Betrayal (Halik) Episode 6-10 Highlights

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 6-10 Highlights

Lino and Jade rush an injured Ivory to the hospital. Upon learning about Ivory’s road accident, Jacky immediately follows and confronts her secretary regarding her alleged affair with Ace.

After the confrontation, Ace talks to Ivory regarding their relationship, unaware that Lino is eavesdropping.

This discovery leaves Lino bothered. Soon after, another conflict arises between Lino and Jade upon returning home.

Ace manages to bend the truth and totally get rid of Ivory. Upon learning that Jacky is already at ease with her husband, Lino decides to keep his silence.

However, yet another dilemma arises for Lino when Jade discovers his plan to bring his family with them when they move out.

Hurt, Jade runs away from home and ends up in the company of another man. Elsewhere, Jacky is instructed to cancel her partnership with Lino.

After saving Jade from a guy who tried to take advantage of her, Ace offers to drive her home.

Ace however, brings an intoxicated Jade to a hotel. Meanwhile, Lino learns that his wife was seen leaving the bar with another man.

He soon discovers Jade’s whereabouts and notices that the other pair of her earrings is missing. Unknown to him, the jewellery in question is in Ace’s possession.

Lino and Jacky make their final preparation for their much-awaited presentation to Mr Iwayan.

However, much to their surprise Agung shows up on behalf of his parents and calls off the deal. To make matter worse, Jacky learns that Mauro made a deal with Indo Aesthetic behind her back.

Meanwhile, Lino invites Jade to a fancy restaurant for his surprise. There, Jade bumps into Ace and gets a steamy reunion with him.

Jacky reaches out to Lino regarding MonteCorp’s deal with Indo Aesthetic. Lino however turns into deaf ear on her explanations.

Meanwhile, Jade gets into heated confrontation with Fe over her new pair of earrings.

This exchange furthers Jade’s desire to live separately from her in-laws. Wanting to make it up to his wife, Lino plans an out-of-town trip for the two of them.

He then visits Jade’s office only to come across a familiar face. Lino surprises Jade with a romantic beach getaway.

During their trip, Jade finds herself bothered by her conscience. Meanwhile, Jacky prepares a special dinner to make it up to her husband.

Ace, however, comes up with excuses to avoid her. To make matters worse, Ace even contacts Jade, but Lino ends up answering his call.

Loida makes a startling discovery about Mauro. Meanwhile, Jacky grows alarmed by the noticeable changes in Ace. After her weekend getaway with Lino, Jade makes peace with her in-laws.

She also learns about Lino’s plan to get a bank loan for the construction of their dream house, much to her delight.

However, just when things start to fall into place for the couple, Jade receives an unexpected visit from Ace.


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