Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 11-15

Until We Meet Again Highlights Episode 11-15 Claire’s relationship with Calvin under threat after Ana recovers 

Claire denies locking Angela at the pantry. Later, Francis, the father of Calvin discovers the reason behind Calvin’s constant absenteeism and gets interested in Angela’s case.

This leads to a fight between father and son as Francis thinks Calvin sees Evelyn as more qualified practitioner than him to handle Angela’s case.

Claire devise an evil plot that almost cost the life of Angela. Francis takes advantage of the feral child’s accident to lure the social worker’s authorities to get Angela from Evelyn.

Francis succeeds in his fight to be the doctor assigned to care for the feral child’s case. Evelyn who is now into Angela tries her best to make the social workers return Angela to her, in the process, Claire gets upset for being abandoned and left home.

She soon had an accident which turns her life around for the better. Calvin discovers where his father has kept Angela. He later makes a painful discovery about how Francis and Bernard, her father’s friend ties Angela to a chair and electrocutes her.

In his attempts to save the feral child, Calvin completely loses contact with her as Francis transferred Angela to a different hospital. Evelyn had a clue about the missing Claire and apologises to her for neglecting her.

Calvin after hearing the bad news that Claire has been involved in an accident presents a flower to her and starts a relationship with her.

Meanwhile, Francis is determined to cure the feral child and he gives her the necessary treatments that deals with her fear and other treatments which saw her recovery within a year.

Francis soon gets commended for the magic he performed on Angela. Larry and Evelyn’s marriage annulment is granted by the court and Odessa who is dating Larry wants him to quickly tie the knot with her for them to raise a family together.

However, Angela after being discharged suffers abuse in her new home, later she crosses part with Calvin who is already dating Claire.

Calvin blows the good news to Evelyn, Claire becomes more jealous learning that Angela is living with Calvin. She threatens Angela not to reveal everything she did against her.

Elsewhere, Francis meets Evelyn at doctor’s convention and blows his trumpets on how he has treated Angela for her to recover and walk normal.

Bernard realises that Calvin was coming in between their treatment for Angela. They are compelled to give Angela injections that makes her obey only their voices.

Calvin saw that Angela acts so mechanical, he tries to make up with Angela and sends her out. An unfortunate incident leads Angela to bump into Odessa in her house.

Tensed as she was, Odessa orders her guards to throw Angela out but Calvin comes to her aid. The Manahan family heaves a sigh of relief after Ana is brought home safely.

Aunt Conching finds herself in trouble when she slaps Odessa with the painful truth concerning Larry.

Soon, Angela gains the merit to work with Larry at his landscaping site when Francis discovers Ana likes gardening and also posseses the ability to become an architect.

Ana comes across Odessa again, how will she cope knowing a woman who is the reason behind her predicament is dating her father? Meanwhile, Claire’s relationship with Calvin suffers in a new twist!


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