Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 51-55

Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 51-55 Axel announces Rica and Kyle’s relationship to BA workers, Ella exposes Jigs to the media and files a rape case against him

Raven broken by the news of Archie’s deàth thought of only one suspect and that is her cousin, Jigs. A call to the counselor reveals an unseen person who finished off Archie with a bullet after Jigs and his friends abandon the young man in the warehouse.

Troy and Dan hatch a plan to find case for the Ramones. Jigs does not hesitate with a press conference to clear the allegations made by Troy in his media encounter to deny being involved in Archie’s deàth.

Elsewhere, Kyle tries to cement his relationship with Axel. Axel voices out that he always knew Rica is in l0ve with Kyle but it did not stop him from getting jealous, thinking he can change that bond between the two. He also refuses to call a truce with Kyle.

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As if fate is by his side, Kyle later goes to the Sicats house and discovers Rica’s mother as Karla. Rica introduces Kyle to her mother as her boss and also says they are couple. While in the house of the Sicats, the younger siblings of Rica get Kyle entertained with their numerous questions and jokes.

Dan accepts Kyle into the family after a talk with his wife. Raven and Jigs’ relationship hit the rocks when the former cast doubts on her cousin’s true personality. She chances on Axel who is wasted for being left heartbroken by Rica.

Kyle returns home to meet Raven waiting for him and finds Axel in her company. The two send Axel who is asleep to the room. Seeing his friend drunk for the first time Kyle felt bad for him. Rica, on the other hand, has a nightmare which makes her devastated the next day.

Axel makes a promise to Kyle not to drink again since just a glass makes him feel like he drunk the entire bar. He also decides to pack out from Kyle’s house to pave room for Kyle and Rica to be happy.

The Sicats and the Ramones have a dinner together at the mayor’s mansion to enhance their public image. Bea being a fun of Raven gets in her best fashionable attire with all the blinks detected and in her Wellington heel, just like Raven.

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As the two families are drawing closer, certain pressures around them could not leave Aubrey to feel jealous, seeing her husband and Kakay secretly talking. Kakay is consumed with fear after constantly seeing Romeo Dumayoga, the man who abused her during the days she was working as an escort and only tells the mayor about it.

Aubrey tries to brainwash Dan into believing that mending their problems as separate families will rather help Troy and Karla to be together. Troy promised Rica to give her the justice she needs and will not waste that opportunity she has given him to be her father.

Kyle and Rica’s relationship becomes public as Axel announces to all Balai Arkitektura workers that the two are now couple. The workers congratulate them and wish both well. Since Rica initially wants to keep the relationship under low profile but Axel blew it, Kyle decides on a perfect plan to apologise to his newly found l0ve.

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Kyle sets a romantic dinner at the rooftop with Rica to surprise her with stuff toys just like the limited kitten edition given to both by Karla. A dinner which he termed as destined one since Karla said they are destined for eachother. After a romantic time together, they stumbled on Mayor Troy and Rica introduces Kyle to him as her boyfriend.

Least did the mayor know that, Alberto has set a vile plot to finger him in a collapsed building project which results in a misunderstanding between him and Kyle to ruin a moment that would have been important to meet his future son-in-law.

Rica who jumps into her father’s defence makes Kyle believe that it is a plot initiated by Alberto to discredit his son in order for him to give up on his support on the rape case against Jigs. Elsewhere, Jigs becomes afflicted as his friends forsake him with the fear that his family might end their lives just like Archie should anything happens among them.

Kyle questions Consuelo in finding the truth to the rumours spreading against the Sidero Mayor on social media. Not wasting any time, Troy seeks Attorney Dizon’s help to make a major victim speaks out before his father succeeds in brainwashing everyone against him.

In a surprise turn of events, Troy holds a presscon for Ella to expose Jigs’ misdeeds as rapist to the public. The Sicats together with Attorney Dizon and Troy have an elaborate plan to use social media and influencers to ride on the case in order to compel the judiciary to k!ll out their biases and fight for justice for the two strong women who have filed cases with necessary evidence against the Sidero Counselor, Jigs.

As Alberto was conspiring with some influential politicians on a perfect plan that will end up Troy’s political career if he doesn’t take a U-turn receives the biggest blow of his life, Ella’s corroboration that proves Jigs as rapist. He turn his anguish on Bobby for being a failure as his one and only son.


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