All Of Me Episode 33

All Of Me Episode 33 Marvin is nabbed by the police, Carding brutally murders Dr Lawrence in his house

At the hospital, Lawrence broke another bad news to Manuel that Henry had taken a huge sum of loan, using the hospital as collateral. Manuel could not understand that the person he trusted was rather bringing his business down.

He ordered for Henry not to be allowed into his office. He told Lawrence to lock the office of Henry up till they officially give him a termination letter. In the new house given to them by Greg, Bebeng, Lena and Princess prepared food in the kitchen. They were still wondering about the person who possibly b0mbed their house. Lena was optimistic that the person would be found.

Soon, the police broke the ghetto of Carding to arrest Marvin for the attempted murder of Manuel’s security and for setting the house of Manuel on fire. Marvin kicked the police to flee but he did not reach far. He got ambushed and he had no option than to surrender. Kristel was going to the ghetto to talk to her father when she came across the police handcuffing Marvin.

Sir Martin as he promised his sister, talked with Ringgo and gave him his support to be with Apple but warned him to remain focus in his studies. Ringgo was glad that Mr De Asis wanted him to get close to Apple. In the house, Nonoy ushered the police in and made them feel comfortable at home while he went to fetch Lena.

The inspector told Lena that he has sent some of his men to the ghetto believed to be the hideout of the criminals. The inspector then received a call about the success the police gained in capturing the suspect. He told Lena that Marvin had been caught although investigation was still ongoing to find the other culprit. Lena followed the police to the precinct.

At the precinct, the police was demanding Marvin to reveal the name of the other accomplice of his but he remained mum. The inspector arrived with Lena and ordered them to send the criminal away. Lena told the inspector that the other was Carding and believed Marvin was working with Carding. The police made Lena to tell them about what she knew of Carding for them to manhunt for him.

Kristel waited all day, finally her criminal father arrived and she quickly hugged him. She told Carding that she was so worried about him and pleaded with her father to stop the cr!m!nal activities as Marvin had been arrested and did not want him to end up as Marvin.

Henry made his entry into the Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital but the security barred him from entering. He was so upset with the security and the latter said he was just following orders of Dr Manuel to prevent him from entering the premises. Henry called Dr Manuel and together with Lawrence, Manuel went to meet Henry at the roof top. Henry was upset with Lawrence so Manuel told Lawrence to leave for him to handle his friend.

Henry was upset with Manuel for siding with Lawrence to bar him from entering the hospital. Manuel told Henry that he has been acting politely with him but he was getting on his nerve. Manuel confronted him for the stolen funds at the hospital and said he even forged Lena’s signatures, also took loan in the name of the clinic. Henry realised he has been exposed and he expressed how he despised Manuel. He explained that he took care of Lena and Ivan all those years and Manuel returned to take everything away from him.

The two engaged in a fight. Lawrence bumped into Lena. Lena asked of Manuel and Lawrence said he was with Henry at the rooftop. Lena sensed trouble so he made Lawrence called the security and they rushed to the roof top only to find the boss and his subordinate fighting. They quickly rushed to separate the fight between Henry and Manuel. Lawrence was shocked to notice that Henry was fighting Manuel.

Lena confronted Henry for doing that after everything Manuel did for him. The security held Henry and sent him away. Manuel hugged Lena and she asked her husband if he was okay. At the ghetto, another criminal showed up related to Tonio and Marvin. Carding told him that Marvin was arrested and he told him where he could find Marvin.

Manuel told Lena everything that Henry had done. Henry visited Carding in the ghetto to scheme with him. He gave him orders to k!ll Lawrence and since Kristel had been secretly leaking their information, they should use Kristel to frame up Manuel for the death of Lawrence. The criminal arrived at the precinct to talk to Marvin. Lawrence told Greg the shameful thing Henry has done.

He then received a call from Henry’s lawyer, Attorney Michael informing him about Henry’s intention to sue the clinic for what they did against his client. He said there were legal procedures that the authorities of the Hospital would have to go through before terminating Henry’s contract with the hospital as a Medical Director so they should expect a demand letter from his client.

While Princess and Bebeng were doing some clean up, Nonoy arrived to ask of his leave since he was going to work. Princess demanded for a k!ss before her husband could go. Manuel went to the precinct to compel Marvin to talk if Henry ordered him to burn the house. Marvin remained quiet and chewed his gum. Lena joined Manuel there.

In school, Apple and Obet came across Ringgo sitting on the stairs and Obet told Apple to go and talk with Ringgo. Ringgo was so happy to see Apple. Lena informed the family about the huge sums Henry stole and also sending Marvin and Carding to burn her house. Manuel sat in the garden to reflect on everything that the Henry he saw as a brother did to him. All along Henry was jealous of him and when he was having good heart towards him Henry has been sucking him bit by bit. Ivan arrived there to massage Manuel which disrupted him for a while.

As Kristel was eating, Carding arrived, pretending to be unlacing his shoes just waiting for Henry’s call to roll out his plan. Kristel went to get her father’s meal for him, and Carding finally received the call he had been waiting for. Kristel overhead her father talking to his boss about Dr Lawrence of Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital which he needed to teach him a lesson.

After the call, the experienced henchman sat to eat with his daughter. Kristel was unhappy that Carding had gone ahead to accept a job of such nature while Marvin was arrested not for long. Lena suddenly woke up from her sleep as she dreamt about the hourglass necklace again. Kristel on the other hand, went to check on her father to find him asleep. She then sneaked out of the house and called Manuel to meet her.

Unknown to Kristel, the phone conversation she overheard was a part of a larger plan. Carding then called Henry to inform him that their plan has worked and Kristel had left the house to meet Manuel. Henry then told him to go to Lawrence’s house to finish him off. Lena realised Manuel was not by her side so she descended down in search of him. Princess got there and asked her why she was still awake.

She said she could not find Manuel so both sat at the living room to wait for Manuel. Manuel after his conversation with Kristel rushed to Lawrence’s house. Lawrence after working on his laptop ordered for a food. His maid asked of her leave and she bumped into Manuel outside the gate. Manuel asked of Lawrence and went inside to inform about plans of someone to eliminate him.

Manuel warned him to be cautious as his life was in danger. Lawrence took the issue lightly and said he knew Manuel was worried but no one could end his life. He hugged Manuel and thanked him for everything, saying Manuel was like a brother to him. He assured that he would be able to defend himself when that ever happened. He saw Manuel off and Manuel told him to take what he said seriously.

Unknown to them, Carding was already there monitoring them. Once Lawrence went inside, Carding made his way through and tempted with the switch to launch an attack on the young doctor. Lawrence fought with him and managed to make the g*n Carding brandished on him slipped from his hand. Lawrence tried to run out and in the living room he shot Lawrence, revealing to the young doctor that Henry ordered him to k!ll him.

He shot him multiple times, unknown to Carding a third party, who happened to be the delivery boy was already in the premises and he recorded the brutal murder of Lawrence and fled with the food before Carding could see him. Manuel arrived home to find his wife and cousin waiting for him. He said sorry to Lena for leaving the house without informing her.

The next day, the police went to the crime scene to take the body, the murder weapon and cleansed the room. Manuel and Greg were waiting for the arrival of Lawrence but he was not showing up. Manuel then called him and the police received the call to inform him that Lawrence had passed away, shocking him and Greg.


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