Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 200

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 200 Roy Carreon proves Cardo’s innocence in court, declares Joaquin as criminal

In Bilibid the family of Cardo Dalisay visited him and his friends bringing in lots of food for them to dine together. Delfin assured Cardo that pretty soon he would be out of prison. At Rachel’s burger, Melissa resigned due to the bad name the Tuazons were gaining.

Verna tried convincing her to stay but she resisted. The rest of the workers also lamented about the rumours going around concerning Verna’s involvement in the drug syndicate job of her family as well as her efforts in covering up for her son to escape justice by faking her death.

In anguish, Verna fired them, describing them as ungrateful. Meanwhile, the PNP held a press conference for Colonel Roy Carreon to come clean. He swore an oath as an inspector of the Criminal Investigation Detention Group (CIDG) to fully and officially announce to the public that Joaquin Tuazon was alive and he used his office to protect a drug syndicate work of Joaquin.

Full statement of To Carreon To The Press

“With my help and another official, Chief superintendent Rogelio Jacob we fabricated Joaquin Tuazon’s death so to avoid his arrest and conviction.”

Varna was at her office watching the press conference which was transmitted live on various television stations. She was disappointed for the confession made by Carreon.

“To my knowledge chief inspector Joaquin Tuazon is in charge of production and distribution of dangerous drugs both here and abroad.”

Don Emilio who was holding a glass of drink could not sip any further as the revelation took him by surprise. The Arevalos stayed glued to their television listening and watching Carreon.

“He inherited this business from his late father Tomas Tuazon and his grandfather Don Emilio Syquia. In my full capacity as an officer of the CIDG I provided them with classified information regarding operations against their business. I also have full knowledge that Chief superintendent Rogelio Jacob is the mastermind behind the kidnapping and intimidation of certain individuals that can implicate him, Joaquin Tuazon and Emilio Syquia.”

The Arevalos seemed cheerful while Flora and the rest were also watching and were happy with Carreon’s confession.

“I also have knowledge of specific details of Chief Inspector Joaquin Tuazon as he framed SPO2 Ricardo Dalisay in retaliation of the arrest and conviction of his father Tomas Tuazon.

Now I simply want the truth to be known by everyone, Joaquin Tuazon is a criminal. SPO2 Ricardo Dalisay is innocent, he was framed, arrested and sent to prison, justice is what that man deserves. He has a right to his freedom.”

Meanwhile, Monica was shaking in her seat when the truth about Joaquin came to light. The PNP opened the floor for the media to ask questions. Delfin answered the appropriate questions and to Pinggoy’s question which was directed to Carreon, if Verna Tuazon has a hand in her son’s action. Carreon answered that Verna was fully aware of her son’s actions but for the syndicate business, she did not directly has hand in it.

Joaquin called Verna to escape and gave him his address since Carreon has implicated her.

The General called on the public and individuals to report the two officers, Joaquin Tuazon and Rogelio Jacob who were at large to the police if they come across them. He also advised officers to use Carreon’s issue as a lesson to mend their crooked ways, adding that there’s no one above the law.

It was tears of joy for Flora and her family, however, Don Emilio was upset and scattered things in his private room.

“This is ain’t over yet Cardo

If you think you already win, you wrong

I’m going to crush you!”

After the conference, Pinggoy confronted Monica for her inability to ask questions while she had always been nuisance and had kept saying no body could stop her. He asked her whether her silence at the conference room had to do with the fact that she was fully aware of the information Carreon gave.

Monica disputed Carreon’s testimony, saying one man’s testimony was not evidence enough, Delfin interjected that she should not worry the CIDG would get more than enough evidence.

Ramil wanted Cardo to report his new enemy, Ladronio to Delfin but he did not want his family to be worried. All he wanted was to be acquitted and return to his position. Later, he met Don Emilio at the canteen and the man tried to get on Cardo’s nerves.

Cardo told him that no matter what they do he and his grandson’s deeds would be exposed.

“But my grandson is dead,” using his hand to cut off his throat “Caput!”

“You really won’t stop lying about your grandson huh!”

“Don’t worry Don Emilio because soon enough you will be reunited with your grandson, you both gonna rot in this monster cell, you monster!”

Dubbing his hands on his forehead:

“But I don’t have horns!”

As Joaquin was desperately waiting for Verna to arrive, Verna’s escape was being interrupted by the presence of the police as they payed her a surprise visit for an interrogation which Verna did not comply. Billy went to inform Delfin about Verna’s action, General Borja regretted that the police did not have enough evidence to get Verna arrested.

Elsewhere, Joaquin regretted that giving his mother his address would put him in danger. He feared Verna would inform the police about his location. In Bilibid, Don Emilio insisted on Ladronio to facilitate the process for him to k!ll Cardo before the court hears his case and acquit him.

Later, Delfin gained the court of appeals acceptance to reopen Cardo’s case and the family were happy about the news.

Verna closed down Rachel’s burger just to be with Joaquin to protect him, since he was the only person she had. Teddy wrote a feature of the hero who fought for justice and shut down criminal activities at his era.

Due to illegalities in prison, and a threat to his life, he k!lled Tomas Tuazon in self defense. The hero was forced to escape prison after his nemesis planted a corrupt and wicked director in Bilibid just to save his life from the penitentiary. The writer witnessed how this hero, Ricardo Dalisay singlehandedly dealt with some criminals led by Romano Recio and Joaquin Tuazon who ambushed an entire community to shoot them.

The hero after saving lives, while knowing his loved ones lives were at risk turned himself in. Through a testimony made by one official who was protecting Joaquin Tuazon, the hero’s case was reopened and the court of appeal would hear his case.

Fast forward: Cardo’s case was reopened in court and Colonel Roy Carreon testified in his favour and told the court that justice was what the hero deserved, to be acquitted and set free to carry out his duty as an officer.

Andrea, the lawyer of Cardo assured the family that Roy’s testimony was strong enough to acquit the accused. Monica also informed Joaquin about the trial and believed the testimony of Roy could not be evidence enough to exonerate Cardo from the crime.

However, she said the hero had gained public sympathy and Joaquin charged her to discredit the testimony in her reportage for his family to gain public sympathy.

In Bilibid, Cardo’s friends found themselves in trouble during his absence and were locked in solitary. Cardo got to the cell to find out, however, Don Emilio threatened the life of Cardo when the letter told him that once he got out from prison, he would go after Joaquin and make him and Syquia rot inside Bilibid.

“That is when you will get out of here alive,” Don Emilio threatened. Meanwhile, Verna realised that the police were putting her under surveillance and escaped them to meet Joaquin in his safe house. The police were trying everything possible to get to Joaquin through his loved ones, Monica and Verna.


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