La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 40-44

La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 40-44 The police arrest Conrad, Lukas appoints Lena as the Vice President of Marketing at Royal Wellness

Adrian chastises Vanessa for her planned attack on Lukas’ life. Vanessa then shows him the bruises she obtained from the frequent beatings she suffered in the hands of Lukas and explains is the reason behind her action.

Rachel gets drunk and passes the night at Miguel’s place. The next day, she gets so upset that Miguel refused to talk to her due to Lena. She storms the Narcisos mansion to confront Lena but ends up emotionally butchered by Lena.

After being in denial and wishes James Hidalgo is her real father instead of Lukas, Lena still performs her daughterly duties when Lukas is discharged. Lukas is grateful to Lena for saving his life and asks her for anything she wants to make up for her help.

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Reflecting on all the pains Lukas has brought into her life, Lena holds back with her wishes for the appointed time. She cares for Lukas till he fully recovers. Lukas carry on with his fight against his wife by conducting a secret DNA test on Adrian to confirm Lena’s allegations.

Wasting no time, Lukas storms the office of his friend, Conrad with a guπ to take him on for sleeping with his wife and for having a child with her. Conrad preaches to Lukas how he has been of help to him but Lukas reminds him of how he used his resources to fund Conrad. He also used his connection to secure him the current post when his chemical company was collapsing.

In a heated confrontation, Conrad manages to snatch the guπ from Lukas’ hand to point it at him. He is sad that their friendship has to meet a painful end. Unbeknownst to them, Lena and Adrian have called the authorities when they witnessed Lukas leaving the house with a guπ.

Lukas is then arrested after the Commissioner files charges against him for attacking him at his office. Adrian pays Lukas a visit in his cell to find out that Conrad is responsible for his father’s arrest. He asks Conrad to drop the charges he has filed against Lukas.

Later, Conrad’s daughters become so weary of his relationship with Vanessa. Instead of him helping Lukas out, Conrad fails to do it and fuels Lukas’ hatred for him. Adrian gets drunk and goes to the Narcisos mansion to torments Lena.

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The next day, Jordan comes to take care of Lena since Lukas ordered him to do so. He goes out with Lena to enjoy together at Digna’s place. Due to Lukas’ arrest, the stocks of Royal Wellness drop. The executives of M&R proceed with their plan to buy more shares to own the company.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of Lukas comes up with a plan that will prove Lukas as temporary insane to get him out of prison. However, Lukas hesitates since the idea will affect his professional image. Ramona did not lose the chance to see the face of her mortal rival behind bars. She threatens to ensure he remains there even if Conrad fails.

Later, Lukas seeks Lena’s help to get him out of jail by testifying for him, in turn, he will help her achieve her ambitions. With her soften heart towards her father, Ramona begins to think Martina is right for claiming Lena is securing Royal Wellness from Vanessa and Adrian due to her father.

Lena denies having good intentions towards her father but just wants him to fully trust her till she makes him pay for his crimes. When Jordan visits, Lukas charges him to keep an eye on Lena as he doesn’t want Ramona to brainwash his one and only daughter.

Brian gets abducted after storming Vanessa’s hideout for money. He is beaten and is compelled to reveal the brains behind the shooting of Fernando Castro. After knowing his real enemy, Fernando plans to leave Bacina to Manila in order to repay Conrad for his actions against him.

Soon, Vanessa returns to the Narcisos mansion to fire all those who threw her out but least did she know that she is in for a surprise. Jordan secures new evidence against Lukas and sends them to Ramona. In a surprise turn of event, Lukas appoints Lena as the Vice President of Royal Wellness.

Vanessa and Adrian are against the decision which Lukas made. After rebuking Vanessa, Lukas tells Adrian to be grateful that he only ripped him off his post as VP of Sales and Marketing and not the COO of the company. Sensing Lena is up to no good, Adrian initiates some plots against her.

Ramona is able to talk to some of the witnesses who can help her in Don Luis’ case. She once again goes to Sheryl’s clinic to plead with her to testify against Lukas. Sheryl is still afraid since Lukas is set free.

As Ramona is leaving, she stumbles on the lackeys of the famous drug lord, Fernando Castro and follows them to their hideout. Ramona wastes no time in calling Kiko. Fernando is nabbed and he fails to mention the person who orders him to send his hitman, Toto Ferrer to eliminate Lukas.

Lena fishes out the reason Lukas knowing she is his enemy yet appoints her as the VP. Lukas says she gains that position even as an enemy since she plays fair unlike a family who he believes they l0ve him but never played fair with him. Lena, later, pays a surprise visit to Fernando Castro to compel him to reveal Conrad’s true colours to the authorities.

When his deeds come to light, Conrad attempts to run away with his daughters. Unfortunately he is caught by Kiko and his colleagues. Brian, on the other hand, is able to escape from the hands of Fernando’s minions.

Seeing her enemies are falling one after the other, Lena and Ramona celebrate the Cabreras for their support in their revenge. Rachel drowns herself in misery and Adrian stumbles on her. She let her frustrations about Lena out and wonders what Lena possesses that all the men are willing to give up everything for her.

Adrian tells her exciting tales about how beautiful and caring Lena is. He soon fights with Miguel over Lena at the Narcisos mansion. Lukas intervenes and throws Miguel out of his house. That night, Miguel gives in into temptation when Rachel passed the night at his condo. Adrian manages to get Lukas to accept Vanessa into the mansion.

Least did he know that Lukas has his own agenda of accepting his wife back. He forces Vanessa to sign papers forfeiting all her shares in Royal Wellness to him. This gets on Vanessa’s nerve and she poisons him.

As Ramona’s fight to get Sheryl to testify against Lukas reaches its deàd end, Jordan is forced to review the CCTV footage of the hidden cameras he planted in Lukas’ house. He finds out about the poison Vanessa mixed with her husband’s drink and he quickly calls Lena to alert her.

Fortunately, Lena is able to save Lukas one more time and Vanessa took to her heels. Lukas sees Lena’s kindness as her weakness and schemes up with Adrian against his daughter. Jordan has a surprise date with Lena to celebrate her birthday.

After returning her to the Narcisos mansion, Lena meets another surprised party organised by Lukas. She and Ramona become suspicious of Lukas’ real intentions. Miguel uses that opportunity to gift his girlfriend, Lena a necklace. Soon, Rachel gatecrashed to cause trouble.

Lena who is aware that Jordan is feeling jealous when Miguel gave her a k!ss on her forehead takes advantage of Rachel’s unpleasant words to kick the estranged couple out. Elsewhere in the mansion, Lukas reveals to Ramona his top secret concerning the deàth of Don Luis.


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