A Mother's Guilt EP 27

A Mother’s Guilt EP 27

A Mother’s Guilt EP 27 Attorney Vega threatens to pull out her support after Sonya’s lies revealed at the court

“You are just a fresh air for me no complications”

Nessa runs to inform Unyo that Paco has been emerged the overall best student after his bar exams as he passed with flying colours.

Asyong received a summon to appear before the Court to testify. He was reading it while he saw Unyo, Nessa and Samboy happy and jubilating about Paco’s success.

The journalists began asking Paco about Sonya Alipio’s murder case but Georgette said it was not the best.

Jean, Anna and Archie were eating and a news broke on television that Paco has been emerged the winner of the bar exams.

As they were watching, Jean ordered Nanny Letty to turn off the TV. Letty was happy and same time surprised that Paco had pulled through.

Paco visited Sonya and she was so happy to the extent that she shed tears. That is what they termed as tears of joy.

Anna texted Paco to congratulate him for his success. She said she always knew he had that in him.

Archie came to see Anna holding her phone. He told Anna that he was leaving and Anna asked him why so soon. He said he could see everyone was preoccupied. He asked Anna what she was doing:

“Calling or texting someone?” Anna did not know what to say. Archie told her to do it if she wanted to congratulates Paco. He said he understood it because he knew Paco was her ex and now she was with him.

Anna asked whether he was sure with what he was saying and he said yes. Anna then hugged him and said…

“You are just a fresh air for me no complications.”

At Attorney Vega’s office, Paco went to hear his boss out as she ordered to meet her. Vega handed over a document to Paco.

“I would like to offer you junior associate and would be paying you. After few years and you work hard as you always do you will build contact and make so many associates.”

Paco accepted without hesitation. Attorney Vega asked him whether he would not even think about it. Paco said there was no need for him to think about it because it was his dream to work with a great law firm like hers. To him it was an honour for him.

“Welcome to Vega Attorney Associates Attorney Francisco Alipio” Attorney Vega shook hands with Paco.

“Congrats I am so proud of you” Attorney Vega said as she hugs Paco.

Anna was going through some set up designs on her laptop and Letty came. She asked her what she thinks about the designs. As they were going through the pictures Paco and Anna picture pops up.

Letty sat and asked Anna whether she was still thinking about Paco. Anna said they had nothing to do because she was with Archie now. Besides they both had moved on.

“I swear this is an honest mistake” Letty asked if she was sure. Anna accepted that the pictures brought her memories.

Georgette bought a new suit for Paco. She said the gift was to go with Paco’s new title as a Junior lawyer of Attorney Associates.

Paco wore it and was so happy with the surprise, he thanked Georgette for the gift.

Sonya overheard one of the inmates making call and talking about the accountant who was using her position in the bank to illegally transferring money. The lady said the bank accountant was in charged of Educare’s funds.

After that Sonya walked passed her and other inmates. She did not know what to think about what she heard from the female accountant who is now under the crisp of the police.

In the next morning Jacob was pushing Jean’s wheelchair to court. Anna asked Jean whether she could stand what would happen at the court and asked Jean not to stress herself out. She told Jacob to convince Jean against being present at the trial.

Jacob said Jean did not want to listen she wanted to go. Anna asked Jean whether she was emotionally prepared and ready for the trial. Jean asked Anna why she kept asking whether she was ready. “She is ever ready” that is why she is dressed up for it and nothing would stop her from attending the hearing.

“Of course I am coming not even this wheel chair will stop me.”

Paco watched his legal Integrated bar of Philippines identification card.

Paco was dressing and Samboy brought him the tie which Sonya bought for him during his second birthday.

Archie came to the Montecillos mansion at the time Jean was leaving with Jacob. She told Archie to send Anna to the court because the last time it happened …. Anna interjected that Archie should not be hearing that.

Archie asked Anna what Jean was talking about… whether it was about Paco and she said yes.

Attorney Balmaceda arrived to the court with Asyong and Jacob asked him why he wanted to make Sonya’s friend Asyong become a witness.

