The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 8

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 8 Baristo helps Malia to sneak from the camp, Veruska puts the LLU members in danger over claims of k!lling Supremo

At the camp, Malia came across Jake when he was wearing his shirt. She saw the marks the whip has left at the back of her friend and apologised to him for the bruised body. Malia blamed herself for it. Elsewhere, the Luna Soldiers were making preparation to support the werewolves for the war against Supremo.

Due to the betrayal the Lunas have suffered over time, Yago, the leader was very selective when it comes to the recruitment of the Soldiers, inturn it has made the group lacked members.

Talking of traitors, Erin broke the sad news to them that the senator has also betrayed them as he was working in junction with the Supremo. He overheard the Senator’s conversation with someone he believed to be Supremo, the person was demanding for military weapons.

Elsewhere, Tristan, surprisingly received a message from the Moonchasers and he went to pray. He asked for a sign from heaven if he had to accept the offer from the Moonchasers.

He came out of the temple to find an helicopter scattering love letters all over for Malia. This also came as surprise and now he believed the heavens wanted him to accept the offer from the Moonchasers. He took one of the letters and read.

While searching for Jake, Veruska stumbled on one of the l0ve letters and wondered how the evil vampire got to know that Malia was alive. Meanwhile, Malia saved Baristo when a coconut was falling on his head.

Baristo was still upset with Malia for leaving the camp with Jake but it was a moment that Malia confirmed that her foster father still l0ves her. Outside the temple, Madam Star, the fortune teller tried to pull a fast one on Doc by obtaining information from him and made a girl she was working with secretly research on social media to obtain Noel Domingo’s life information in order to tell him as a prediction.

After the scam act, she demanded for her pay. Doc ran to Tristan for money to pay the woman for predicting that his long gone son would return to him. However, Madam Star took to her heels once she sets eyes on Tristan, saying the fortune telling was for free. Doc and Tristan wondered her problem. Tristan then revealed to Doc that he had come into contact with the woman before at the club. Doc asked him if he did something bad to her and Tristan said no.

After the Luna’s got hold of the l0ve letter from Supremo, Erin told Yago to render to Supremo Malia since Malia has not come into her powers. Erin said that was the surest way to save the public from the outburst of Supremo but Yago did not support the idea. The l0ve letter became the talk of the day when it went viral not only on social media but traditional media too.

Many women now wanted to be the one in place of Malia as they found the writer with the name “S” as romantic.

At the camp, Lydia talked to Malia and the latter told her that even without power, she felt that she had to do something to ensure they gained their freedom. She was ready to sacrifice her life to ensure her clan gains the happiness they deserved. Unaware that Baristo was listening to their conversation. He went to see Lord Sentinel to talk to him to allow Malia to leave the camp.

However, Frederick was against Malia leaving the camp. This compelled Baristo to take his own steps to make Malia sneak out the camp that night. He explained to Malia that he was initially afraid for her to leave due to his own selfish reason but if the chosen one felt that leaving the camp was the surest way to bring Supremo down then he was giving her his blessings to go out there and end Supremo’s cruelty. He gave her Yago’s contact to beseech him for help. Malia bid bitter good bye to Lydia and Catleya.

Tristan went to the location of the Moonchasers only to discover that Neri was behind the act and making fun of him. He decided to leave after he realised they were not serious but was grabbed on the way. They covered his head with a sack and sent him to where the actual Moonchasers members were. He was told that Neri’s group was friends to the real Moonchasers and they were people whose parents and relatives d!ed by the bite of a vampire.

The senator after watching the news went to confront Supremo for being the brain behind the l0ve letter and also questioned him on what he intended to do with the military weapons he was demanding. Supremo warned the Senator to stop asking him irrelevant questions since he was the only one who had the right to ask questions.

Tristan met Piolo aka Eye, his old time friend he used to steal his spider, Lauren Catapang, Joey Martinez, Rocky among others at the Moonchasers office. Each shared the experience they had with a vampire. Tristan now joined the group so he was giving a task for him to accomplish the next day to determine his conviction. Due to how their family were bitten to death, one of the group members said they needed a weapon to defend themselves against the vampires.

One suggested they needed a wolf’s fang. Tristan went home to discover that what his father, Tonio gave him was a wolf’s fang. He now understood why his father didn’t like to change his walking stick. Baristo escorted Malia from the camp and it got to a point that he had to return to the camp so he hugged Malia and wished her the best in her mission.

Meanwhile, one of the r3bel vampires arrived at the palace of Supremo looking so upset and revealed to Supremo that she saw Veruska and Supremo asked of where she was last seen. Veruska who had been hidden from various vampires now bumped into Supremo. Supremo forced her to reveal where Malia was and Veruska indicated that he would not be able to force her to reveal where the girl was.

Sandrino said he won’t force her but she would willing show her. He strangled her and tortured her, Veruska drew her fang and stabbed him. Supremo then burnt till he disappeared. Veruska was shocked to have been able to end the life of supremo.

Malia arrived at Mr Yago’s office and she found out about the l0ve letter. She was surprised to see that the Supremo that she was seriously looking for was also looking for her. Erin suggested to her to go and meet Supremo in order for the public not to be dragged into the mess but Yago talked Malia against it.

Veruska arrived at the old camp and Miguel appeared. She queried Miguel, the LLU vampire whether Frederick sent him there to prevent her from entering the camp but she thought wrong. Frederick rather sent Miguel to fetch her into their new camp. Unaware that Supremo was alive and was following them to find their hideout.

Veruska announced to the council that she has successfully k!lled Supremo so they were finally free. Everyone was shocked, they did not believe what Veruska was saying. She claimed she was surprised herself when it happened.

Elsewhere, Malia told Yago that she wanted to penetrate into Supremo’s camp and k!ll him. While Erin supported her zeal, Yago was against it and asked her to join Frederick at the camp.


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