A Mother’s Guilt Episode 55 (Finale)

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 55 (Finale) Jacob dies from his sins

“Evil will not always win. Good will always triumph though we often wondered why we had to suffer for Jacob’s crimes. But in the end, Jacob did pay with his life and Justice was served.”

After mentioning Paco’s name, she also mentioned Domeng. Jacob said she can’t mention both Paco and Domeng she should mention one.

Paco who already untied himself carried his chair to hit the head of Jacob. He then fainted and Sonya took the gun while Paco chained Jacob and got the keys of the chain from the pocket of Jacob.

He tried to unlock the chain but it was not working. Sonya advised Paco and Domeng to leave her there adding that they should escape. Domeng and Paco assured her that they would never move an inch without her. They thought of means to set her lose.

Paco had an idea, he shot the chain and it got torn.l  Domeng, Paco and Sonya then fled.

The police got to the location of Jean, they arrested one goon and also surrounded the henchwoman, demanding her to surrender.

She surrendered and they handcuffed her. Rizalina ask where she had kept Jean and the henchwoman failed to answer.

They got the house keys from her pocket and Anna used it to open the door of the room which Jean had been kept as hostage.

The car keys which Paco got from Jacob could not open the car so Paco decided to go in again for the keys and asked Sonya and Domeng to wait for him. Sonya was scared she advised him not to go but Paco explained that it was the only way they could flee from there.

Jacob regained consciousness and realised he was chained. He tried to set himself free but the chain would not open. He shouted for help but no one came. After hearing a sound of footsteps approaching he acted like he has not woken up and faked to be fainted.

Paco pointed the gun at Jacob but he realised Jacob was still dazed so he rolled him over to search his pocket. Jacob was also thinking of means to flee himself.

He attacked Paco with the broken piece of the chair lying next to him. He stub Paco’s rib with the piece and unlock himself. When he was running Paco shot him.

Anna was able to rescue Jean. Jean asked of Sonya and she said Sonya was held as hostage. Anna asked her whether she has a clue of where Jacob might be keeping Sonya and Jean said she had no clue.

Jean said they had to help Sonya, Anna indicated that Paco and Domeng were already rescuing her so they could not join them.

Jean then suggested that they should get the NBI and Attorney Vega to help Sonya and her family but Anna said she had the mandate to keep Jean safe so they had to stay together and leave the police and the Alipio boys to rescue Sonya.

“You are still in distress mom.”

“I can’t lose you again okay…”

“Mom please don’t forget it is also our job to protect you and that is what I am doing.”

“I am protecting you by keeping you next to me for your safety,” Anna convinced Jean.

“I l^ve you,” Jean hugged Anna.

After hearing the sound of a gun Sonya ran  inside the building again in search of Paco. Domeng also followed her with a gun to protect Sonya. They saw a blood on the floor and they follow the droplets to search for Paco.

Jacob went to the other room for a new gun while Paco got to another room with blood oozing from his rib.

Fortunately for Sonya she saw Paco. They took him as they were sending him out, Jacob came from behind and held Sonya.

“Not so fast!” he held the neck of Sonya while the Alipio boys pointed gun at him.

“Today might not be your lucky day,” Jacob teased.

“Do you wanna shoot me. You will see what I will do to your mom, go ahead,” Jacob spewed.

Sonya asked Jacob to stop.
“We play this game but this time Paco we shall see who win.”

He demanded that they put their guns down before he shoot Sonya. Domeng placed his gun down but Paco did not.

Sonya told her boys not to listen to Jacob.

“You wanna try me Sonya… because I will do it, I will do it so try me.”

The cops were also on their way. Jacob asked Paco to kill himself so Paco pointed his gun on his brains. Jacob insisted that he should kill himself. Sonya and Domeng told Paco not to. They were terrorised. Sonya felt tensed.

The police got to the building, when Jacob spotted the police, he got distracted so Sonya tried to escape from his hand and Paco shot Jacob.

Jacob who fell down also shot and the bullet ended in Sonya, three shots came through and Domeng cried out seeing Sonya and Paco fell on their knees.

