All Of Me Highlights Episode 16-20

All Of Me Highlights Episode 16-20 Lena discovers that the remains buried in Manuel’s tomb is not Manuel, Henry sends Carding to k!ll Bianca for revealing his secret marriage with her

With Bianca slowly succeeding to get to Ivan, Henry becomes even more determined to stop her from her vile plans against his family. Meanwhile, Lena finds a reason to smile as she thinks about her memories with Edong on the Island.

Lena goes to the Island to spend some time with Edong. Meanwhile, Henry runs out of patience after receiving another malicious phone message from Bianca.

As the weather worsens, Lena remembers her last moment with her father, Nestor, who failed to make it home from a fishing expedition. Soon, Lena notices Edong’s likeness to Manuel as she spends more time with Edong on the Island. Lena’s loved ones become anxious as they patiently awaits the woman’s return.

Playing her cards right, Bianca threatens to expose the marriage of Henry and her should the doctor fail to comply with her conditions. Meanwhile, Edong comes across the picture of Bianca and Ivan with a mind-boggling caption while he has Lena’s phone.

Henry continues to implore Lena to give their relationship another chance, but Lena says that she is not yet ready to forgive him. To add to Henry’s distress, Bianca finds a copy of their marriage contract. Elsewhere, an intense confrontation transpires between Edong and Lena when the latter finds out that Edong was keeping Carding’s police records.

Bebeng talks to Henry in hopes of persuading him to come with him and Ivan in visiting Lena. Lena’s eagerness to know the truth pushes her to confront Edong about his connection with her late husband. In the confrontation that transpired, Edong k!$$es Lena. This strengthens Lena’s suspicion that Manuel and Edong are one and the same as she feels Edong’s lips on hers.

Meanwhile, Carding keeps an eye on his new target, Bianca. Lena confides in Princess the many things she learned about Edong, while also asking her sister to keep these a secret to Henry. Soon, Kristel accidentally stumbles upon a message that hints at a plot against Bianca. Believing that Henry wants her dead, Bianca reveals to Lena that her marriage with Henry is void, showing her marriage certificate as a proof.

Henry is forced to leave his house as he learns that Lena has discovered his biggest secret with Bianca. Bianca finds herself in grave danger, when Carding intrudes her house and attempts to k!ll her. While Bianca gathers all her strength and courage to fight off her attacker, Lena starts moving on from her painful memories about Henry by deciding to look for a new house.

Meanwhile, Princess, Nonoy and Bebeng show their support for Ringgo during the Mister Breezy Pageant 2015. With Kristel’s help, Bianca finds a new place to stay while Carding continues to track her down. Lena finally confirms her suspicion that Edong and Manuel are the same after opening the envelope given to her by Madame Estrella.

While Lena finds herself confused with this new discovery, Henry begs her to give their relationship another shot. Lena, however, makes it clear to Henry that they are over. Lena has her husband’s grave unearthed to her eagerness to discover the mystery behind Manuel’s death.

After obtaining the result of the DNA test, Lena breaks down as she confirms that the man buried in the tomb erected for Manuel in the Island is not Manuel. Meanwhile, Henry uses his money to convince Bianca to cooperate with the processing of their annulment. Henry’s persistent pays off when Bebeng permits him to take Ivan out for father-and-son bonding.

Lena, soon, decides to move out of Henry’s house with the young boy, as well as with Princess and Bebeng. Ringgo attempt in becoming a famous dancer bear fruit when his own family views a viral video of one of his performances. However, Carding needs to deal with the consequences of Manuel after seeing a man that looks like the said doctor.

Manuel wakes up on the Island in his old body and faces Salvacion’s verdict regarding the violation of their deal. Manuel learns that he has to choose from sacrificing either Lena or Ivan’s life as punishment.

Do you think, Manuel will come up with a choice that will assure the safety of both his wife and son?

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