Brothers -Ang Probinsyano Episode 156

Brothers -Ang Probinsyano Episode 156  Director Acosta plans a party to enable Joaquin revenge Cardo over Tomas’ death

In prison, Onyok socialised with the inmates and  asked of Ramil’s name. Ramil told him that he was the prison manager. Cardo oriented Onyok on means to survive in the cell. He told him to be behind the blanket or under the bed whenever he sees a prison guard.

Onyok felt happy in prison: “I am fine Cardo it is like I am in a five-star hotel.”

Meanwhile, Marcelo did not want to set eyes on Onyok. He did not want Onyok to be close to his family again and planned to make his wife choose between staying with him or live with Onyok. He was confident that Rowena would choose him since he found her on street.

“I am impressed General you no longer involved in the war on drugs not even your name was mentioned.” Don Emilio complemented a drug syndicate general who he was in a meeting with him and Joaquin.

“I am being very careful Don Emilio, besides I have the perfect person to cover up. I am known as one of the deadliest enemies of drug syndicate.”

Cardo left Onyok in the care of Jimsong and went to see Mr Miyong. The man was scared for Onyok’s safety and felt guilty of sneaking him in. Cardo was also worried so they agreed on getting Onyok out of prison before Director Acosta sees him.

Meanwhile, Julian told Onyok how he ended up in jail and advised Onyok to see Cardo as his idol and not act wickedly to end up in jail.

The drug lord in his meeting with his wretched drug syndicate accomplices told Joaquin to take advantage of an upcoming prison Christmas party that  inspector Acosta would hold for the inmates to eliminate Cardo.

“So the dictator is playing Santa Claus?” Don Emilio smiled.

He was however scared that Joaquin would end up like his father and preferred someone else to do the dirty job of k!lling Cardo on Joaquin’s behalf but Joaquin would not allow it.

“Cardo should watch his back.”

“I am not allowing anyone to do it for me. I am the only one to avenge my father’s death by killing Cardo.”

“What if it backfires?”

“For sure there will be investigation,” Don Emilio hissed.

“There is nothing to worry about Don Emilio, Acosta will make sure that Joaquin doesn’t get into trouble while inside.”

“And besides grandpa killing that wretched Cardo will be a clean kill and I will make sure of that.

Don’t worry it is going to be fun!”

The police together with Alyana tried to dig deep into Don Emilio’s life over a lie they discovered in his statement. Onyok asked the inmates why they had drawings on their bodies. He was told it was called tattoos and each person’s tattoo had a special meaning.

Surviving in prison Onyok also adopted the lifestyle of the inmates and he drew all over his body which got Cardo upset to clean Onyok up.

Ramil, the prison manager told his allies that Onyok was their new boss and they had to obey his every little orders. Onyok nodded and accepted his new role while telling Ramil that he was happy for every order he made concerning him.

Joaquin and his accomplices thought about means to compel his crooked grandfather to travel to the states but his friend advised him to allow Don Emilio to be in the country and rather get rid of Cardo who was being an obstacle.

Monica, the unprofessional journalist feature article on penitentiary received accolades. Joaquin called her to commend her for the exceptional story and they agreed on meeting for a lunch.

“Wake up guys, arise and sunshine.” Onyok made noise to wake all the inmates .

“Look out here rascal you wake them up too early.”

“You know what I really miss you.” Cardo tells Onyok.

“I miss You too!”

Estong  pleaded with Miyong to try his best to get Onyok out of prison safely within the night.

Acosta on phone told Joaquin that he has already planned Cardo’s last encounter with him to taint his name.

“I will make sure you experience things which is far worse than what my father experienced,” the jack’ss cursed Cardo beneath his breath.

Verna introduced a new name of her company, which she named after her late daughter, Rechel. She was doing all that to prove to Joaquin that not only syndicate jobs bring money but a decent work does. Onyok was getting bored in prison.

Meanwhile, Delfin and his team together with Alyana were poised in digging out more information about Don Emilio. Alyana was worried that they were not able to get information that could implicate Don Emilio. She then decides to find a case for Don Emilio by asking her dad.

Verna asked Joaquin to back down on his revenge against Cardo since he was already suffering in prison. Joaquin, however promised to “end Cardo’s suffering” asking his mom not to worry.

Alyana asked her father concerning Don Emilio. She revealed that Don Emilio never lived in America but Makaw and wanted her father to tell her more.

Her father told her lies just to stop Alyana from getting involved in don Emilio’s case since it was getting bloody.

Acosta called General Jacob to pay him to back his upcoming evil plots. However, Delfin was on course finding more leads to some of the police force who were engaging in dirty dealings.

Cardo and his allies sang in prison to entertain themselves most especially Onyok but the guards came in and quickly, he hid Onyok. Rowena got in late and Marcelo was upset with her.

Acosta came to inform the inmates during a working session that he would throw a party for them to clean their thoughts about him being evil.

The inmates suspected something fishy.  Plans were on the way to get celebrities to the party. Delfin informed Flora about a good news that would shape Cardo’s life.

He told Flora that there were some inconsistencies in Emilio’s speech. Flora had always suspected that Don Emilio was involved in a shady business.

Miyong found appropriate time to get Onyok out of prison. Acosta set everything up go initiate his evil plans with his accomplices. He gave orders to tighten the security to ensure no inmate break out of the place.

Rowena said bye to her daughter as she steps out to search for Onyok. Marcelo threatened her not to return to the house if she dared stepped out. The desperate women walked out on Marcelo.

However, Cardo also planned with his allies on how to take advantage of the party to sneak Onyok out.


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