The police rescued them. Paco and his mother were taken by an ambulance. Domeng cried. Jojo held Domeng, the journalists began to harass Domeng with lots od questions about what Jacob Montecillo did to his family. JoJo asked them to understand the emotional stress which Domeng was going through.

He protected Domeng from the press. A review of Edward Lamoste’s murder case and the verdict was shown during a national television documentary with Domeng.

“Evil will not always win. Good will always triumph though we often wondered why we had to suffer for Jacob’s crimes. But in the end, Jacob did pay with his life and Justice was served,” Domeng points this out during the interview on Jacob Montecillo and the Edward Lamoste murder.

As Domeng was narrating what happened to him and his family it was established that after Jacob shot Sonya, Paco defended his family and he suffered a bullet while he also shot Jacob again.

Domeng said due to that his mother and brother all fell and the police came to their rescue. Sonya and Paco was sent to hospital.

As Attorney Vega watched the interview they filed all the murder case documents of Edward Lamoste and placed it inside a box with inscription “Case Close” to finally close the case of Edward Lamoste’s murder case.

Attorney Vega said congratulations to them, referring to Attorney Otelessa and her for their good job in handling the case.

Joining Domeng at the interview were his Paco and Sonya who had both survived the shooting.

After Paco was interviewed, Sonya also sat for the interview and revealed that Jacob died. His casket was carried away.

Sonya was happy that justice was finally served. Her two sons hugged her and they snapped a picture.

After five years, Domeng became a successful architect and worked in a multi-million firm.

Paco and Attorney Vega launched a new legal partnership firm, christened “Vega, Alipio & Associates -Attorney at Law.”

“Just wishing Attorney Otelessa best of luck for her new career in London!”

“Attorney Alipio enjoy yourself,” Attorney Vega said while Joanne and the press were all happy for such a launch.

Paco drove Sonya and Domeng to Baler for holidays.

In a mission at Baler, Anna gave prizes to some kids and told her father’s worker that the kids hold special place in her heart.

She later realised that she has lost her bracelet so she asked the former worker of her dad of it and she said she had not seen it. Anna believed that she might have dropped it at the the beach so she decided to go to the beach and search for it.

She indicated the bracelet was valuable to her, and one does not know the value of something until the person loses it.

She then had a call and it was Jean who was checking up on her.

“Hey darling, how are you?

“I am just checking on you”

“Mom please it is three days that I last”

“I am just being your cleany mom as usual”

“Well I will be staying here for good now so we will have a lot of time to be cleaning together,” Anna told Jean.

“Alright d^rling do take care, I l^ve you”

“I l^ve you to mom,” Anna said.

“Bye d^rling,” Jean added.

Letty and Jean welcomed someone to the restaurant and Letty was told to show the person around.

At the beach, Paco remembered Anna when they came there the time that he was Anna’s driver. He saw someone dancing and he mistook the person for Anna. He called the name Anna when the person turned he was left disappointed.

Paco while at the beach found the bracelet and began to smile. He believed that Anna might be around. He then heard a voice from behind and when he turned it was Anna.

Anna asked what he was doing there and he said he came there with Sonya and Domeng. Anna said she has missed them.

Anna also said she volunteered in an outreach mission from Seattle and arrived at Baler last week for that mission.

She saw the bracelet on the hand of Paco and she told him that she had been searching for the bracelet.

Paco said he found it and since technically it was his he wore it. Anna said although the bracelet was his but he gave it to her so which makes it hers.

She told Paco to give it to her and they began to play. As Paco was running Anna ran after him for the bracelet and they shared their r^m^ntic ki$$es. They enjoyed the moment together with a promise of Paco to keep Anna forever.

Later Sonya together with Paco and Domeng went to the beach. Sonya was happy that after all those trauma she passed through together with her children she had been able to accomplish her task as a mother.

She was proud that Domeng was an architect and Paco also had shares in Attorney Vega’s firm. She called her two sons who were swimming and embraced them with l^ve.

The End!

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