The Killer Bride Episode 52 Matias confesses his crimes as the killer of Javier

The Killer Bride Episode 52

The Killer Bride Episode 52 Matias confesses his crimes; the killer of Javier and a drug addicts
Camila kept crying, saying “No, No, No“. Elias came to inform Aran and Ingrid that they had to look for Emma and Aran said they had to inform him about something.
Camila got to Vito’s destination, she asked for Emma and Alejandro said she was still inside the exploded building so they were waiting for the explosion team before they could rescue her.
Camila ran in to search for Emma, after several failed attempts to go in as she was held back by Vito and Inspector Alejandro, Camila finally made her way inside. Vito asked Luna if he should send her to hospital but she refused as she said they had to rescue Emma first.
Elias also arrived and asked Vito and Luna about Emma. Luna tried speaking with him but he was not interested all that he wanted was Emma.
Vito said Emma was trapped inside the building, Elias suddenly ran while Vito and Inspector Alejandro tried stopping him. Elias heart was palpitating, he could not be stopped. Luna watched Elias in shock since he snubbed her for Emma.
He crashed with Camila inside the building and they took different directions in their search for Emma.
Elias was stuck by fond memories of Emma, he could not lose Emma after finally finding her true feelings for him.
He was inspired by those memories and was energised by it in his search for her. After countless screaming out Emma’s name Emma responded from a corner.
“Elias” she looked so tired and worn out as Elias went to her rescue she collapsed. Camila saw Emma in the arms of Elias, she felt so happy even though she was scared. But her eyes found a glimmer of hope.
She told Elias that they should rush her to hospital and they hurried. The cop team that Alejandro was waiting for were already there and quickly helped Elias and put her on a stretcher they then transported her in an ambulance to the hospital. Camila and Elias joined the ambulance as Luna was shocked.
Alice was brushing her hair beaming with smiles, shower Agnes got to the safe house to inform her about their failed attempts in killing Emma. She wondered if Emma has nine lives.
A flashback showed how Emma struggled on the chair she was trapped in. She fell and the the rope loosen so she untied herself and ran for her life before the bomb exploded.
Alice got mad and screamed at Agnes demanding her to find Matias and Aurora immediately. Agnes did not understand why Alice was so mad at her, he threw her out and quickly ran to the corpse of her J*rk lover.
She caressed his body and said sorry for the failed attempt in getting rid of Emma. She showered her l*ver with lots of affection.
At the hospital the doctor said there was no fractures in the X-ray report. He said aside some minor bruises she suffered she was okay.
Elias sat next to Emma, caressing her hand, Camila watched him closely but left them for them to have time together with an excuse that she was going to check on Luna.
“I thought I was going to lose you. You frightened me out there. When I heard what happened to you, I only had one thought in mind.”
“Whatever happened in the past doesn’t matter anymore, all the arguments, all the fights and the disagreement we had. Nothing matters to me now except one more chance to be with you again.”
“So please wake up Emma so that you and I can have a second chance, so I can tell you how I really feel about you.”
Tessa told Luna that her grandmother was so worried about her that her blood pressure went up. Tessa was so scared to death as she caressed the face of Luna as they were walking together with Vito.
Luna said she was okay, as Tessa saw Camila she confronted Camila for dragging her daughter into her mess due to her horrible life she led but Luna stopped Tessa, saying Camila saved her life.
She said it was not Camila’s fault that there were crazy people out there and she knew how difficult it was for her to choose her instead of Emma to save her life.
Tessa told Luna not to believe everything that Camila told her. Camila did not utter a word. Later, Vito spoke to Camila and she said she felt like a worthless mother since she failed both Emma and Luna as Luna thought she went into the building to save her but did not know how to tell her that she rather went for Emma.
As Elias arrived and was going, Matias held him and told him that it was him. Elias asked whether he was not supposed to be in hiding and he said that was the plan but his nemesis tracked him down, meaning they knew he and Elias had met and knew he was alive.
“Your life is in danger in Las Espadas you need to leave this place.”
“What! No dad”
“Elias listen it is only temporary until we know the have given up.”
“No dad. I am not leaving because you want me to, I don’t know who you so afraid of.
“Elias you have to listen to me son.”
“No you listen to me! I cannot leave this place after what happened to Emma, I wanna be by her side when she wakes up.”
