Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 38

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 38 Marga demands to be the President of HOT

Tessa and the congressman’s wife held a meeting and the former showed her designs to Mrs Singsong, who commended her for her skills. Charlie paid a visit to the Policarpio family and offered to help them get an extra source of income.

As Vida looked on in annoyance, they considered renting a sewing machine and Rafa offered to bring them one from the storage. Melchor informed Rafa that Jaime paid the family a visit the family few days ago.

Marga showed up with Caloy at the same restaurant which Teri was having her business meeting. As cold hearted as she was, Marga mocked her in no time. With Mrs. Singsong having excused herself earlier, Tessa retaliates and Marga stormed over to act out some more.

She tried grabbing Tessa’s wineglass but Tessa stopped her and mocked her with how outdated that move was. Mrs Singsong returned to witness the scene and she stopped Tessa from going after Marga after she bumped into her on her way out.

Rafa asked Potpot about Jaime’s visit and Potpot said he only dropped by to check the house. However, Rafa pressed him for details, saying Jaime wouldn’t have come over if he didn’t have something planned.

Potpot then opened up to him. Meanwhile, Marga was upset that Caloy had interfered and ruined her plans earlier. Calling her out on her embarrassing attitude, Caloy asked her to quit acting like a child.

Charlie confessed her feelings for Potpot. Potpot apologised for being unable to reciprocate the feelings. Charlie acted up, meanwhile, Rafa was restless at home and upon his mother’s arrival, he informed her of how Jaime, the beast had gone to threaten Potpot not to say anything against him.

Tessa was indifferent about the issue. Rafa reminded her that Jaime had burnt down her parents’ shop and Tessa said Potpot might have misheard him.

Teri trained at her balcony late that night as she recalled how Jaime had fired Lauren as well as the other recent misfortunes she’s been dealt with. The next morning, Vida was having a peaceful sleep when Potpot came knocking at her door. Once she opened up, he told her about his enrollment and Vida hugged him excitedly.

Tessa was enjoying a cup of coffee when Lauren came over to inform her of how Jaime had manipulated everything to make sure Marga walked away with 40per cent shares of HOT. Knowing full well that Marga was only trying to ruin her, Lauren asked Tessa not to walk away but stay and fight for her rights.

Meanwhile, Asya tried reasoning with Marga, reminding her that she didn’t know much about fashion to join HOT. Marga did not care all that she was interested was exacting her revenge on Teri by claiming the biggest share at HOT.

Jaime said his decision to sell HOT’s shares was necessary to save the company. While Tessa tried to reason along with him he pleaded with his estranged wife to take him back.

Later, Tessa recalled the numerous times the beast husband of hers had physically abused her as well as her confrontations with Marga. Meanwhile, Marga was busy sorting out her wardrobe and reading on how to run a fashion house.

Potpot was happy that he has finally enrolled in college and felt like shouting out loud, “Go on then,” Vida urged him on. Potpot then proposed for a date for them to celebrate. Before he could talk further, Twinkle called to inform him that Charlie was not feeling well and had refused to take her medicine.

Twinkle pleaded with Potpot to come over. Vida was exasperated once Potpot agreed to visit but hid her emotions. Potpot suggested they feast together before going but Vida urged him to go for them to meet later.

Looking hot in her red dress, Tessa returned to HOT to face the beast and her estranged evil friend. Tessa expressed readiness to meet the two, saying they would see a complete different me and hoped Jaime and Marga came prepared.

Potpot arrived at Charlie’s place and began babying her and playing the good doctor. Didith asked Vida about what was going on between her and Potpot.

Potpot left his phone on the bed at Charlie’s house, a call came through from Vida but no one attended to it. At House of Teri, Tessa scolded Jaime and accepted to go back to him, but only for a show. She made her terms clear not to share a bed with him or k!ss him.

Jaime accepted the terms and conditions. Tessa informed her staff her decision to stay at HOT and spelt out her reasons. Vida then apologised on behalf of her mother. Rafa asked her to stay at HOT even if Marga joins the company. Vida assured them of her commitment.

Caloy was unhappy with Marga’s acquisition of H. O. T and Marga engaged in a baseless argument with him. However, Vida was upset with Potpot and the latter promised to make it up to her. Jaime sent his family to a new house and encouraged to forget about the past occurrence and concentrate on the future.

In starting afresh, Teri reminded Jaime of her terms and conditions and left the table with her mother.

Jaime welcomed Rafa but he gave him a look and left. The next morning, Marga and Tessa arrived at HOT and begin fighting over the parking space. Tessa ridiculed Marga’s smaller ride. Once inside, Vida welcomed her desp!cable mother before disappearing, leaving Rafa to deal with the trouble that was brewing.

Later in the conference room, Jaime unveiled Marga as their new marketing and PR Director. However, Marga demanded to be president. Meanwhile, Mr Lito hounded Potpot over his certainty of him liking Vida.

Tessa laughs at Marga’s demands, prompting Marga to follow suite as Jaime was left looking like the !d!ot. Marga reaffirmed her demand and Tessa laughed, claiming she was out of her mind.

Marga owning 40per cent shares believed she deserved to be the president.Tessa rose on her feet and offered to get Marga a triple shot of espresso, coffee to help revive Marga’s dead brain.

Once Tessa left, Marga tentatively eyes Jaime, silently hinting that they were both in on the business to bring Tessa to her knees.


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