La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 30-34

La Vida Lena Highlights Episode 30-34 Conrad hires a henchman to kill Lukas, Jordan forms an alliance with Lukas for his self mission for justice, Lena discovers her real father is a military man

Lena is discharged and is sent home for Jordan to care for her. Soon, Miguel’s world begins to crush down when the Narcisos discovers he has initiated plans to divorce Rachel. Lukas fires him and reinstates Adrian as the Vice President of marketing.

Not happy that Lukas is involving his personal life into his work, Miguel plans to take a revenge on the Narcisos for ditching him after years of suffering to put Royal Wellness on its feet. Lena finds Miguel in a sorrowful state.

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Learning of her former flame’s predicament, Lena provides a shoulder for him to lean on in order to completely destroy him. Jordan feels jealous seeing Miguel in Lena’s arms, he confronts Lena for still being in l0ve with Miguel. The two have a misunderstanding and Jordan drinks his head out.

He eventually vents his anger on Kiko for his inability to find justice for Lena which in-turn has made Lena a bitter person. He also made known to Kiko and Digna the darkest secret of his life which they have kept under wraps.

Learning about Adrian’s soon to be appointment as the COO of Royal Wellness, Lena executes a plan to make Rachel and Allison have a misunderstanding with their father for having an illegitimate daughter.

Lena’s plans against Conrad becomes clear to Conrad when he finds out from the health facility that Lena already knows he is not her father. Conrad fails to give Lena the invite to attend the official outdoor of Adrian as the COO. The Narcisos, however, are surprised to see Lena and Ramona at the event.

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When they try to kick their rivals out from their event, they receive a shocking news that Lena owns shares in Royal Wellness and are left with no choice than to allow their mortal rivals in. At the event, Adrian discovers the sad truth about his origin while Digna and Kiko come clean with Jordan.

Not slowing down in her revenge, Lena is put to the spot when the Narcisos seek Brian’s help to threaten the l0ved ones of Lena to compel her to keep the secret of Adrian’s identity from Lukas. Jordan turned by events concerning the shooting of Digna provokes him to draw away from Lena even further.

Realising the feud between Lena and Jordan, Lukas takes advantage of it to fuel it. He tries to reach a deal with Jordan but he refuses. Lena tries to make amends with Jordan but her closeness with Miguel makes Jordan reaches his limit. An unfortunate incident that happens at a drinking bar makes Jordan ends up behind bars.

Not ready to make his life go to waste, Jordan enlists Lukas help to obtain his freedom but his release did not come without a price. He has to join hands with Lukas in destroying Lena. Conrad, on the other hand, plans to k!ll Lukas to put an end to his threats against Vanessa but Jordan gets in the way of the henchman and takes the bullet for Lukas.

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He is then rushed to the hospital. Lena shows up to make amends again but Jordan once more refuses her help. Adrian who shot the henchman tells Vanessa about it and she confronts and slap Conrad for his unwise decision that will make Lukas grow suspicious of them.

Adrian is still not over Lena, he goes to her condo to have a talk with her but ends up harassing her. The screams of Lena caught the attention of Miguel. Seeing Miguel, Adrian leaves. Later, Miguel confesses how beautiful Lena is which has made Adrian goes to the extent of moving every mountain just to be with her.

Lena is glad that Miguel is still fallen into her trap. Kiko wraps his hands around Jordan’s real intentions of being an ally to Lukas. He joins hands with his son to be his back up in ensuring he achieves his mission with Lukas. Jordan’s plans begin to work, slowly he earns Lukas’ trust to get him closer to him as a chauffeur, personal assistant and body guard.

Realising Thomas might be upset with Lukas for firing him as his special driver, Jordan then uses that to his advantage to inform Kiko to tell Ramona to see the former Narcisos driver to get him reveal Lukas’ secret. Vanessa and Adrian are forced to act to cover their secret seeing Lukas’ new chauffeur.

Dr Ramona together with Dr Martina pay Thomas an unannounced visit to find the actual k!ller of Don Luis. Thomas admits Dr Ramona is innocent of the crime and hopes the real culprit will be found soon. There, Dr Ramona and Martina discover another secret of Lukas that could help Lena get to know her real father.

Elsewhere, Lena receives a visitor, Perla Castilo who is an old friend of her mother.
Through the woman, Lena gets a hint about a an ex-military man, James Hidalgo who might be her biological father. Getting this new information, Lena becomes so excited and celebrates with Miguel.

This makes Miguel also narrates his sad story as an orphan and how he tries to do everything to win the heart of Lukas in order for him to recognise him as his son, which unfortunately did not happen.

Lena fights herself not to feel sorry for Miguel and constantly reminds herself that Miguel is an enemy. Meanwhile, Jordan begins an investigation that will clear Lukas’ mind from the thought that Lena is the brain behind his deàth attack.

Jordan after hacking into the police system and that of the henchman discovers that the the henchman has been constantly talking to Fernando Castro and also receives a huge sums of money from an account from Macau.
He then concludes that the real culprit behind the attack will be a rich dude who is closer to Lukas.

Lukas still cast a doubt on Jordan’s findings so Jordan goes to an extent of making a surprise call to Lena that completely clears Lukas negative thoughts on Lena. He then learns that Lena is the daughter of Helen Mendoza. Will that bring memories? subscribe to the site to follow our daily update.


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