Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 36

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 36 Tessa learns self defense skills and face off with Marga in the ring

The staff of HOT together with Vida shed tears after Marga their creations on fire. Immediately after Maga was through with the whole fiasco she called Caloy to meet with him.

One of the staff blamed Vida for everything her mom did but Tessa came to her defense. Potpot’s granny has been discharged and all have gone to the hostel. A house has been paid for at the back of the hostel by Rafa for Potpot’s family.

Rafa has just arrived at the office where Marga executed her dirty revenge. Tessa has gone for a ride to clear her head. She recalled all the frustrations Jaime and Marga have put her through. Tessa went to church, immediately she arrived, Caloy walked in the same church.

She tried to run away from Caloy but he followed her. Caloy allowed Tessa to slap him several times just for her to vent out her anger.

There was a van blocking Marga’s way, She was then attacked by some unscrupulous beings who covered her mouth and forcefully pushed her inside their van. Marga got kidnapped and taken away by those men.

Potpot called Rafa to thank him but he didn’t pick up the call. Tessa has now calmed down and opened up to Caloy who was eagerly listening to her. Caloy told Tessa that she was a strong woman and would bounce back again.

Marga was tied up with a rope on both her hands and legs. She woke up on the couch, demanding to know where they had sent he Jaime showed up. Jaime has a business proposal for Marga.

He had called Marga earlier but she never picked. As she wanted to leave, Jaime’s men stopped her. Jaime has offered Marga 40per cent of HOT while Jaime retained 30% and Tessa remains with only 30% of House Of Teri.

Marga deemed the offer as special. She felt that she has gotten all the attention. Jaime and Marga joined forces in their determination to make Tessa’s life miserable.

Lauren advised Teri to surprise their opponents by firing the first shot and stop playing the defence. Marga was tempted to buy the 40per cent, hence thought how to get cash.

Caloy and Asya were at Marga’s house watching the video of Marga’s outburst at House Of Teri. Meanwhile, Potpot arrived at H. O. T and heard Jaime asking for pictures for the burnt fabrics shop. Aunt Asya threatened to leave Marga as all she was doing was to hurt the people around her.

Jaime was worried. He asked Potpot if he heard what he has just said over the phone and Potpot said he didn’t hear anything. Tessa racalled the advise Caloy gave her about rising back up. Tessa then requested for a paper and a pen from a waiter at a restaurant and wrote. The Rebirth of Tessa Magbanua.

Potpot was with Rafa and he was fining it difficult to open up to him on whatever he heard Jaime said. Asya left Marga for acting inhumane after what she did to Tessa was trending all over the net. No one could withstand her.

Potpot granny was so happy with Rafa for all he did to their family. Caloy was with Marga in bed and the latter pretended to be missing Asya. Marga was desperate looking for 20Million to purchase the 40percent of HOT.

Caloy was not ready to allow Marga to let Asya leave as she has no other family member left. Potpot gathered courage to tell Rafa what he overheard Jaime saying on phone. He was positive that Jaime had something to do with the burnt fabric store.

Tessa teamed with Rafa and Lauren to fight back against Jaime. Vida arrived with some ladies and they r pledged their support for Tessa. Elsewhere, Marga visited the baber shop where Aunt Asya was currently working, to beg her to return to the mansion.

Tessa decided to start all over again from scratch. Vida was ready to work for Tessa only if she would accept her. Rafa was happy to have Vida in their new team. Aunt Asya was so upset with Marga, claiming she was acting like a psycho and asked Marga if things were clear for her.

Rafa offered to drop Vida home. He told Vida to wait for him but she insisted on waiting in the car. Tessa was already out of the restaurant and was very cautious. She ran down the stairs to her car.

They came across a bigger who looked a bit scary so Rafa rushed for Tessa and they went home. They were very vigilant after what Jaime did to them. Rafa wanted Tessa to learn how to fight, some means to defend herself.

Elsewhere, Charlie was trying to reach Potpot via phone call but it was not going through. Charlie became upset and dropped her laptop in the process. Charlie acted so possessive and clingy.

Rafa and Tessa have hit the gym for training. Tessa was going to receive lessons on self defense. She looked so hot in her gym clothes. Tessa was a fast learner. However, Marga also arrived at the gym. She has spotted Tessa and tried to provoke hee by bumping on her as they trained.

Charlie has brought her laptop to Potpot for repairs. Vida was looking at her with suspicious eyes and even told her off that she could have taken the machine to other repair shops.

At the gym, Tessa asked Marga if they had to act like children. Marga was asking for a fight with Tessa. In retaliation, Tessa and Marga were in the ring for a fight. They were both good and traded blows while they blew off some steam.

Elsewhere, Melai told Vida that she found Potpot handsome and was jealous of Charlie. The anger Marga and Tessa held against each other was deep, hence they became irrational while trading blows.


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