A Mother’s Guilt Episode 46

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 46 Jean down with a bullet, Jacob escapes

“You don’t have to apologise you wouldn’t have been effective if you have revealed the truth.
You know I don’t agree with your methods but you did good!”

Rizalina alerted JoJo to check out Asuncion, JoJo believed he was helping Jacob. They were surprised to see him. For Jojo he had always suspected that there was higher authority backing the crimes even before Suarez was apprehended.

A certain guy came to break the news to him that they were surrounded before he left there were shoot out.

Jacob and Rizalina surrounded him and told him that he should surrender. JoJo decried how he break his code of ethics to support a criminal like Jacob.

He ordered Asuncion to put down his gun as he was doing he tried to pull out another trick to eliminate JoJo but as he was about to pull out another gun from his back pocket JoJo spotted him fast and shot him before he would end his and Rizalina’s life.

The NBI confirmed that it was true he was working with Jacob. Jojo called Sonya to give her the piece of that horrifying news and Sonya revealed to him that she already sent Asuncion to Domeng’s hideout and was scared that Domeng’s life was at risk.

JoJo said she should not worry because he would arrange security protection for Domeng besides no matter what Jacob and his goons would do the hideout was safe and it would be difficult for somebody to raid there.

Sonya relayed the information to Vega and her team.

“It is too obvious, Attorney Dimalanta check the lists of the properties owned by Jacob,” Attorney Vega did not look surprise to hear Jacob had a protection from a person like Asuncion.

Sonya then tried to call Paco, she was scared she could not reach him and Letty also decided to try the line of Anna but both didn’t go through.

“I told Attorney Alipio not to go far from here” Attorney Vega looked disappointed.

Anna was driving while Paco was holding his phone. Anna wanted to follow Jacob and know the route he would take.

After trying for several times Sonya reached Paco and he said they were at Pampanga. She asked what they were doing there and he said they knew Jacob was full of tricks and since they did not want him to escape the law they  tailed him to find where he would go.

“Attorney Alipio update me with your location, I will send it to the NBI keep following them but for God’s sake don’t engage with Jacob, he could be armed” Vega warned Paco.

Call For Help

Jacob was driving, Jean realised he was no longer going to Batangas as he earlier indicated and asked him where they were heading to since it was not the road to Batangas. He told Jean that he had changed his plans.

“I don’t like this it is like I am being kidnapped” Jean cried.

“Honey it is for our own safety”

“How can I feel safe I don’t even know where we are going?”

“Attorney Alipio where are you?

“Are you okay? Paco then told her where he was

“Good keep it that way,” Attorney Vega added.

Vega said she knew where they were going, she looked on the map and realised the exit point in that area.

Jacob then revealed to Jean where they were going and Jean wondered means to reach out with her team to update them for help.

“Are you feeling better?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah… well yes, now that I know I feel better,” Jean took her phone from her bag and was texting Sonya. Jacob suddenly applied break and Jean’s cell phone fell off. He wondered what fell and Jean said it was her phone. He then ordered Jean to give him the phone.

“Give me your phone it is for the best” he stretched forth one of his hand. Jean gave it to him and he threw it away.

“I feel safer,” he said.

Sonya spoke with Paco and he said he was still following them. Anna later said they lost him:

“We lost him,” Anna said when they lost track of Jacob’s car but  Paco said they were getting to Batahan. Letty seemed to be sure that Jacob had a connection with someone in that area.

“Make a list and check any connection with Mr Montecillo,” Vega ordered Attorney Otelessa.

“Consider it done,” she accepted.

“We lost him,” Anna said when they lost track of Jacob’s car.

Jacob got to a certain shopping mall he packed the car for some foods. Sonya was looking for help. She saw some children and approached them, leaving Jacob to buy the things.

“Please don’t freak out,” Jean approached them and took their book and wrote Sonya’s number on it that they should contact it and inform Sonya that she was at Batahan port.

Jacob then came and she left the children, she signaled the kids to call the number for her.

As Jean and Jacob left in their car the children torn the page off, scrambled it and threw it away.

Attorney Vega and Sonya were in helicopter and Vega assured Sonya that Jacob would not be able to escape from their hands.

“I told you I had my ways,” she sounded happy.

The Hide And Seek (Tom & Jerry Play)

A Mother's Guilt Episode 46

Jacob after buying eatables kept on driving, seeing Jean very tensed he held her hands and said.

“Don’t worry hun after today our lives are going to change.”

“By the way were you able to say goodbye to Anna?”

“I am sorry if I am asking too much from you,” he said.

“It is okay Hun, I am with you, I trust you,” Jean interjected.
Jacob promised to get Anna to where they would reside.

“Our family can start again,” he said.

“I hope so Hun, I really hope so,” Jean said.

“I can’t stand this” Jean did not know what to do and wished the kids called Sonya to inform her about where they were heading to.

Jean began to cough and said she needed a washroom.

“Hun what’s wrong,” Jacob became scared, while Jean kept coughing and said they should get to the nearest station.

“I can’t believe we lost him Paco” Anna was scared what would happen to her mother but to their dismay Paco saw Jacob alighting from his car and he alerted Anna to see.