Vito told Camila not to worry since both Luna and Emma were safe and the person behind the attack was playing a sick game. He told Camila she did not fail her children and he hugged her.
Tessa came to meet it. She was consumed with fury and so much hatred. Matias warned Elias to stop associating himself with Emma.
“Why should I stop?” Elias hissed.
Matias is the killer of Javier Dela Cuesta
“Elias I am the reason why Camila was sent to jail. I am the one who killed Javier Dela Cuesta and I also made sure Camila would be blamed and punished for his death.”
Elias shook his head: “No dad you are lying, it cannot be true because the killer had a tattoo. Do you have one?”
Elias opened the buttons of his father’s shirt, Matias confessed that he had it altered so he asked Elias to look at his tattoo closely.
Elias was shocked.
“When I learnt that Camila saw my tattoo I panicked because lots of people were gathered looking for someone who had same tattoo.”
Matias recalled when he saw Manay Ichu asking the farmers whether they knew someone who had same tattoo.
Guada spoke to Camila to visit Emma. Elias got upset with his dad for killing an innocent man even though he claimed he had changed.
Matias explained that he was into drug syndicate and was power drunk to the extent that he did lots of mistakes being part of Primo Diablo. He said Luciano took advantage of him and had to obey all his orders and kill people to live when the drug syndicate was run in Las Espadas.
Flashback revealed that as Javier pointed a gun at Camila and said he would not see Vito again, someone came from behind to cover Camila’s nose.
Javier was stunned, the person ensured that Camila collapsed before leaving her body on the floor. Javier was still holding his gun, he could not even shoot the attacker who covered his face with a traditional nose mask as he was dumbstruck by the scene.
The attacker then fought Javier for the gun, Javier managed to take off his nose mask and his face was revealed as Matias. He stabbed Javier while Javier was trying to reach for his gun and he cleaned the blood on the knife.
Matias said he had no choice, Elias  asked if he and the rest of his siblings were also a mistake and in Matias life.
Matias narrated that in Las Espadas he changed and found a decent life when he became a farmer.  He met Elias’ mother and fell in l’ve with her. He confessed his l*ve for their family.
Guada softly touched the hair of Emma and felt bad that Emma was going through a lot. Luis said Emma was strong and a survivor, he believed at the end she was going to be okay.
Meanwhile, Alice was so upset and her eyes could not take it that Emma had survived. After all said and done Elias confronted his dad, saying he blamed himself for all that happened but not knowing his dad was the culprit.
Matias asked for forgiveness but Elias left him. Camila met Alice on the way, she asked Alice if she saw their face but she said they were in mask. Camila said it was not that killer groom, the one who wore ridiculous costume but she said no.
Alice said she left her phone on Emma’s bed so she was going for it. Camila who did not think ail of Alice allowed her while she went to the car to look for Luis.
Emma opened her eyes when Alice was in her room. Alice asked if she was okay. She recalled the incident and she asked about Alice driver.
Alice said her driver died but she should concentrate on her recovery. Alice tried to turn Emma against Camila so she fed her head with with spiteful words that Camila saved her daughter, Luna and left Emma.
She said Camila probably did that knowing Emma could take care of herself. Emma recalled everything and said yes she survived alone.
Tessa threw her tantrums that she would runaway with Luna to the United States since her life was at risk.
Camila got in and Alice left. She cried that she almost lost her mind when she saw her entrapped in the building. Emma who was hurt knowing Camila saved Luna first said she was okay.
Fortunately, she thought her how to defend herself so that she would not rely on her when she was not around so she applied that strategy to save herself when Camila decided to save Luna.
Camila was hurt when she recalled how they tricked her. She also recalled how Luna was grateful. Camila explained that Vito and her split up to save both so both were safe and that was what mattered.
Camila said after what happened to Fabio she would not be able to take it if something bad happened to Emma. She k!ssed Emma’s hand.
Matias kept pestering Elias but he said he would not go with him. Matias then decided to stay in Las Espadas to protect Elias.
Elias wondered who Matias was scared of since Luciano was already dead. He asked if he was afraid of Camila and he said more reason Elias had to stay clear off from Camila and her adopted child.
Camila visited Fabio and recalled how harsh she trained Emma, and times she showed her l*ve to her. Camila cried that she always put Emma’s life in danger and broke Emma’s heart.
She called on Fabio to wake up to help her in making up to Emma. She k!ssed Fabio and laid on him. Fabio’s fingers began to move to.

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