Betrayal (Halik) Episode 79 Ace attempts to run Lino over

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 79

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 79 Ace attempts to run Lino over

Jade got home and she seemed so happy with the things she bought for CJ. She asked Dolor if the things were okay and Dolor said kids like bright coloured things.

Fe suggested Jade should take a bath since where they went was dusty. Tat complemented Jade’s sales skills and expressed sadness that she got fired from her job.

Fe said she was changing but was back to square one. Dolor said Jade was changing for the better and deserved a second chance.

Jacky told Chari that her dad was feeling defeated as Paeng swindle him into signing documents while he was medicated.

Jacky enlisted Chari’s help to find information about Aliyah. Jacky found out that the trade mark pieces of Montecorp were scrapped out by Aliyah and barged into her office to find Ace  making l*ve with her.

She was astonished to see quite a scene at the office, she got into an argument with them, saying the designs she faced off was the designs that help in the growth of Montecorp. She warned Aliyah not to mess up the company that her family worked so hard for.

Aliyah snubbed her and Jacky pounced on her like a wild beast. She pulled her hair. Ace separated the fight and Jacky warned Ace to fix the fiasco otherwise they would see her other side.

Ace said Jacky acts like a wild beast when she is upset and Jacky said he still had no balls and was hiding behind his mama’s skirt.

The scene attracted the rest of the workers and Ace sacked them. Meanwhile, Jade called Lino to inform him about the fabrics she bought.

She asked if he would pass by the hospital and pleaded with him to come for her for them to go together. Lino accepted and later almost got into trouble.

Mauro asked Jacky if she was okay and she said she was. She said sorry for acting that way revealed to him that she had made Chari dig out information about Aliyah. Mauro lauded her for knowing more about her enemies.

Mauro said he saw himself in Jacky when she attacked her enemy. Jacky promised not to allow anyone ruin their legacy. Mauro requested for a toast and Jacky said they could celebrate without Mauro taking alcohol since she wanted that intimidating Mauro back.

Mauro promised that, that other side would be back. Jade and Dolor visited CJ at the hospital. Dolor called Lino to inform him that she escorted Jade to the hospital.

She explained that she missed her grandson and went to the hospital to see him, adding that CJ smiled at her and was so happy, thus could not wait to receive her grandson home to be with his l*ving father. She asked if Lino would talk to Jade but he refused.

Jade looked dull when Lino refused so Dolor came up with excuse that he was busy meeting deadlines.

Chari called Jacky to inform her about the result of her findings after online research and consultation with friends abroad.

According to her sources, Aliyah Torre was a daughter to one Manuel Vegafria, asking Jacky if that rang the bell and she said no and wondered why Aliyah was using Torre as her surname.

Chari said Manuel was also into furniture business back in the early 2000s and then he committed suicide.

After the call, Jacky turned to Mauro to ask if he knew Manuel Vegafria. Mauro started to recollect and he said he did not know him.

He called Helena, the house maid to prepare dinner for Jacky. Aliyah got to the cemetery to see her dad. Mauro visited a certain lady to dig out more about the past of Manuel Vegafria.

The lady reminded Mauro about a conference which Manuel stormed there to humiliate Mauro. Mauro remembered and he said Paeng was the one who sent him out.

A flashback revealed that Manuel caused trouble during a meeting and demanded Mauro to return his investment he made into Montecorp. Paeng hit him and security drove Manuel out.

Flashforward: Aliyah also recalled her childhood days when her father, Manuel dropped her at school and told her that her mother would drive her to school from that time onwards and Aliyah asked him why.

He cried and said he should not have trusted Mauro Montefalco, he was a swindler. He said Mauro took all of their money. He hugged Aliyah.

After school, Aliyah went to find her dad dead in his car. Aliyah cried and promised to do same to Mauro. She said Mauro had lost Montecorp the moment she set foot in there.

Lino got to the hospital to visit CJ telling him that Dolor said he smiled at her, he then promised him to take care of himself, just to protect him, the family and even Jade to see him grow to become a great person in life.

In the bar, Vince asked what Ace was doing to get back at Lino and he said he was scaring him and next time he would teach him a lesson.