He doubted that Asyong would be a help to him on the case since he was a personal friend of Sonya but Balmaceda said his account would help their case and Robb off the self defense claims of Sonya and her Attorney.

Anna reached the court. She spotted Paco together with Georgette. She called Paco and congratulated him for passing his bar exams. Then she introduced her boyfriend, Archie to Paco and Paco also introduced Georgette.

Attorney Vega came to inform them that they had to go to the court room so Anna excused them.

Jacob told Attorney Balmaceda that Sonya and her family did not deserve their mercy.

Sonya saw her son arriving in his suit and was so happy to see him. She remembered when he brought a plaque home which she pasted on the wall.

Inspector Bonafacio was sent into the box to testify for seeing Sonya at the hospital at the time of the incident.

After the interrogation, Balmaceda told his honour that he had second witness. Behold it was Asyong. He swore an oath and Balmaceda asked him questions starting from where he stayed… (Which is close to the cemetery” after answering Balmaceda to his honour that he was done.

“Attorney Alipio you can do this… this is just a standing cross” Vega told Paco to urge him to cross examine Asyong.

As he went, he started chatting with Asyong under a low tone. The judge got pissed off and  demanded Attorney Alipio to ask Asyong questions not to lecture him.

The judge realised that Asyong was addressing the lawyer as Paco.

“The witness must address the council as “Attorney.”

Paco asked a question about the time Asyong stayed at the cemetery and when he saw Sonya but Balmaceda raised an objection.

“I am trying to establish a timeline here.” Balmaceda raised so many objections but the court overruled it.

Attorney Vega asked for recess after Asyong was saying things that went against Sonya.
Sonya shook her head as stunned by event.

Roman went to see the female accountant at the prison to strike a deal with her. He came to ask her not to reveal their involvement with her bank issues. She said everything was on the computer and she said she made copies of their transactions and called on the guard to signal her that she was through with her visitor.

A Mother's Guilt EP 27

The attorneys and Judge met at the recess section and the judge asked whether they are making a joke out of his court. Vega said she was as surprised as the judge.

Vega told Balmaceda that Asyong was his witness and was supposed to know what was going wrong. They started confronting eachother and the judge said if they did not stop he would charge them with contempt.

Vega asked Joan what Asyong was saying and she said Asyong was saying he was a witness at the crime scene.

She asked Paco whether he knew something about it and he said no.
Vega went to confront Sonya and Sonya explained that she wanted to protect Asyong so that he would not be arrested for concealing a crime.

Attorney Vega said to hell with that, she said she remembered telling Sonya to inform her about everything but she kept saying there was no one at the crime scene.

Attorney Vega was extremely furious and said her firm could not protect a person who lied to her. Sonya kept on with her excuses and later asked whether it was a problem for concealing the truth.

Jean thanked Balmaceda for getting witness for the incident. She expressed confidence in Balmaceda and was hopeful that they would win the case.

Georgette came to see Paco and Sonya. Paco asked of Vega. Georgette said Vega did not like to be lied to and was affected by the action of Sonya.

Katrina came to Jacob with a document and started seducing him. Jacob asked her to stop because he loved his wife but Katrina said who said “we are talking about love.” She told Jacob that due to Jean’s condition she could not do everything for him that was why she was offering herself to him.

Jacob told her to step aside. Meanwhile Anna was not able to eat and Archie asked her whether it was about the case and asked her to chill as things would turn out right.

In prison Sonya saw the bank accountant approaching.

As Katrina was watching the video of her and Jacob love making. Letty came there and saw Katrina busy watching something on her phone.

She got curious and as she approached the fridge and heard the sound she turned and watched. She then confronted Katrina for sleeping with Jacob behind the back of Jean but she denied.

Letty fought her for the phone but she would allow the phone fell next to Jean and Anna because they got there when they heard a fight.

Jacob asked Katrina and Letty what was going on and Letty said there was a certain video on Katrina’s phone.

“Lies mom Jean pure lies…” Katrina tried to catch her breath. The phone was already in the hands of Anna. Anna gave back the phone to Katrina.

Jean asked Letty the kind of video and Letty spilled the truth.

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