Betrayal (Halik) Episode 94

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 94

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 94 Jade fights Lino for intentions to imprison her 

Marissa visited Jade and gave her a present. Jade asked her not to buy her present next time but should use that money to buy something for CJ instead.

Jade assured Marissa of her friendship and asked her not to betray her next time. At Dos Disenyos, Lino received the guests list for CJ baptism ceremony.

Barry was surprised to see the tall list Jade brought while she said she wanted it to be something small. Lino seemed not to understand his estranged wife but said he would allow it to slide for the time being.

He believed her craziness would come to an abrupt halt once she was arrayed before court. Barry asked of his relationship with Jacky and he said Jacky was avoiding him after what happened. Jacky later saw Lino’s message.

As they were playing with CJ, Marissa asked of her leave but bumped into Ace.

Marissa gave Ace cold shoulder and when she left, Ace informed Jade that he bought food from her favourite restaurant for them to have dinner but Jade said she had already eaten.

She used the opportunity to inform Ace that she would go to Dos Disenyos the next day. She believed acting along with Lino would make him rescind on his decision of filing a case against her when he realised he has taken good care of CJ.

Helen was however worried about Ace and told Paeng that she would visit Ace the next day if he failed to show up that evening.

Jacky upon further hesitation texted Lino that they should meet and talk. Helen went to Ace condo but the receptionist did not allow her into his unit but called Jade to inform her about the presence of Helen and whether to allow her to get into the unit.

Jade warned them to follow Ace’s instructions which he specifically said Helen and Paeng were not to be allowed into the unit. She then called Ace that Helen was at the condo and was insisting on seeing him.

Jade told Ace to do something immediately as she would not back down if his mother call for a war. Ace then called Helen that he was coming to pick her up for them to buy launch.

At Montecorp, Ace spotted Jacky going out and he looked at her suspiciously. Jade later came out of the condo strolling CJ, thinking Helen had already gone. Helen was hanging around and bumped into Jade.

Helen started to insult Jade, saying the moment she got into the condo she smell something fishy and her guess was right as a pest was inside the unit together with her son.

Jade warned her that she would not allow her to intimidate her since she did not allow her Mother in-law to do so to her. Helen said that was because no one liked her since she was cheap.

“Listen to me old woman, I let you had your way last time but if I were you I won’t push my luck again this time because I am going to give you what you are asking for, mark my words.”

“You never learn from your mistakes do you Jade? You are really a desperate trump.”

“I am desperate I’m I? I’m warning you don’t test my patience. Helen now out of my way move.”  Jade then walked passed her but Helen held her back and Jade slapped her. As the brawl was escalating the guard came around and Jade acted as a victim.

She said she was a resident there and the woman wanted to hurt her son and tried to shed tears. The security sacked Helen but she was holding her ears, she still could not believe what Jade did.

Jade watched her and teased her with a smile believing that was a warning to Helen not to bother her anymore.

Jacky met Lino in a restaurant and she thanked him for meeting her, Lino asked if she wanted somewhere private but Jacky said it was better that way so that people would not suspect them.

Unknown to them, Ace followed Jacky and sneaked to sit somewhere in the restaurant. Jacky and Lino admitted their feelings for eachother but agreed to wait since Jacky wanted him to fight for his son first before they get together.

As he was caressing Jacky’s hands, Ace took pictures of Jacky and Lino. He suddenly received a call from his mother. She voiced out her frustrations and the lies Ace told her.

She said she knew he was living with his mistress and wanted him to throw her out of his unit. Ace pleaded with her to have patience and promised to get to her house and talk to her. Helen insisted that the desperate witch disrespected her.

Jacky as she was living saw Ace’s car but wondered whether it was truly him. Barry told Lino that he deserved a principle and nurtured woman like Jacky not the impulsive Jade.

Lino said Jacky understood him and already knew his priorities as she herself told him to let them set their feelings aside and concentrate on the most important thing of his life.

Helen confronted Ace and told him that Jade was desperate and a dirty woman since she was already married and was having an affair with Ace. She told Ace that Jade slapped her but Ace believed she called for that slap.

He warned his mother to stay clear off his affair and confessed that he was in l*ve with Jade. Paeng and Gio who got there were surprised to hear Ace’s confession. Jacky told Chari about seeing Ace but was not too sure.

She wondered what he was doing there but Chari said he might be searching for an evidence against her. Jacky saw no use for that since they had already divorced.

She said Ace could even request for a CCTV footage, he would not see anything going on between Lino and her. Helen vented her anger on Paeng and blamed him for Ace’s womanising behaviour since he took it from him.

She insisted that women made them weak. Ace got home and saw Jade sleeping. He recalled his past life with Jade and wondered if he had fallen for her again.

Jade woke up and spoke with Ace and he told her that he saw Jacky and Lino happy in a restaurant. Jade started qualifying Jacky with adjectives. Ace wondered what Lino had that made Jacky and Jade head over heals for him.

Jade said he could not talk for Jacky but she married him because he was a good person but Lino always prioritised his family.

Ace said he always chose Jade over his family, something he never did for any woman not even Jacky except Jade. Jade asked what he was implying and he said he was in l*ve with her.

Gio visited Lino to inform him about Helen learning about Jade living with Ace and was scared that CJ would be dragged into it. Lino pleaded with him to check on his child from time to time as he gathered enough evidence against Jade.

Jade told Ace that she would have believed in him but she knew he was using her against Lino. He told Ace that he could not stand the fact that Lino was better but he said he would prove to Jade that he was better than Lino.

Tet gave Lino the evidence she got from her visit to Jade. Lino lamented that he only see his son on phone, something Tet believed he did not deserve and was willing to help Lino re-unite with his son and for Jade to also learn a lesson.

The next day, Gio visited Ace’s condo to find out that Jade and Ace have obtained a passport for baby CJ. He quickly called Lino to inform him about Jade’s intentions to flee with CJ.

Jade later received a text concerning the adultery charges against her. She called Lino to confront him for his intentions to  send the mother of his child to prison.

Lino told her that he wanted them to raise the child together but Jade blew all the chances he gave her away. Jade believed Lino wanted to get her behind bars just to be with Jacky. She threatened to fight back and not allow him to see CJ again.

Lino warned Jade, if she tried running away with CJ, he would find her and make her pay for the crimes she committed in her life by spending her life imprisoned.

Lino later met with his lawyers and gave to them the evidence Tet gave him and also told them about Tet preparedness to testify. Ken asked Lino if he had already spoken to Marissa. Lino said she had failed to pick his calls and was sure Marissa would take Jade’s side.

Jade told Ace about the adultery case Lino has filed against her and Ace promised to help her through it. Ken also believed Marissa would not betray Jade since she supported her affair with Ace.

He told Lino about how Jacky’s account could help him win the case but Lino did not want her to be dragged into it since she would recall the awful things Ace made her go through.


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