Betrayal (Halik) Episode 103

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 103 Jacky takes the witness stand to testify against Ace and Jade 

Aliyah received a call from a police inspector informing her that Mauro would face life imprisonment and was happy that she was of help to the police for them to find the culprit of those atrocious crimes.

Mauro was sent to his cell and he asked a favour from Ken. He said he did not want the media to find out of his imprisonment in order for Montecorp not to be dragged inside the mess. He also charged Ken and Chari to take care of Jacky.

Jacky cried throughout but Ken tried to console her. Meanwhile, Lino was unhappy that Baste would enter the witness box without Ken’s escort.

Barry also did not understand since Ken always found a way to be with them even when he was busy. Lino believed it might be about Jacky since she sounded weird the last he spoke with her and asked Barry to find out.

Jacky kept on telling Ken not to inform Lino about the issue but Ken said someone else might tell Lino about it. Jacky preferred Lino hearing the issue from a third party than them since she wanted Lino to focus on winning the case to gain complete custody of his son.

That evening, Lino spoke with her and he realised Ken ran an errands for Jacky. The next day, the hearing was on and a man who worked at a condo gave a witness account.

Baste also went to testify that she saw Jade and Ace k!$$ing. The attorney of the accused asked her why she did not tell Lino immediately about what she saw but she said she was not sure. The lawyer concluded that then it meant it was not true since she wasn’t sure.

Jade was happy that their attorney twisted the words of Baste, who they believed were the Bartolomes strongest witness. She then had hopes that she would win the case. She and Ace ate to it.

Lino that evening sharpened his mother for the witness stand and asked her to speak the truth and ensure they did not twist her words. Dolor assured to do that, saying Ace’s attorney was crooked like the Corpuzes.

The next day, Dolor took a stand and said she confronted Jade after Baste told her about her suspicion. She said Jade did not deny her affairs with Ace and later went to live with Ace.

The accused’s attorney asked: as a mother would she do everything for her son and she said yes. The attorney said she was only saying that because the issue was about her son.

She said she did that for Jade as well since she l*ved her too. She explained the number of times she helped Jade and defended her even from her son. Jade cried and went to the washroom. Helen also got there and asked if she was affected by Dolor’s witness account and asked her to believe and stand in her own lies.

Jade told Helen that she knew what she was doing and was not bothered about the lies Dolor spewed. Lino’s attorneys had a meeting with him and told him that they were not leaving any stone unturned so they would make Jacky take a stand.

Lino didn’t want to but Ken said Jacky’s account was key, stressing that they over relied on Baste and Dolor’s account. The attorneys insisted that Jacky’s account would strengthen their case and told Lino about the willingness of Jacky to testify.

Lino spoke with Jacky later and she told Lino that taking the witness stand would help her get healed from the trauma Ace made her go through for cheating on her on several occasions.

Jade learnt from her attorney that Jacky would take a witness count. She said the sight of Jacky makes her blood boil since she was the mistress. She did not believe Jacky was the trump card for the Bartolomes to win the case. Their lawyer said she would discredit her account.

Ace trained Jade to comport and control herself. They later went to the court room and Jacky gave her account that she has always suspected Ace of cheating on her and she threw him out of the house once she learnt of his affair with Jade. Ace’s lawyer asked her whether she saw them with her own eyes and she said no.

He started to barge the witness in order to twist her story. Ken did a cross examination with the affidavit that Jacky swore. She said Lino beat Ace and Ace was admitted so she went to the police station where Lino was arrested. Lino narrated to her that he caught Jade and Ace k!$$ing passionately.

After her testimony she left and Jade followed her. Jade asked Jacky whether she was desperate to be with Lino and Jacky said she was desperate to get her arrested.

Jacky made Jade look stup!d in her own lies when she attempted to attack her. Jacky urged her on, later Marissa helped Jade to come up with her lies while shedding tears.

She took a witness stand and cried that Lino went to Barley with his ex and didn’t return her calls. She shed tears and said they continued their affair in Manila.

She said Marissa saw Jacky and Lino in a certain restaurant and she also saw Jacky texting Lino one night. She added that later Lino took an emergency trip to Cebu without informing her just to be with Jacky.

The attorney of Lino asked whether she saw Jacky and Lino in an act and she said no but would have an evidence if she goes to Lino’s house since she left some of her things there.

Jade cried and her attorney asked why was her things in Lino’s house and she said she went back to live with Lino after she was forgiven.

Lino learnt from his lawyers that Jade’s lawyer took from a different angle that she was forgiven until Lino kicked her out. They advised  Lino to take a witness stand again to explain that he did not forgive her but gave her a shelter because of his son (unborn baby).

The Corpuzes attorneys jubilate together with Jade as they believed they had made Lino felt like he has forgiven Jade and he asked Jade if she had a friend who could go in as a witness to deliver an account to strengthen her case.

After thinking about it she said she had and looked so cheerful when she was about to mention that perfect person to take the stand.


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