He also said he pitied Jade but she and her son would be drag into the issue. Vince was astonished and asked when he would leave poor Lino alone and Ace said never.

CJ was discharged, Dolor said CJ looked like Lino’s childhood. As they got into the bus, Ace who was waiting patiently planned to run Lino over but failed in his attempt.

As the car of Ace screeched, CJ got scared and cried. Lino tried identifying the person but did not see that the j*rk was Ace.

Jacky confronted Paeng for the delay in shipment. The confrontation got worse when Paeng said the company has hired new designers since Mauro stole the old designs.

The family welcomed Jade and baby CJ home. Dolor took all the dirty laundry and washed them. Jade told Lino that what happened earlier made her realise that she could not leave without him and asked Lino to be careful next time because CJ needed him. They lay the baby as they showered him with lots of l*ve.

Vince who was talking to Ace through a phone call told Ace that he acted childishly and he said he promised to ruin Lino’s life and that was what he was doing.

Ace said everything that Lino was enjoying was his, he would take Jacky, Jade and even Lino’s son. Vince said Ace needed mental treatment since his anguish has driven him insane. Ace said Vince could say that but at the end it would be worth it.

CJ kept crying and Jade did not know what to do since the child would not drink her milk. Lino said the baby might need the formula given to him at the hospital but Jade insisted that the baby was her son and had to take her milk.

She forced it but CJ would not suck her breast. Lino asked her not to force it Jade experienced postpartum depression so she shouted at CJ as she felt devastated. She gave the baby to Lino, saying after all the baby was Lino’s son and both did not need her.

She walked out and Dolor took the baby. Lino then went after her to talk to her that CJ was asleep. She said when he woke up he would cry and wouldn’t drink her milk.

Lino said she should not force it but she should give the baby time to adjust to the new environment since he was used to the hospital treatment.

Jade said she felt useless and felt that the baby did not need her. Lino asked her to relax she leaned on Lino. Fe and Tat who were eavesdropping left to talk to Ed.

Fe said she could not be patient any longer with Jade as she was getting on her nerve. She said Jade was being whinny and could not stand her, instead of her and Lino to take care of the baby, Jade was now acting like the baby herself all to get Lino’s attention.

Ed said Fe acted similar as she became sensitive and picked up a fight when she gave birth. Dolor who had been standing aloof listening to everything that Fe said finally availed herself.

Dolor explained to her that it was normal for a woman who had just given birth to pass through postpartum depression. She said swinging of Jade’s emotion should be understood since men also sometimes go through similar feelings.

She said they had to thank God that they did not pass through that. At Montecorp, Jacky tried reaching Yohan and since she could not reach him she texted.

Ace got to her office and she told him that the annual report she received was quite bad and did not understand why Ace has entrusted Montecorp in the hands of Aliyah.

Ace told her to relax and watch how Aliyah was developing Montecorp. Jacky said the moment she set her eyes on Aliyah she knew she was up to no good and warned Ace.

Ace said he understood that Jacky was jealous. Jacky was puzzled. In the house of the Bartolomes, Lino spoke on phone with Barry to get update on the happenings at work.

He wanted to go to the office but Barry said Baste and him had everything covered and would just forward the necessary documents to him via email. Barry said he would soon visit his godson.

Baste wondered if Lino would stay with Jade after all that she did. He said Lino was just enduring for his son but was interested in someone else which meant that he would not be with Jade.

He said due to some reasons Lino could not voice out his feelings to the new girl since he had not worked on his annulment. Baste wanted to know if the woman was also interested in Lino but Barry cut the conversation.

Jade said she was getting emotional of late and get irritated with the least thing and wondered if that was normal. Dolor told her that some women have similar experience.

Jade was scared that Lino would lose his cool with her and Dolor promised her that she would always remind Lino to be patient. Jade thanked her.

Jacky said she tried reaching Mauro and Mauro said he went for a walk and did not send his phone along. He asked Jacky not to worry much about him but should concentrate on work and how she could redeem Montecorp.

Mauro warned her against Paeng, Ace and most especially Aliyah, calling them conniving swindlers.

Jacky asked if he found information about Aliyah’s dad but he said nothing yet, he would find more about her and her dad.


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