Now and Forever Episode 49

Now and Forever Episode 49 Stella arrested for her crimes

Roxanne and Rebecca went to Stella’s house. Inno and Oliver arrived too and Hernan went outside to ask what was happening. The police said that they were there to arrest Stella.

When they all went into the house, Roxanne pointed at Stella and said she was the one who paid her to pretend to be Angela.

Rebecca explained to the family and the police that Stella forged the DNA results to make Roxanne appear as her daughter and killed Omar to acquire the necklace. She also said that all the Cortes wealth was being transferred to Roxanne.

Stella’s family was shocked and they all wanted to know if what Rebecca said was true. Stella finally admitted it and said she paid Roxanne to pretend to be Rebecca’s daughter. She therefore turned herself in and asked that Rebecca not involve her family since they had nothing to do with it.

The police said Stella Cortes was under arrest for estafs, falsification, and the use of falsified documents under article 172 paragraph 2. You have the right to remain silence anything you say can be said or be used against you in the court of law.

Stella was then sent to the police custody. Carmen then attacked Roxanne for being a liar and taking away everything including the nostalgia.

Inno held Carmen and she shouted that Inno should leave her for her to beat Roxanne. Roxanne said sorry to them while Rebecca starred in amazement.

Rebecca was taken to prison for charges of falsification of documents and Hernan went with her. He was also worried as he thought he was the one who killed Rodrigo. Stella told him not to worry about it since he was not guilty while she was guilty of her crimes.

She said she would pay for what she had done and asked Hernan to take care of their family.

Oliver and Inno talked things out and Inno did not want to believe that Stella was capable of doing such things. Oliver said he was shocked but their family problems was the reason he turned away from them.

He told Inno that he was the only good person among them and the only one he considered family. They therefore decided to forget about their fight. Oliver had already lost his bid for Eva so he told Inno that he acould not get mad at Inno and told him to take care of Eva. He also said he should not hurt her. Inno then assured him that he would not hurt her.

When Oliver left, he called Eva to tell her that Rebecca got Stella arrested. Eva asked how he and Inno were doing. Oliver said he was fine but Inno was having a hard time. Eva indicated that she would check up on him.

Eva called Inno and he said he was fine but Stella wasn’t. Inno had to look after Carmen so he said that they would talk later.

Stella had planned to turn herself in all along. She met with Alfred to tell him that Rebecca already knew that Roxanne was not her daughter. She therefore decided to go to jail and leave Alfred to carry out her plans against Rebecca and Eva.

Rebecca went to see Eva that evening and told her that they finally had Stella arrested even if it was not for trying to kill both of them.

They did not have any evidence to prove that Stella did it so Rebecca settled for Stella going to jail for something else. She said that they would now leave and live in peace.

Inno went to see Eva and saw her with Rebecca. Eva confirmed that she was Rebecca’s daughter and it was the reason she had tried to avoid him since she did not know how to tell him.

She added that Stella was the one behind everything but Inno still refused to believe that his mother could kill people. Eva told him that she was choosing to believe what her mother said and hence why they would be leaving the country.

Inno was surprised to hear that she would still be leaving. He however said that he would sort out Stella’s situation then join Eva. He asked that they do not let each other go or part ways.

Rebecca talked to Rosa and thanked her for taking care of Eva. Rosa thanked Rebecca as well for not taking Eva away from them since she had every right to do it. Rebecca told Rosa that she would leave with Eva first but she would stay behind to make sure that Stella was convicted.

Inno visited Stella in prison to ask her about the murder allegations. Stella cried and said that even though she deceived everyone, she was not a monster and was incapable of killing anyone.

Hernan hired a house maid to take care of Carmen. He planned on telling Rebecca the truth about Rodrigo’s death but Carmen asked him not to do it.

She reminded him that he had done it for self-defense hence was not guilty. Hernan’s memories of that night came back and he remembered ramming the pitch fork into Rodrigo’s body.

Stella saw him and convinced him that it was self defense but he now clearly remembered what happened. He walked out on Carmen, ready to turn himself in.

Mr Botong and Roxanne went to thank Rebecca and Eva for not pressing charges against Roxanne for lying to them.

Roxanne took the chance to apologise to Eva for everything. They agreed that they would not become friends but they were not enemies either.


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