Betrayal (Halik) Episode 108 Finale

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 108 Finale Jade’s life inspires many as Fate brings Jacky back into the alms of Lino 

Helen visited Ace in a ward, he asked where Jade was and he sadly voiced that Jade did something horrible to him which would never make him to be complete as a man.

Helen assured him that she would make Jade pay for what she did but Ace said it was over: there was nothing she could do.

Helen assured that the Corpuzes would bounce back, but Ace insisted that there was nothing they could do. Helen cried and wondered if she had been a mother.

The police barged in, taking Helen and Ace by surprise. They arrested Helen for kidnapping. Ace cried that his mother has done nothing wrong and pleaded with them to let her go. Helen assured him that she would be fine and asked Ace to get well soon.

The doctor told Jade that all her results came out positive which meant she was doing well. Jacky visited Jade and she thanked her for saving her son. She admitted that Jacky and Lino were good people and knew both l*ved eachother so much.

Jade said sorry for ruining Jacky’s life and that of Lino’s, she hoped some day she and Lino would find a place in their hearts to forgive her.

Paeng was seen and he tried to escape his arrest. The police ran after him and he got knocked down by the police car which made it easy for his arrest.

At Montecorp, Jacky told Gio that his parents had been arrested. Gio wished they had not given in to greed and wanted them to pay for their mistakes.

Ace was sent to jail and one inmates realised he has nothing in his pant. They ganged up on him and took off his pant for their inmate boss to watch what was down there. Ace cried and screamed, pleading that they should let him go.

Lino, Dolor and Maggie together with CJ went to see Jade being whisked away by the police. Jade pleaded for forgiveness of her sins and thanked Lino for keeping his promise to be with her through thick and thin irrespective of her mistakes and what she did against him.

She said sorry to Dolor and shed tears for her deeds. Dolor said for her to be healed meant that life was given her the opportunity to be better again. Jade promised not to waste that opportunity and asked Dolor to always remind CJ how much she loved him. She bid farewell to CJ.

Fast forward, Jacky bid Lino goodbye even when Lino did not want her to travel. Lino lamented that her travel meant that they had putting their l*ve to test. Jacky said she wanted her heart to get healed from all that had happened and was doing it for them.

Lino was so sad that he had to wait, he told Jacky that it was time for them to fight for their love. Jacky promised to come back for him since it was not a goodbye.

Jacky later visited Mauro and said bye and called him dad again. She hugged him. Mauro was sad that Jacky was leaving. He had really changed for good and taught his fellow inmates how to design baskets and other furniture works.

He recalled days of power in Montecorp. Paeng was maltreated in prison and had to obey the prison boss by running his errands and massaging him.

Helen on the other hand, received a letter from Gio who was still waiting for them to serve their sentence and come out as a changed person.

Ace mustache was growing and was equally maltreated. He attended a training (counseling) on how to become a better person in prison with an inmate sharing life experience and counseling them.

Jade had visitors, it was Lino and CJ who has grown to be a boy. He presented a cake to Jade since it was her birthday and showed her his medal and drawing which he drew by himself.

Jade assured Lino that she had changed for good. She explained that she used her life experience as a lesson to teach other inmates not to be greedy.

Marissa successfully launched a book dubbed: “Sisters Secret.” The book spelt out her bestie’s experience and chronicles the need for one to be a fighter, live selflessly and not to give up in life, her motto was “Once a fighter always a fighter.”

In speeding up the scenes, Lino voiced out his life experience and that of the other characters summarising how events unfolded for each as days, months and years passed by.

“Sometimes life throws challenges in our way that we need to overcome no matter how painful. So that we can discover our strength and who we are.”

Lino in his new house played with CJ, swinging him here and there as the voice over continued.

“To show us which people in our lives we meant to cherish. Those who genuinely matters to us and help us see what it  means to be truly loved.”

“Son I grew up living a simple life without grand mansion or huge garden, that’s why I am working hard to give you all the things I didn’t have but I want you to remember this, life is not about having a big house or a lots of money. Nothing is more important than a home with a loving family, it doesn’t matter whether it is whole or not as long as you understand, respect and value eachother.” Lino taught CJ a lesson of life.

Meanwhile, in prison, Jade read a document from the court concerning her freedom. The letter explained that she has fully served her sentence and would be released.

Jacky read about Lino and Mauro, she board a flight from San Francisco California to Philippines. Lino and CJ went to welcome Jade from prison after being released. Jade was sent to Marissa’s house.

She thanked Lino for letting her stay with Marissa. Lino assured her that Marissa had changed a lot and was now a successful and a best selling author.

Jade was surprised to hear that. Marissa took her book “Sissy’s Secret.”  Jade read  on top of the book “How to get what you want being courageous.” Marissa said Jade’s life experience inspired her.

Jade asked Lino if he could let CJ stay over with her so that he could also meet his l*ved one since she might be waiting. She hugged Lino and thanked him for raising their son well and believed CJ’s life would have been destroyed if he had stayed with her and Ace when they attempted to elope.

Lino said it was all in the past. He went to meet Jacky at the airport and the voice over continued.

“Do expert of l*ve and relationship do exist in this world? I always wondered that after everything I have been through I still can’t tell when i have given too little for too much.

How can you strike a balance and when should you give up. If there is one thing I have learnt is the fact that you should never regret of loving someone, it will make you cry river, trust me I know what it is like. It is possible you will get hurt, crush your soul, some people are going to call you stup!d, irrational and weak, just ignore them, get back on your feat and love again.

Things may not work out for that person but you will find others who will reciprocate your love. You have your family and your friends, or someone new who is going to fill your heart with joy.

That much I promise you.” Ace was visited by Gio in prison. He was so happy to see his brother and Jade also played around with CJ while Jacky and Lino embraced in happiness, smiling with eachother.

The End!

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