Now and Forever Episode 26

Now and Forever Episode 26 Stella turns Korean investors against Eva, changes the original contract

Rosa complained to Abel and Adessa that they should not have let Eva go out with Inno since they have kept long.

Abel told her it was okay since Eva rarely went out and asked Rosa to be patient.
Inno was driving Eva back when they realised that it was a few minutes to midnight and Eva’s curfew was almost up.

Eva told Inno to hurry up so that they would not be late. Eva said she had a good time with Inno and was able to see that he was not as boring as he seemed. Inno said he liked her too since she was fun to be around and made him laugh a few times.

When they arrived at Gintong Pagasa, Rosa was already waiting outside. Inno thanked Eva for being his non-date before Rosa whisked her away. Rosa was upset that Eva did not inform her before accepting Inno’s offer.

Eva said she wanted to do it in person and told Rosa that it would be fine working with Inno. Rosa was however worried about the other members of the Cortes family since they might be mean to Eva.

When Inno got home, he went through the photos of him and Eva from the event. He sent her a friend request on social media and after she accepted it, he said thank you and sent her a photo.

Stella rushed to check Inno’s proposal and compared the designs from the notebook she had copied her designs from. When she noted that the designs were the same, she burned the notebook. She also called her men and asked them to have her designs patented as soon as possible.

Inno was worried about the similarity between Eva’s and Stella’s design. He was however not suspicious of Eva because he had seen her make the jewelry herself.

He asked his staff to show him a copy of Stella’s proposal but he was told it was confidential. He therefore met Rebecca instead and asked to see the proposal.

Rebecca noted that Inno did not go to Stella but showed him the proposal. Inno went through it and noticed that the designs were similar.

Eva was on her way for the contract signing with Cortes but Inno called and told her that he had to cancel it to attend to something first. He went to see Stella to ask her about her designs but Stella only got mad because Inno implied that she copied Eva’s designs.

She told Inno that his position in the company was the business head and his work was to drive investments in the company, not to concern himself with jewelry design.

After talking to Stella, Inno went to see Carmen and told her about the issue. Carmen told him that there would be no conflict of interests because both Eva and Stella worked at Cortes.

She however confronted Stella who denied having copied Eva’s designs. She said that she already had the designs before Inno made the deal with Eva.

Rebecca called Mariel to tell her that Eva’s designs were the same as Stella’s. Mariel went to meet Eva at Gintong Pagasa and showed her Stella’s designs.

Eva said that her ideas might not have been as original as she thought and Mariel said that Inno probably showed them to Stella and she copied them.

Eva tried calling Inno after meeting with Mariel but he did not answer her calls or text her back. Eva was worried and upset the entire day because she did not know what was going on.

Stella met up with the Korean prince and showed him both designs. She told him there would be an issue if their collections were similar so they agreed to work together without Eva. Stella also said she would be the one to handle the project from now on and not Inno.

Rebecca was preparing for the launch of the collection so she met up with Oliver and asked him to plan the event.

Oliver did not want to do anything that involved his family but Rebecca tried to convince him so that he could prove himself to his family.

Rebecca later had a meeting with Hernan and when he arrived, Oliver left. Rebecca told Hernan that her daughter was in Pampanga. Hernan offered to accompany her to meet her but Rebecca said she needed to verify if the girl was her daughter. She therefore asked Hernan not to tell anyone.

Hernan had been investigating the pathologist who examined Rodrigo’s death and got news that the man was no longer in Germany. He was now in the Philippines.

Inno went to see Eva later and explained that he had to see to the matter before telling her anything. He told her about Stella’s designs being the same as hers and that he believed that she did not copy her designs from Stella.

He therefore assured her that he would take care of the situation. He took her out for dinner and they agreed to meet the next day for the contract signing.


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