Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Finale Episode 106-108

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Finale Episode 106-108 Ace finally kills Aliyah while Jade shoots Ace’s pen!s 

Out of the goodness of his heart, Lino invites Jade to CJ’s christening but Jade has other plans in accepting the invitation. Jade hatches a plan with Ace to get back at the Bartolomes. She attempts to take CJ away from Lino after the christening.

However, Dolor finds out Jade’s vile plan. Dolor tries to persuade her otherwise, but Jade remains unfazed. To fulfil her vile plan, she hurts Dolor to make away with CJ. Jade then leaves with Ace, sending Lino on a desperate search to take back his son.

As Jade and Ace prepare to leave the country, a familiar foe stands in their way. Horrified at the sight of Ace killing Aliyah, Jade starts to realise that she made the wrong decision to trust the ruthless Corpuz.

Jade then escapes with CJ and start anew with him. However, Ace tries to take her by force upon learning that Jade no longer wants to be with him.

As Jade struggles to free herself from Ace’s grasp, Lino arrives in the nick of time. Lino soon finds himself in trouble while trying to save his son from the Corpuzes. Jacky breathes a sigh of relief as she manages to retrieve CJ from Helen.

However, Helen’s next course of action puts Jacky’s and CJ’s lives at risk. Lino then tries his best to save the both of them. Meanwhile, Jade refuses to let Ace control her any longer.

Upon recalling how Ace ruined her life, Jade comes up with a fitting way to exact her revenge.

After a long haunt for the Corpuzes, the police fortunately track the whereabout of Paeng and Helen. Ace and his parents face their well-deserved punishments. Jade on the other hand, asks Jacky and the Bartolomes for forgiveness since her evil deeds have caught up with her in a more cruel way.

After recovering from her sickness, Jade willingly surrenders to the authorities to pay off for her sins.

Meanwhile, Jacky resolves to leave the country in order to fix herself. Lino, albeit hurting, respects her decision and instead focuses on raising his beloved son, CJ, and fulfilling his own dreams.

Meanwhile, Gio never gives up on his family who are facing harsh sentences for their cruel deeds while in power. Ace, however, is ridiculed, maltreated and never misses counseling session in prison to accept his new life and to live as impotent for the rest of his life.

On the other hand, Mauro mentors many and taught inmates how to make furniture. Although he yearns to be out of his new home to be in the corporate industry to show his workers the good aspect of him which he never showed them.

Soon, Jade serves her sentence and is released. Jacky arrives into Philippines and her archrival has no choice than to give up on Lino for her, while she bonds with CJ to make up for her lost time with him.

Jade’s story as shares by Marissa in an authorship, chronicles her as an heroine who never stops fighting in achieving her goals.

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