Betrayal (Halik) Episode 104

Betrayal Halik Episode 104 Jade, Ace found guilty for the crime of adultery 

In the Bartolome residence, Fe received a summon from the court, urging her to testify for Jade. She became too upset that Jade wanted to engage her in her mess and refused to testify.

Tat advised her to testify but should turn everything against Jade for Lino to win. She told Tat to imitate Jade’s lines of shedding tears to appeal to the emotions of the judges. She said she should cry and win their sympathy just like Jade did.
Fe took the witness stand and explained that Lino made them cast aside their grudge against Jade to live amicably with her due to her pregnancy and its complications.
She added that Lino made it clear to Jade that he only provided a shelter for her based on his unborn child and there would be nothing between them after she betrayed him. Fe cried and Jade realised the case was going against her. She cursed Fe beneath her breath.
Marissa realised that Jade was anxious, fortunately for Jade the court did not allow the Bartolomes to use that $ex scandal as evidence. That, she said was a big relieve for her.
Lino gave his final testimony about how he did everything to please Jade yet she ran to another man even when Lino did everything in his power to build a house.
He admitted it hurt so much when his wife got everything he could not provide from another man.
Lino believed although he did everything he could to be a great husband but admitted he was not a perfect husband since there was no perfect relationship or marriage in the world yet it did not justify Jade’s action of cheating with his best friend’s husband.
He indicated that Jade ruined the family that CJ should have had and said it was his wish to get Jade convicted to save his son from anyone who had bad intentions.
The judge, Cecille P Tuazon finally gave her verdict. Jade and Ace were found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Jade couldn’t believe that she would get arrested and imagined that it was not real. She was bent on her quest to get CJ back.
Jade cried and Marissa felt sorry for her while Helen pleaded with Paeng to do something. Jade ran out and Ace followed her.
Fe saw the two running, she quickly alerted Ken but Ken said there were cops outside waiting for them. The cops nabbed them. Jade charged Marissa not to allow Lino to get CJ before she finally say goodbye to the child.
Mauro asked his lawyer about Jacky and he said despite everything Jacky was going through, she was looking fine and taking good care of Montecorp. He added that as for Aliyah he did not know where she fled to.
Mauro said Aliyah was just buying time and would pounce on the Corpuzes when they least expected.The lawyer indicated that Ace was found guilty of adultery and was arrested. Mauro said he wanted Paeng to be arrested right away.
The lawyer asked Mauro to be of good cheer since there was money laundering suit and other charges against Paeng, which he assured Paeng would be arrested soon. Mauro was happy that Paeng’s end was closer than how he had wished.
Paeng and Helen saw the police in their house and Helen’s concern was about her jeweleries and designer bags. Paeng said those things were worthless if she was imprisoned.
Paeng swore not to allow Mauro have his way by getting him arrested. The lawyer of Jade and Ace processed their bail and were discharged. Jade quickly left, leaving Ace behind before Lino could take her son away but Ace followed Jade right away. The lawyer of Ace planned for appeal on the court’s decision while they were granted bail.
Meanwhile, Lino went to Marissa’s house to get CJ but Marissa didn’t want to allow him to go with the baby. She pleaded with Lino to allow Jade in to see her son and bid him goodbye.
Lino did not understand why Marissa was doing that, he confronted her for always backing Jade up even when she was doing wrong things.
Dolor asked favour from Marissa, she advised her to be a good friend to Jade by shaping her life in a good way. As they were talking, Jade arrived and asked Lino to return her son. When she saw that being harsh would not work she tried appeal to Dolor’s emotions.
Jade pleaded with Dolor to make her hold CJ for the last time, due to his mother Lino allowed Jade to carry CJ. Ace who dropped Jade off came down from the car and told Lino that the decision of the court would be reverted once the court of appeals hear the issue out. He threatened that they would take CJ from Lino.
Lino and Dolor sent CJ home and the Bartolomes were happy. They learnt that Jade was posted bail and the case would be forwarded to court of appeal.
Jade was impatient and vented her anger on Ace. Ace warned her not to get on his nerve since he was reaching his limit. Marissa asked Jade not to blame others for her mistake. If they were to be honest she and Ace were the real culprit.
Ace went home to find the Corpuz mansion surrounded by the police. Gio showed him the documents spelling out the multiple charges against their father. The police asked Ace the whereabouts of his parents.
Helen was not happy with where Paeng and her were hiding and wanted them to stay in a hotel but Paeng refused since that would make the police know where they were.
Ace and Jade met with their attorneys and they made it clear that Jade would never gain the custody of her son but she wanted to get her son no matter what. The lawyer thought her out of it and asked her to rather talk to Lino for her to see her son from time to time.
Later, Marissa advised her to change for good but Jade said all that she wanted was to ran away with her son. Marissa advised her not to. She had a call and Ace who felt happy that Jade had thought of running asked her whether she meant what she said.
Jade said she was not a joke and Ace said then they would take CJ and flee with him. Lino had a good news on his annulment case and also learnt from Ken that Mauro had been arrested for killing Loida.
Later, Mauro had a visitor, he got close to his cell and saw Lino and Dolor. Dolor slapped him for all the evil things he did against her husband. Mauro became emotional for paying his good old friend Gustin who only helped him out with evil.
He said he had regretted his actions and wanted to make it up to all those he hurt when he was in power especially the Bartolome family and asked Dolor for forgiveness.
Dolor said he did not deserve to be forgiven but she would forgive him not because he regretted his actions but she wanted to get rid of the anguish in her heart and prayed that the heavens would forgive him.
She shed tears and embraced Lino. They looked at Mauro and left while Mauro looked regretful for his evil deeds and lean on the prison wall.

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