Viral Scandal Episode 43

Viral Scandal Episode 43 Axel schedules a date with Rica to propose to her, Attorney Dizon plans multiple rape charges against Jigs after Archie presents the necessary evidence 

Axel asked Miss CC for her comment on the transformation of Balai Arkitektura, stressing that Kyle was waiting to hear her reaction on how she saw the place. Kyle interjected that he did not any comment but his mother said the place was very beautiful. His father would be so proud to see what the boys have done.

Kyle was so happy to hear that from his mother. Axel knew Kyle was good at hiding his feelings. Axel left, leaving Consuelo and her son to talk. While Consuelo was talking to Kyle, she realised Kyle was busy looking outside and she also turned and saw that her son was watching Axel and Rica as they left.

Axel talked to Rica privately. The latter asked Axel whether Consuelo did not like her since she saw her earlier with Kyle. Axel asked why she needed Miss CC’s validation. Rica told him how Consuelo’s validation meant a lot to her since she was Sir Kyle’s mother and also like a mother to Axel.

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Axel said Consuelo was in deed a mother to him. She adopted him when he was abandoned by his biological mother and Kyle’s dad’s deàth brought him closer to her. He said it was Philip’s deàth anniversary the next day so Consuelo was there for the event and they had lots of things on their plate due to the preparation for the anniversary.

Rica now understood why Kyle had a nightmare about his father. She asked Axel whether Kyle had been constantly having nightmares on his father’s deàth and he answered the affirmative. Recalling, seeing Rica holding hands with Kyle, Axel told her he wanted to talk to her the day after the next day.

Rica wondered what he wanted to say so she urged him to tell her at that moment but he refused. He wanted the date to talk to her. Meanwhile, Chino observed that Rose was extremely happy. She told Mr Full of himself why she was happy. The man who spike her drink for Rica to drink was behind bars. Chino saw Axel and he followed him to his office, only for Axel to say he was ready to confess his feelings to Rica.

He has already scheduled the date and time for them to talk. Chino saw that as cheating since Axel and Kyle agreed they would consider Rica’s feelings for now. Elsewhere, Troy met with Karla and he was glad that Rica has now decided to pursue her antivoyeurism case. He hugged Karla while Archie also thought of ways to escape his friends.

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Kyle came to prepare some snacks and saw Rica there. Rica told him about his nightmare and why she held his hand and even passed on the night at his place. Kyle has happiness written on his face, Consuelo got there and was shocked to see her son smiling next to Rica and called him. They were having dinner with Axel so he left.

Archie called the mayor to meet him so Troy made Karla wait. As Archie was going to park after he escaped his friends, Dan saw him on the street of a certain law firm which he went there to look for a lawyer for Rica’s case. Archie went to meet Troy to hand over the evidence. Least did he know he was being followed by Dan.

Chino was unhappy about what Axel intend to do so he talked with Rica to dissuade her from meeting with Axel and prised to find a proper excuse for her. Rica received a call from Karla so she excused Chino and left to Attorney Dizon’s office. There, she watched the complete video of her rape and read the chats of Jigs and his friends on the several girls they have raped.

Archie called Ella to inform her that he has done the right thing by sending all the necessary evidence he retrieved from his cloudfare. Ella did not believe so he told her to call Rica or her family to ask. After his call, Jigs and his lapdogs saw him and lynched him. Now that she has obtained the necessary evidence for the anti-voyeurism case, Attorney Dizon told the Sicats a way they could reopen the rape case against Jigs.

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She said per the law, they could not appeal the rape case again since that case was already dismissed due to inadequate evidence. The plan now was to identify all the victims of Jigs who per the group chart have been raped to file a case against Jigs. When lots of people are filing that case, that would deepen Rica’s case for the court to reconsider to reopen it.

Elsewhere, Audrey pleaded with Alberto not to take revenge against her husband due to her and Raven. Alberto advised him to make Troy see his wrong to turn back to him and apologise. Aubrey assured that she was trying but her father-in-law said she shouldn’t try, she should do it if she did not want them to lose everything.

He said he got raven out of the rehab to make Troy see his wrong but Raven pursued her own agenda and urged Audrey to act fast. Meanwhile, during the dinner, Consuelo realised that her two boys were fighting themselves over Rica. She advised them against going against eachother due to a woman who might not be worth it.

The boys came together in their defence for Rica. Axel in plain language tried beating Kyle to it by telling Consuelo that he was hoping to have something doing with Rica when Consuelo said Kyle had told her that there was nothing going on between them and Rica. She told them that they were like siblings and did not need to fight over one girl.

Attorney Dizon advised the Sicats not to inform the younger siblings of Rica or anyone to help them in taking the other camp by surprise. However, Dan was against her handling the case. He believed she would fail them again. Troy explained that with Tupas case, his father, Alberto beat him into yet Dan confronted him for all Rica’s misfortune.

He blamed Troy for his family’s inactions. Troy had an argument with him and he had a heart attack when he reached home. Raven rushed to her father’s rescue.


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