Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 16-20

Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 16-20 Odessa plans to kill Angela 

After setting eyes on Angela, Engineer Louis begins to harass her. He asks her to go out with him but she refuses, leading the young engineer to force her out.

Fortunately for Angela, Calvin arrives to defend her. Engineer Louis lost his job for his action. Calvin then gains the Engineer’s position at Larry landscaping site.

An unfortunate incident happens and gets Angela to her feral states, sending shivers through Doctor Francis, Bernard and Calvin’s spine but Francis injects her.

He begins to research on why the feral side of Angela triggers. The next day, Angela becomes normal and goes to work with Calvin. However, Calvin is worried that Angela is not fully recovered and is only medication that is making her to act a bit normal.

Claire later, visits Calvin at work. There she harasses and hurts Angela for her closeness to Calvin. Claire’s friend had enough of Claire and defends Angela from her, leading to a misunderstanding between the two.

Due to his work, Calvin could not make time to be with Claire and enlists Angela’s help to make a surprise present in making up with Claire.

Meanwhile, Angela broods over Claire and Maila’s insult of her being worthless. She cannot sleep thinking about all the maltreatment she she faces at work. She also thinks about Portia’s question whether she is jealous of Calvin and Claire.

She tries to get her feelings clare about Calvin. Francis and Bernard who watched her through a CCTV realised how disturbed she looks. Francis says it is an improvement since she is now acting with emotions after working with Larry.

That night, Angela had a nightmare about her past life. Evelyn bumps into Larry and Margaret (Odessa) at a restaurant, this strikes Larry hard to think about his lost family, making Margaret jealous to get drunk.

An incident leads to the other for Margaret to realise that Angela is the missing daughter of Evelyn and her current boyfriend, Larry. She becomes very agitated in finding the truth. Angela briefs Calvin about some of her memories. Francis experiments on Angela to get to know why she keeps barking.

He and Bernard create a storm sound which scares Angela and makes her hide but she remembers Evelyn telling her not to fear so she quickly comes out from her hideout.

Francis and Bernard are surprised to see Angela doing away with her fears. Maila maltreats Angela, unfortunately for her, Larry comes to meet her beating up Angela.

Realising what Maila had been doing to Angela, he decides to fire her but Angela pleads on Maila’s behalf. Knowing Larry has taken sides with Angela, Maila finds an appropriate time to exact her revenge.

Angela decorates a certain hut to get Calvin light up candles to have a date with her just like he did with Claire. Soon, Calvin left after Claire came around, leaving Angela alone. Maila deems it an opportunity to revenge Angela.

She beats up Angela and throws a flower pot at her which hit one of the candles for it to fall, leading the hut to catch fire.

Maila quickly flees leaving Angela locked in. Odessa later finds Angela trapped inside the hut and decides to end Angela’s life, knowing she is the Ana she kidnapped. Odessa’s plans backfires as the rest of the workers rush to the scene to help Angela out.

Calvin hears about the incidents and goes for Angela’s aid. Larry who did not make it to work due to his depressed state called Francis to say sorry about the unfortunate incident.

Francis however, realised that Angela is agitated due to a similar fire break out incident she experienced in the past. She talked about a certain wicked woman who had her caged in a barn which caught fire leading to her freedom. Francis says the incident is a blessing in disguise since it has made Angela recollects some of her past experience and believes with time she will remember all.

Angela also recognises Calvin, her cutie who saved her, making Calvin so delighted. He asks whether she remembers, Evelyn the woman who first took care of her before Doctor Francis and she said she did not.

Later, Odessa hatches up a plan to get rid of Angela for good before coming in between her relationship with Larry. She pulls a fast one on Angela one day after work when Angela is waiting for Calvin just to kill her.

She aims her gun at Angela and pulls the trigger while Angela was playing with a dog, however the bullet hit the a tree making the dog runs for its life while Angela runs to defend Odessa for her not to get shot.

Calvin gets there and takes Angela home. Odessa smiles knowing Angela doesn’t recognise her. Meanwhile, Calvin’s relationship with Claire takes a down turn making him deepen his relationship with Angela.

Glenda is however, worried that Angela may develop feelings for Calvin and advises Calvin on it.

Aunt Conching makes several attempts to expose Odessa to Larry but all to no avail. Odessa who catches her aunt trying to speak with Larry with her phone threatens to cut off Conching’s tongue if she meddles in her affair with Larry.


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