All Of Me Highlights Episode 36-40

All Of Me Highlights Episode 36-40 Carding and Dennis hit by heavy storm in pursuit to k!ll Manuel, Ivan discovers Manuel top secret with Salvacion

Henry and Greg take a new stand in their plan as Marlon starts doubting Manuel’s motive in murdering Lawrence. Meanwhile, Manuel crosses paths with Carlo while visiting his hometown with his family. Ringgo gets into a misunderstanding with Apple and Obet at school amidst his family’s problems.

After managing to elude a group of police officers, Manuel and Lena decide to explain their situation to Ivan. Meanwhile, Marlon decides to examine the gun used for Lawrence’s murder to finally get to the bottom of the heinous crime. Bebeng and Princess go home to the province, while Manuel’s wanted poster starts spreading across the social media.

Marlon finds a connection between Carding and the gun used to k!ll Lawrence. Redirecting his investigation, Marlon sets a meeting with Kristel, Carding’s daughter. Henry continues to plot against Manuel, while Princess and Bebeng leave for the province.

Lena, Manuel and Ivan head to San Antonio after learning that Bebeng has been hospitalised. Soon, Manuel finds out from Greg the financial standing and unsettled bank loans of his hospital under Henry’s administration.

While Manuel and his family celebrate the holidays in San Isidro, Marlon pinpoints the fugitive doctor’s hideout. He soon, seeks Henry’s help in his investigation, unaware of the man’s grave plans against Manuel. Kristel reconciles with Carding and gets the chance to meet Dennis.

Manuel, Lena and Ivan manage to dodge the authorities once more with the help of Nonoy, Bebeng, Princess and the barangay official. Henry misleads Marlon’s investigation against Manuel, while Carding attempts to g*n the police officer down. Manuel and his family set aside their problems while celebrating the holidays.

Dennis prepares a surprise for Carding as he invites Kristel over to join them for Christmas. Meanwhile, Henry steels his resolve to take back the family while longing for them amid everyone’s celebration. Manuel and Lena leave their problems behind for the meantime as they celebrate the Christmas season with their family.

Dennis paves the way for Kristel to celebrate Christmas Eve with her father. While others are having a good time, Henry finds himself wallowing in his own misery. While Manuel and his loved ones continue to enjoy the Christmas season on the Island, Henry and his henchmen strive to pinpoint the doctor’s whereabouts.

Soon, Henry strives to lure Manuel out of hiding when he asks Greg to inform the man that Rosita’s Hospital is collapsing financially. As Henry sets his plan to lure Manuel out of hiding in motion, Dennis and Carding finally identify Princess and Bebeng’s whereabouts and waste no time in tracking them down.

With the news of the hospital financial crisis and Marlon’s decision to rebuff their plea for help, Manuel and Lena decide to return to Manila as a family. The New Year begins, Manuel and his l0ved ones remember the year that passed. Meanwhile, with the confirmation of Manuel’s whereabouts, Carding prepares to go to the Barangay San Antonio to carry Henry’s plans.

Henry’s plans to take Ivan away from Manuel and Lena are put on hold when Carding and Dennis are unable to make their way to the Island due to bad weather. Ivan witnesses Manuel pleading before the enchanted tree and discovers his most-kept secret.


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