All Of Me Episode 39

All Of Me Episode 39 Carding and Dennis fail in their mission, Carlo hides the truth of Lawrence’s death from Marlon

Manuel and his family celebrated the new year’s eve midnight. Henry and Carding also celebrated theirs in a bar while Marlon celebrated with his colleagues at the precinct. As they were wishing eachother happy new year at the Island, Dennis sneaked into the bush to spy on the Figuerases.

Elsewhere, Kristel celebrated her new year in solitude. She cried, Henry was sent to the ghetto drunk and he began talking about his lost family. Dennis called called Carding to inform him that the Figuerases were at the Island. After speaking with Dennis, Kristel called her father to wish him a happy new year.

Manuel woke up and thought of all the memories he had with his family in the past years. The next day, Princess was also glad for the fruit of the womb and Nonoy was equally happy. They had waited for such a miracle for long. Lena while talking to Bebeng recalled the good and the bad events that characterised the past year. How Manuel died, the return of Manuel, Ivan’s escape and the burning of their house, she was thankful that the family has stood the test of time.

Dennis called Kristel to wish her happy new year and also told her about his feelings and Kristel was surprised. Dennis re structured his sentence in order not to create problem. Later, Kristel met Marlon at where she was keeping the dog she found and Marlon spoke to her about Manuel.

Ivan showed Manuel how to dance. As they were dancing, Princess and Lena watched them and laugh while in the tent Ringgo was having a video chat with Apple and Nonoy came to meet it.

Since Dennis first came to San Antonio to check on their target to confirm they were there. The serial k!ller Carding also came and they were in a eatery, scheming and plotting on how they would get to the Island to carry out their boss’ plans.

It was raining that evening, Princess returned from the market and Nonoy brought her from the boat. Ringgo followed them with the shopping. Henry joined Greg at the bar with their usual Manuel and hospital issue. At the Precinct Marlon tried what he could to help Manuel so after speaking with an officer, he thought about Manuel’s plea for help and he called the number called him with but it did not go through.

Marlon called Kristel to find out if she had Manuel’s contact and she said she did not have. Leaving the investigator puzzled on what to do next. The two criminals settled in their room in San Antonio putting things in order when Henry called Carding to push them forward to commit the crime.

Dennis was ordered to go out to make the arrangements. He told a man to take him to the Island or rent him a boat but the man refused, claiming it was a private property. Dennis tried to bribe him but the man refused, Dennis then hit the man and dragged him somewhere to keep the boat.

As they were sleeping, Manuel woke up and watched his hour glass necklace, he then saw a fire fly so he followed it to the big enchanted tree. Ivan woke up and wondered where his father could be, he followed Manuel and learnt from Manuel’s speech that he would soon d!e and leave his family behind so he was begging for mercy so that he could see Ivan grow and be with his wife.

When Manuel left, Ivan also spoke to the enchanted tree and told it not to take his father’s life as he was a good person and was not ready to lose a dad again. The fireflies now settled on Ivan. The next morning, the Barangay official revealed an important information concerning the previous incidence that happened to the man Dennis attacked to Nonoy, Bebeng and Princess.

The officer told the family to be on high alert.
Ivan woke up the next morning to see that his mother was packing all of their things. He asked of Manuel and went out to query Manuel on where they were going.

Manuel said they were going to Manila since there was a problem at the hospital. Ivan asked the kind of problem and he said Henry took certain loans and the hospital has not been able to pay which he had to go and see how the hospital would be able to stand in order for the banks not to close the facility.

Bebeng and Princess arrived at the Island to relay the info to Lena. Lena told them that Manuel was going to Manila and they had already packed their things to leave the place. However, Carding was setting his weapon to take the doctor and his family by surprise. At the precinct, Marlon told an officer about the lead they have gotten on Carlo, a pizza deliverer who might have seen Dr Lawrence before his death and asked his men to obtain more information about Carlo.

In Bulacan, Carlo asked his aunt for his leave, Elsewhere, Henry called Marlon to go out and drink with him but the officer told him that he was busy with an investigation on Dr Lawrence as he had a new lead concerning someone who saw the k!ller of Lawrence and would meet the person. After obtaining such classified information, Henry called Carding to query him whether someone saw him, or there was a third person in Lawrence’s house when he committed the crime.

Carding said no one saw him as he was alone with the doctor and Henry said Marlon claimed there was a witness. He asked them to hurry and get rid of Manuel. On his way, Carlo received a call from his former work, asking him to settle his issue with the police concerning Dr Lawrence’s death since the police were haunting for him. After obtaining the needed details on Carlo, Marlon went to Carlo’s house and met his aunt.

The aunt cooperated and Marlon was made to see Carlo. He showed him pictures of Lawrence and Manuel and he denied knowing Manuel. Carlo failed to cooperate since he was scared. Carding and Dennis arrived at the Island and rushed to the hut but saw no one. Carding then vent his anger on Dennis for giving him false alert. Dennis insisted that they were there and saw the bags they had packed which made Carding believe they were there but did not know their whereabouts.

Lena, Bebeng and Princess who were taking a stroll in the forest came to meet a boat and Princess stopped them from taking any step, alerting them of the boat. They wondered who had trespassed. As they were standing and wondering, Carding and Dennis came out from the hut. Before the ladies could run, the criminals spotted them and ran after them.

Since Lena was conversant with the area, they managed to escape them and returned to the shores. Lena went for the bags she has packed in the hut while Bebeng and Princess made the boat ready. Carding realised their targets have returned to the shores they ran after them to find out that the ladies have escaped with their boat.


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