Anna wanted to get down to talk to Jean.

“Mom, mom,” Anna was impatient.

“It is okay Hun, please wait here for me,” Jean ran to the washroom. Jacob told her not to keep long.

Jean in the washroom watched around looking for help or any other exit point to contact Sonya.

“Paco i have to talk to my mom,” Anna tried to get out of the car but Paco advised her not to because Jacob would see her.

“I just can’t sit here and do nothing,” Paco said when Jacob sees them their efforts would go down to drain and it could lead to a scandal. He said after what happened to Georgette he promised himself not to allow those close to him get into trouble again or die in the hands of Jacob.

“So please let’s be smart about this,” Paco advised Anna.

“Paco I really have to talk to my mom,” Anna interjected.

The station attendant came to Jacob to inform him that he packed his car at a wrong place. He called Jean and Jean said she would be there shortly.

The lady said Jacob could not stand there any longer, Jacob tried bribing her but she did not accept the money, saying if her manager got to know she would be in trouble.

Jacob was left with no choice than to turn back and pack at somewhere appropriate.

Once Anna saw Jacob turning the car, she told Paco that she had to go in.
Paco gave her hood in order for Jacob not to recognise her.

Jean was desperate thinking of what to do. Anna rushed into the washroom and once Jean saw her she was extremely delighted.

“Anna, Anna,” she hugged her daughter. Anna told her that she came for her.
“Mom we have to go, Paco is waiting for us outside.”

“He is here to help us,” but Jean told her that she has to leave because Jacob was there.

“Mom Jacob is a dangerous man, you have to come with me!”

“I know, I have always known but we have a plan. The plan is going to work!”

“Mom what are you talking about?”

“Listen to me!” Jean said Jacob collapsed Educare.

“I just been playing with him just to gather enough evidence to bring him down.”

“Mom since when?”

“Anna I can’t go into details with you,” Jean then relayed every information about where they would go to Anna and asked her to relay the information to Sonya.

“Do you understand?” Anna nodded.

“Okay..Now please go…go and tell Sonya everything I have told you.”

“Mom, mom Please don’t do this! I can’t I just can’t leave you here,” Anna cried.

“Mom please just come with me!” Jean said Jacob might attack them if she does what Anna was requesting.

“I owe this to you and to your dad let me do this Anna,” She asked Anna to leave.

“But you have to play your part please…”
“Help Sonya, do you understand me Anna?”

“Do you understand ?” Anna nodded and cried.

Paco was getting impatient as Anna has kept long.

Jacob was getting desperate and tried to get to the washroom but the station attendant refrained him saying the place was for females.

“I don’t care,” Jacob snubbed her.

“Take this mom (Anna gave Jean a phone), keep this, text me any time.”

“Take care mom!”

“I l^ve you so much,” Jean assured her daughter of her affection.

“Everything will be over soon,” they hugged.

Jacob was not allowed to go in, he and the guard exchanged words.

“Just shut up!” he scolded the guard (attendant)

“Honey” He called Jean from outside.

“Honey,” Jacob called Jean

“Now go go,” Jean ordered Anna.

“Honey is everything okay?” Jacob screamed from outside.

“Hide hide hide,” Jean ordered Anna once she heard a steps approaching. Jacob then got in. She said she was having some bad flu and it was nothing. She wiped her nose with tissue.

Jean began asking unnecessary questions which made Jacob become suspicious that she was there with someone but Jean denied and said she was the only person there.

And I was saved by the bell

Jacob started opening the doors of the various WCs in the washroom and when he opened the door where Anna was hiding the station attendant interrupted him, saying that the place was for females and had no right to be in.

This turned the attention of Jacob away from Anna whose face was widely seen when Jacob opened the door. She shivered as Jean did not know what to do, Anna who was scared heaved a sigh of relief once Jacob turned towards the direction of the attendant without looking there while he opened the door. Jacob was asked by attendant to leave.

Jean also reiterated calls on Jacob for them to leave, the prayers of Anna was absolutely heard by God, that was very close “and I was saved by the bell!”

“Hun let’s go,” Jean hissed, after they got out from the washroom Jean said to the attendant that:
“Thank you.”

The attendant closed the washroom while Anna cried beneath her breath. Jacob kept watching his back and when he reached his car he waited a bit to spy whether someone would come out from the washroom. Jean insisted that they should leave.

The helicopter which Vega and Sonya were in landed and the police were all over the exit points waiting patiently for Jacob to arrive. Vega and Sonya rushed to a certain place there.

Anna informed Paco about what Jean said.

“So all these time your mom knew about Jacob’s action?” Paco was surprised.

“That is what my mom said,” Ana’s said. He asked Anna whether Jean was the one who leaked the documents of the embezzlement issue. Anna sounded sure of that.

Paco recalled that Joanne after carrying out her investigation about where the information was coming from said the expert said the IP address was track from one location and it was from the Montecillo mansion.

He also recalled when Jacob was caught at the airport for embezzlement crime.

