Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 246-250

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 246-250 Bloody Sun wipes out the Enriquez, Hipolito leaks Cardo’s secret video online

While under run, the Bloody Sun r3bels are chased by the workers of the rice mill. The workers catch up and sh00t at the r3bels but Cardo ordered Romulo not to retaliate. They manage to escape the attack unhurt.

Elsewhere, Captain Gina shows the people of the Barangay area the CCTV camera she has acquired for the area to ensure that crimes get recorded to reduce it in the catchment area. However, her action is seen by Alyana as a means of covering up for her crime.

The workers of the rice mill report the incidence to the police and add a CCTV footage of the robbery. Homer on the other hand makes advances on Kath so Gerry steps in. Dela Paz receives beating while Kath is willing to trade her womanhood for Gerry to be set free.

Elsewhere, Romulo receives praises for presenting food to the less privileged. Cardo is having doubts but he still holds on to his belief that Romulo and his group k?lled his son and his colleague troopers.

Homer now is ready to have his way with Kath, Gerry manages to fight back and Roldan slash his hand with a knife. Kath also manages to resist Homer and he slaps her to take his g*n from her hands after a sh0t from the other side distracted them.

Homer now vents his anger on Gerry and is about to cut off his head when Anton saves the day. The two traitors engage in a banter after Homer demands for the 10million payment before he sends Director Hipolito the beheaded videos of the SAF troopers. Seeing Homer has resolved in to threat and blackmail, Hipolito now uses plan B to get Cardo out of his way.

In taking attention away from the Bloody Sun Group, Catindig pays a woman to falsify a statement, claiming that she has seen Cardo at a different place. This changes the direction of the PNP’s investigation. Delfin is forced to believe that Dela Rosa is wrong for claiming to have seen Cardo at Santa Ursula.

Homer plans to own the quarry of the Enriquez while in Mt Karagao, Gerry proposes to Kath and they promise eachother to be together till death. Elsewhere, Fernan and Romulo exhibit their sh00ting skills. Cardo concludes that although Commander did not have any professional training his natural skills in shooting was no joke. He braced himself up in his revenge plot.

Homer and his allies pull a fast one on the Enriquez to extort money from them. However, Javier keeps warning Miguel against Homer. Miguel’s interest is to use Homer at the meantime since Sebastian’s men fail him. He had a plan to take Homer’s life when he least expects.

Cardo makes plans to act fast since he is running out of time and his family will be worried about him. Homer and his gangs arrive to worry him with their innuendos which compels Cardo to leave to his hut.

Meanwhile, General Olegario and Hipolito’s relationship was flourishing. Hipolito tells her to give herself break from work while he works to ensure her son gains the justice he deserves. Some policemen who have pictorial evidence against Cardo decide to shift their search to Santa Barbara since the SAF trooper now-turn-r£bel is last seen there.

Domingo advises Romulo against favouring only Cardo, adding that his trust in him might lead to the group’s down fall. He asks him not to cast Anton aside. Romulo explains that Anton has remained hostile with Fernan and father says Anton cannot be blamed completely since he is acting in that manner due to Lena.

The men Anton recruit are also inciting him to launch an attack on Fernan, describing him as good for nothing outsider. Elsewhere, Manolo realises how Renato is using Diana’s emotions in their so called relationship to defeat her in the field of her profession. All geared toward his attempt in carrying out his evil deeds till he gains the senator position.

Cardo realises that Homer is keeping a secret about some prisoners and a sum of 10million which they had to claim from the Vulture. He now starts following Homer and his allies to find the secret. He discovers how Homer uses threats to extort money from people through the act of gambling and other vices.

Soon, Homer k!lls all the quarry workers of the Enriquez, with the help of Sebastian, they dig a grave and burry them. Thinking his evil deeds are under wraps, one woman who sees how her husband is unjustly k!lled seeks Romulo’s help but falls in the hands of Homer and allies, the actual culprits who help the Enriquez in carrying out the awful deeds.

Fernan sees it and rushes there to send the woman to see Romulo. After hearing the story, Romulo offers to help. Before they will reach San Isidro, Homer and his allies were there demanding from the Enriquez the money for their unpaid job. As the two parties have brandished g*n on eachother, they hear the firing from outside.

A war ensued, the Bloody Sun defeated the Enriquez but lost many of their men. Meanwhile, Homer and his allies break the safe of the Enriquez and made away with their wealth. Elsewhere, Manolo uploads Cardo’s secret videos of his involvement with the r£bels online. The video goes viral and Captain Gina who is pulling off a show makes plans to use it against the De Leons.

Having a hunch that Romulo is a good person and Homer is secretly doing evil things without the knowledge of Romulo and Domingo, Kath attempts to voice out the truth about Homer but Gerry intervenes to prevent her from revealing to Romulo the deeds of Homer when they came face to face with Romulo.

The media receives tipoff about the San Isidro massacre so Alyana rushes there with Pinggoy but the town’s people remain mum to cover their saviour, the Bloody Sun Group. Alyana tries all she could but to no avail. This crushes her hopes of obtaining information on her husband. Paying attention to his daughter’s special treatment to Fernan, Romulo asks Lena if she l0ved Fernan and she admitted. Romulo supports her and says he will be happy if Fernan and her end up together.

Director Hipolito plans to address the media to pin the San Isidro massacre on the Bloody Sun although they have no solid evidence against the group. On the other hand, Diana Olegario is against Hipolito’s plan but the director remains adamant.

Since the Bloody Sun loses lots of their men during the encounter with the Enriquez, Homer is given the mandate to recruit new people in the neighbouring town into the group. Unknown to the Bloody Sun leaders, Homer recruited the men for his venom group but they are only in Bloody Sun to penetrate. At the right time, they will attack the mother group for the venom to reign.


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