Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 158

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 158 Director Acosta catches Onyok as the rodent stealing his money in prison

In Bilibid, Onyok who is inside a pan called Mr Miyong to talk to Acosta in order for him to rethink about his decision to punish Cardo but Miyong reaffirmed that Acosta was an evil man and would not listen to their plea.

Meanwhile, MakMak and the family who had hit on the street to search for Onyok distributed flyers and told some familiar people that Onyok had been missing for two weeks now.

Alyana visited Cardo at Bilibid and she desperately hugged him, while Onyok kept disturbing Miyong, saying he was hungry again. Before Mr Miyong could close the pan a guard startled him and he quickly hit the lid on the pan while obeying the orders.

Cardo asked about the health of Flora and Benny assured that she was fine but the problem was that Onyok was missing. Alyana promised to use her contacts available to find Onyok. Cardo then revealed that Onyok was with him in prison.

Benny wondered how he got in there. Cardo gists him on how Onyok ended up in Bilibid. Still not satisfied by the Banana given to him by Miyong, Onyok took advantage of Miyong’s absence from the kitchen to get out of the pan to go in for the Sausage.

He tailed Miyong to Acosta’s office and sneaked into the office at the blind sight of the cook. As he was about to snatch the sausage, he heard Acosta approaching and quickly hid under a table.

As Acosta was eating the Sausage while on phone, Onyok was also snatching them and eating along with him. Acosta was stunned to see his last sausage being taken away. He took an object and squat, before casting his eyes under the table a guard distracted him.

Acosta informed him that there was a rat in there. Onyok got scared, Acosta had to abandon his search for the rat to attend to an important delivery he has gotten.

Meanwhile, Benny was worried about Onyok since Cardo had already said his life was in danger in the cell. Alyana assured him of finding a way to sneak Onyok out and Cardo made them promised not to reveal what they discussed to Flora.

Onyok managed to sneak out from Acosta’s office. Acosta returned, “definitely there is a rat in here.”

“Sir may be you didn’t take your medicine.”

“I took it,” hitting the medicine container on the table to affirm that he was in the right state of mind.

“First it was my money and now my Adobs, sausage,” he winked.

Joaquin invaded a Metlab of a drug syndicate and killed their leader in a shoot out. Monica, his accomplice had a first hand interview with him to commend his heroic deeds for bringing a drug syndicate leader, Victor Perez down. Some officials include inspector Asinto got injured in the process.

Mr Miyong returned to the kitchen and a moment he thought Onyok had escaped but Onyok was smart. He was inside the basin and was later carried to Cardo inside the cell.

“Onyok I see you are smiling today,” Jimboy uttered.

“Because I had some yummy food today.”

“Mr Miyong really spoilt you huh!”

“You are full again.” Cardo and the rest smiled.

Verna was worried that the syndicate which Joaquin k!lled their leader would be after him since they knew him and the issue was all over the news. Joaquin urged his mother to commend him for his job and assured his mother that nothing would happen to him.

He later met with his allies at the Metlab which he raided and was ready to raid more Metlabs to gain from all the investments he was doing to cover his back. He met with one syndicate worker who was sent by his boss to talk to Joaquin about his proposal to him.

In Bilibid Onyok was at his games again so Miyong who had to pull a fast one on the guards to protect Onyok threatened to send him to Flora for misbehaving. Onyok begged him not to.

Acosta and his j*rks abused drugs, smoked and smuggled some. Meanwhile, Joaquin was awarded by his rotten ally, Col. Roy Carreon who unveiled him as a candidate for promotion for risking his life to save his other officers.

Team Cardo found the act as an insult to the PNP, hence the reason Borja did not attend the function. Acosta was playing a gamble and was losing. Mendoza, one of his guards made away with his money. Acosta went into his office to find out that some of his money were gone.

He queried his two allies but they denied. Mendoza quickly shifted the blame on the innocent cook Miyong, claiming aside them he was the person who had access to his office.

They surprised Miyong who was surrounded by the inmates talking to Cardo about Onyok who Cardo has left in the care of Julian. Acosta said he had been losing money of late and called out Miyong, strangled him with a rope.

He began whipping Miyong for stealing his money while the innocent man kept saying he was no thief. Watching the injustice, Cardo held Acosta’s hand to refrain him from whipping Miyong.

Acosta vent his anger on Cardo for calling his anger on himself. He whipped both Cardo and Miyong .

“Listen to me all of you if I find out that one of you is the culprit, you will have worse than this.” The inmates rushed to help Miyong up as Ramil also helped Cardo up.

Frustrated Billy went to Delfin’s office to ask if he could stop the PNP from their plans of promoting Joaquin. He deemed it as an insult to outdoor a notorious syndicate leader like Joaquin as a candidate for promotion.

Delfin’s hands were tied since he had no evidence against Joaquin. Alyana tried to fish out truth from her mother concerning the lies her father told her about his friend in Makau. She believed they were hiding a secret of Don Emilio from her.

Meanwhile, Joaquin called the unprofessional journalist to thank her for her report which has gotten him to win the trust of the PNP. Monica was happy and told Joaquin that he could have invited her to report on his award.

Flora learnt the kids she called them over to eat with them lost their father after the deceased who was a drug syndicate willingly turned himself in. The kids story reminded Makmak of her father and he shed tears while Flora consoled him.

In the house, Miyong’s wife did not want the power drunken officer to kill her husband so she urged him to resign from his post but Miyong did not support his wife’s idea.

In Bilibid, Ramil knew Cardo was hurt and told Cardo that they should not sit with folded arms since the law would never work for them. He believed Miyong would do worse when he get hold of Onyok.

Soon, Teddy told Alyana why he lied to her and later visited Cardo with Teddy assuring Cardo that they did not believe in all the demeaning articles against him. Meanwhile, Rowena visited Lola Kap mansion to ask if they have found Onyok. she looked so pale and fainted since she had not been eating. Yolly and Elmo helped her out.

Rowena apologised for mistrusting Cardo and his family. She had now seen that Cardo genuinely l*ved Onyok and pleaded for not leaving Onyok in their care. Flora gave her medicine and packed food for her. She assured that Delfin was working around the clock to save Onyok.

Once again, Onyok escaped the basin and followed Miyong to Acosta’s office to eat the yummy sausage. Unknown, to him Acosta had layed a trap to catch the rodent who had been stealing his money.

He placed two bundles of money on his table while the food was seated next to it faking to making a call. He realised Miyong did not touch his money and left.

Miyong went to the kitchen to find out that Onyok was missing. He quickly informed Cardo and were desperate in search of Onyok.

As Onyok was stealing the sausages under the table his hand got hold of the money. To Acosta’s dismay, he saw a hand taken the money and caught the hand.


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