Anna also recalled when she gave the Educare funds documents to Jean and when the news went viral about Jacob embezzling the funds of Educare.

Flashback: “Who are you? what is your deal and most importantly how did you know the crimes of Uncle Jacob?” Anna sipped while wondering at her restaurant.

“Personal guard?” Anna was perplexed.

“Yes personal guard, that is what the footage of the CCTV showed before Paco got there,” Attorney Vega explained.

Flashforward: “All of these make sense now,” Anna said.

Paco also recalled how Sonya got the safe house to hide Domeng.

The police escorted Vega and Sonya to a hidden tent where they have CCTV installed to check on everything that goes on at the port.

“Any update?” Attorney Vega asked the NBI agent while Sonya sat. Jojo and and Rizalina also got in and Vega asked whether they have heard anything about Paco and Anna but he said no.

“Let’s go, let’s move,” Jojo to Rizalina and the NBI team. They took a car and the agent leader said:

“Jacob has a criminal mind.”

Attorney Vega talked to Paco and Anna informed her about everything Jean told her concerning she (Jean) working with Sonya.

“We have to rescue her,” Anna called for help for Jean.

“Is this true Sonya?” Attorney Vega turned to Sonya who was sitting next to her and asked.

Sonya nodded her head and apologised for not revealing the truth.

You don’t have to apologise you wouldn’t have been effective if you have revealed the truth.
You know I don’t agree with your methods but you did good!” Sonya smiled that Attorney Vega understood her.

“Okay now we have to make sure nothing happens to Jean,” Vega said.

The Skillful work of Attorney Vega

“We are here” Jacob reached the port.

“Finally,” Jean sounded happy.

“Yes sir Good afternoon” Jacob told the gateman about what he was there for and he opened the gate for him.

“The suspect just got in,” the gateman alerted the rest of his team.
Vega, Sonya, Anna and Paco got into the tent. Sonya then confessed to them how Jean saw the pictures about those who Jacob intend killing and those who he killed.

“That is why she decided to stay with him,” Sonya explained that Jean stayed with Jacob to protect Anna and also find evidence to ruin Jacob. Anna then hugged Sonya while crying..

As Jacob packed his car he suspected something at the port despite the careful and skillful work of Vega.

One of the NBI agent informed Attorney Vega’s camp about the arrival of Mr Montecillo. Anna who was sobbing told him to protect Jean and Vega said she had already given them all the necessary information.

Jacob took his things from the car trunk, and when he was leaving he saw Jean falling behind.

“Come on, let’s go we have to see the captain.”
“I am coming” Jean took her gun and placed it inside her bag then wore her dark shades.

“I am now ready,”She smiled.
An agent spied Jacob acting like they were working.

“Positive! Suspect is moving,”
“I repeat suspect is moving,” he signalled the rest of the agents.
Anna who was watching them on the computer cried: “Mom” She was so agitated.

“Suspect is moving get ready”
Jacob was suspecting something. He stood and looked around.

“Honey what’s wrong,” Jean asked.

“Something is not right” Jacob was about to pull his gun.
“Honey please put that away, put that away now,” He then stopped.

“Suspect is armed I repeat suspect is armed” the agent signalled.
Anna cried while JoJo, together with Rizalina and other agents thought of means to grab Jacob.

How Jacob became Fugitive

A port security agent went there to go for Jean but Jacob asked him a question as he answered Jacob indicated that
“Wrong answer,” he pulled out his gun and shot him.

“Jac…oooo…bbb, Ja….c…o..bbbbb” Jean screamed!

“There is a shoot out, one man down,” A report of an agent to other agents. Another agent was also shot. Jojo, Rizalina and other agents ran to stop Jacob.

Anna cried getting impatient as the shootout was ongoing.

“J….a…..c…o…b” Jean screamed while Jacob held her and ran for cover.
The shooting was still ongoing.

“Jacob come on now please just stop it,” Jean cried, a bullet ended up in the right hand of Jacob which got him down. Jean kept mentioning his name and later tried to free from him.

A bullet which was targeted at Jacob unfortunately ended up in Jean. Jean could no longer take any step, it was like she has been frozen slowly she hit the ground. Her eyes was scrolling like a watch suddenly she dazed off.

“Jean” “Jean” Jean” “Jean” Jacob screamed her name he wished to rescue her but he could not help her and fled with an injured arm.

“I have to see my mom,” Anna ran out of the tent after she saw her mother was down. Paco ran after her.

Jacob got to the yacht as he saw Jojo and flee with the yacht.

“Don’t worry Jean I will come for you,” Jacob assured his wife an ambulance got there to carry Jean away Anna cried.

“No no no mom” Anna cried. Paco and Sonya got there!

“No no no mom please don’t leave me!”

“Mom please don’t leave me!” Anna wept bitterly.

Flashback: “I came as soon as I heard the news. I am here, it is okay sweetheart I am here”
“I l^ve you so much” “It will all be over soon” Anna recalled when she was at the police station after Dindo tried to kill her

Flashforward: “stay with me mom stay with me”

Jacob fled a search for Jacob begun, what will happen to Jean? Subscribe for more update!


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