Elmo suggested that they called her Angela since he had been referring to her as such. Calvin got a call from his mother to attend to a family event so he left Angela in Evelyn’s care.

Calvin went to the event with his family and then sneaked out of the house to go back to the hospital to see how Angela was doing. Evelyn told him that the doctors conducted tests on Angela and they said her wounds would heal but she needed physical and psychological therapy from a feral specialist to be able to walk and communicate properly.

Later, they wanted to hand Angela over to the authorities. Calvin was upset since he wanted Evelyn to take care of her. There was no one available with such an experience to take care of Angela so Evelyn was asked to take care of her for a while.

Evelyn took Angela home and got her settled in the guest room since Claire already took Ana’s room. She asked that they take out everything in the room so that Angela would not hurt herself. She also installed a camera in the room so that she could monitor Angela’s behaviour.

Odessa decided to leave Manila with her aunt after her search for Ana proved futile. They packed up and left, fortunately Odessa stopped over at a restaurant to go to the bathroom.

There, she came across Larry and changed her mind entirely about leaving since she wanted to get him back. She then returned to the house with her aunt.

Calvin went to see Angela along with Elmo and brought some chocolates with him. Claire was delighted to see them and thought Calvin had brought the chocolates for her.

She thanked him but Ana walked over to Calvin and took the chocolates with her mouth. Claire tried to get them back but Calvin stopped her and said the chocolates were for Angela.

Evelyn told Calvin that they needed to get Angela to eat a food filled with balance diet. Ana had refused to eat any of the food which Evelyn prepared for her and only ate chocolates.

Elmo said she probably did not have anyone cooking for her so she was not used to food and Calvin suggested that they got her some fruits. Evelyn went to buy them with Claire.

As Evelyn was preparing the fruits for Angela, she walked into the kitchen and knocked over a photo of Evelyn with a dog. She said “Mama” as she saw the picture and Evelyn thought that Angela referred to her.

Calvin explained that Angela once called a dog and maybe she was referring to the dog as her mother in the picture. Evelyn understood and said it was a good sign since it showed that Angela was capable of speech.

Evelyn placed stuffed animals in Angela’s room and noted from the video camera she installed that Angela calmed down once she cuddled the dolls.

Odessa went to Larry’s company party all dressed up and managed to get his attention when he left his table just to talk to her. Larry did not recognise Odessa and she gave him a different name.

She left after a short chat and Larry attention to Odessa got his  girlfriend jealous. He took her home and asked her not to worry since she was his actual girlfriend.

Odessa followed them and was not happy to see Larry with another woman. Once again she decided not to allow Larry go but would fight for him.


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