A Mother's Guilt Episode 23 Anna feels tortured as Paco's love keeps tormenting her

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 23

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 23 Anna feels tortured as Paco’s love keeps tormenting her

“I tried to convince myself that I don’t love him (Paco) anymore…that he doesn’t deserve my love… but it is not working”

Paco went to the Park, he was looking at the pictures of him and Anna on his phone. He snapped a pictures and sent them to Anna.

Later Georgette came there to keep him company. They had a chitchat as they sat at the park enjoying the cool breeze of the night.
Anna received the pictures from Paco. Stunned!

She laid on her bed going through the pictures one after the other. The pictures carried memories, her heart felt like jumping from her. Well love is unexplainable she thought. She did not understand why Paco would text and say he would continue to wait for her.

A Mother's Guilt Episode 23

At the park, Paco expressed his feelings about Anna to Georgette. Later Georgette left Paco as it was getting late. It seemed aside the professional friendship, Georgette was hopping to trigger a different response from Paco. But Paco is also busy thinking about the woman who held the keys to his heart….well as the saying goes the one who wants will not get and the one who gets does not want!

On her bed, Anna cried over everything that was happening. Love indeed hurts as she picks Edward’s picture to pledge her commitment to her love for him and how she would not allow the language of her heart speaks to convince the grammar in her head!

“I tried to convince myself that I don’t love him (Paco) anymore…that he doesn’t deserve my love… but it is not working,” Anna cried.

She thought about everything that went on between her and Paco and asked her father to help her not to love Paco.

Anna said for Edward’s memory she would stop loving Paco. She swallowed hard … Letty came to knock at her door and called Anna. Anna came to open the door while shedding tears. Letty consoled her and sent her to her bed.

JoJo went to visit Sonya at the station and she told him about what the inmate was doing against Domeng and Paco. She called on JoJo for help for her children so that no one would harm them.

Police inspector Bonafacio together with the legal team came to see Sonya. The inspector asked her where the gun was and she remembered where Asyong said he had kept it.

Attorney Vega found it weired for burying the gun under someone’s grave so she suspected that Sonya was keeping something. She sent Sonya aside to ask her what she was hiding.

Attorney Vega said she was her client and she had to trust her and reveal everything to her. Sonya tried to conceal it but Vega still saw it in her eyes that she was telling lies. She later called Paco to inform him to meet her.

“I am so excited to show you the new place,” Jean was riding Anna and she told her about the restaurant and the arrangement for Anna to meet the architect.

On their way as Anna saw Destiny Water bus she started thinking about Paco and indeed saw Paco as he was in a car with Georgette.

Asyong came to meet Sonya and he was willing to be a key witness but Sonya still did not want him to do it.

At a legal meeting, Attorney Vega said there were inconsistencies in Sonya’s testimony. She was convinced that Sonya would not get time to bury the gun as she was seeing to Paco’s operation.

She realised that Paco was not paying attention and she told Paco that:

“Mr Alipio you will have to decide …. Do you want to become a competent lawyer or Anna’s boyfriend.”

Georgette seems to enjoy the question, she his a smile inside her palm.

Paco upon further deliberation replied that she has his 100 per cent attention, Attorney Vega now said good for making his decision and gave Paco a task to get to the bottom of Sonya’s issue since she suspected that there was a witness which Sonya was hiding.

As they reached their destination, Jean asked Anna to help herself and get over Paco. She said the way Anna kept seeing Paco it could be that Paco was stocking them and declared intentions to secure a restraining order against Paco.

Anna told her to relax perhaps it was destiny but Jean said the issue had nothing to do with destiny so Anna should get over Paco.

“Mom how can I get over him,” she queried. She asked Jean whether she had been able to get over Edward. Jean said it was different issue all together and told Anna not to compare. She said she had to face the fact that Edward was gone and Anna said same way she had to face that Paco was not good for her.

Anna said for her to completely get over Paco and move on she had to Face him and end it all with him. Jean said she need not to meet Paco she could get over it but Anna said she had to do it.

Paco visited Sonya and asked her to reveal everything to him. Sonya kept on with her defence that there were no witnesses.

Domeng, Unyo and Nessa went to the building which the confession video was shot, at there they saw the wanted lady alighting from a motor. Domeng wanted to meet her but Nessa pulled him back, he later decided to take photos of the woman.

The wanted woman felt that someone was watching her so she pulled her gun Domeng hid, while Nessa and Unyo also hid.

In the evening Anna went to the park to meet Paco. As she waited and kept thinking about the love she shared with Paco.

” I have to let you go Paco,” as Paco saw Anna he ran to hug and ki$$ 😘 her. After enjoying it she later pushed Paco back and said she was breaking up with him for good.

“Stop waiting for me Paco”

A Mother's Guilt Episode 23

Paco said she should touch his heart and see how it was beating fast for her. He said he cannot let her go Anna told him to wake up from his sleep.

Anna said Paco’s mother destroyed everything, and said it was too late because she stopped loving him.
Paco grabbed her and could not stop sucking her tongue, he inhaled her breath and was willing to chew Anna’s lips all night.

Anna at the other hand was enjoying the moment but she wanted to convince herself that she was betraying her dad for enjoying the lips of the killer of her father.

Anna remembered the confession video and how Sonya said she was the killer of Edward Lamoste. She tried to get hold of herself and slapped Paco….leaving Paco all standing alone with his eyes filled with tears…. hmm what an emotional stress!

Anna left while Paco cried his head out the entire night.

Fast forward in that night, Roman went to meet the wanted woman to give her money to carry out a new operation.

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