America files three different lawsuit against China for Coronavirus outbreak!

An attorney from United State of America (USA), Robert Eglet has filed a federal lawsuit against the Chinese government over negligence and recklessness which resulted in the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to him, the government did not tell the world the truth of the deadly respiratory ailments, thus have created problem to the United States and other part of the world.

The case which Mr Eglet filed on Monday March 23 at the District Court in Nevada seeks class-action status against the Chinese government for 32 million businesses which have lost income due to the outbreak of the virus.

He established that they engaged in falsehoods, misinformation, cover-ups and destruction of evidence that led the spread of the virus, thus underscored the need for businesses to receive billions of dollars for damages.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of five Las Vegas businesses including restaurant owners, two real estate developers, flower sellers and CPR training firm for loss of revenue and economic challenges.

He noted that those businesses make trillions, stressing that the virus has held them bound to their seat, thus the Chinese government had to pay for the threat imposed on the economy of USA.

Mr Eglet claimed that the Chinese government used intimidation to allow the COVID-19 respiratory illness spread throughout the continent.

He further stated that if the Chinese government had been truthful, the world would have joined forces to help the country with professional scientists, adding that this could have helped them to contain the ailment in Wuhan.

The lawsuit, Mr Eglet indicated point to trillions of dollars in trade between USA and China.

“Small U.S businesses deserve compensation from China, its ministries including health and emergency affairs,” he stressed that Hubei provincial and Wuhan city authorities had to pay for the negligence that created  public nuisance and liability for conducting ultra-hazardous activity.

Mr Eglet observed that there were two other lawsuits filed in Florida and Texas against China stemming from the outbreak.

He said he believed those cases were overly broad in classes of plaintiffs and would be unwieldy while the Las Vegas case focuses on businesses with 500 or less employees.

Mr Eglet, however explained that the case was filed based on the U.S. Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act of 1976 and U.S. federal law.

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