Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 242

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 242 Captain Gina’s vaccination project characterised by corruption, Romulo and Fernan save a restaurant from thugs

At Sta Ursula, Alyana was now certain that Cardo was the one Dela Rosa saw but she was puzzled why he was now fighting for the r3bel. Pinggoy was adopting the belief that the SAF trooper was brainwashed by the r3bels.

However, Girona knew his friend as a person who was always at the right side of the law. Guzman believed it would be better to continue conducting investigation on the matter.

The Mayor was in his car informing his driver how Enriquez wanted him to renew his permit. He said renewing it might destroy his reputation even though he would miss a huge sums. However, they fell into the trap set by Homer and his allies. They dug a grave, pushed him into it which got the man scared to even pea on himself.

Homer used threat to compel the Mayor to accept giving Enriquez a permit. At Mt Karagao, Emman heard from earthworm and tadpole that Fernan saved his mother so he drew a toy and gave it to Cardo. Fernan laughed when he saw the boy has drawn him and he thanked him. Emman said Cardo would be his hero for saving Lena. Fernan then said the kid should go and sleep.

“If it is Cardo that was spotted fighting at the side of the Bloody Sun then he has to be eliminated before he discovers the secret I have been keeping,” Hipolito thought at the NDA office.

The Mayor when he reached his office that night called Enriquez to tell him that he would grant the permit renewal and also talk with the environmentalists to stop their protests against the Enriquez. Enriquez warned him to be careful otherwise he would make his friends (refering to Homer and allies) to pay him a visit.

“I am giving you double again bonus for doing a good job in scaring the Mayor,” Javier gave the money to Homer.

“Just like I told you, we will do anything you ask of us. Anytime you need our services just tell us,” Homer assured.

The family of Cardo after Alyana’s investigation at the market now concluded that Cardo might be on a classified mission and Flora pleaded with the family not to reveal it to anyone. At Camp Crame, the friends of Cardo also indicated that the trooper might gone undercover so Delfin asked them not to reveal it to anyone as that would endanger Dalisay.

At the NDA office, Olegario arrived after the director failed to attend to her phone calls. Hipolito wanted to brush off the belief that Cardo has infiltrated the r3bels’ camp but Diana was bent on getting to the bottom.

Homer gave various roles to his allies and addressed his mini group about his mission of being a formidable terror!st group which would even rise against the Bloody Sun. He bought new weapons while Roldan kept their money.

The free vaccination exercise began. Gina took pictures at where her flyer was erected. Captain Gina actually gained donations and she made Otep sold the greater part of the vaccines to gain money. Flora arrived with the kids and after Ligaya took her jab they ran out of the vaccines so Captain Gina told the rest to come the next day.

Lena called her father for breakfast. Romulo called Fernan to join him for breakfast. He told Fernan that he had noticed he has soft spot for kids. Fernan explained that it was because he was taking care of a kid but one day his mother sent him to a mall and some terr0rists denoted bombs which caused the death of the boy. Romulo referred to those people as evil.

“Yes you’re right, those people are so evil, what people like them deserve is severe punishment, to be put to d£ath and to burn in the fires of hell.”

“I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have asked eat your food,” Romulo pushed the meal to Cardo.

Scorpion’s group arrived at the camp to meet Anton who queried them where they were. Scorpion said they were keeping watch of the hostages all night. However, Anton said he was also there all night but did not see them. He saw them holding bags and he took it and opened to fine bottles of wine. Homer said it was given to them in town by some friends.

The camp ran out of medicine and a certain woman’s child was running a fever. Fernan volunteered to go outside the camp to buy medicine. Romulo and the hawk decided to go with him to get the medicine. At the other side of the camp, Chameleon brought Velasco out to drink with them. Velasco secretly poured the drinks away, pretending to be drinking.

She later acted drunk just to roam the woods with Chameleon. Dalisay and Romulo were passing by. The group rolled a plan and divided themselves into two, one is the hawk’s group and the other is Romulo in order for them not to be caught. As they were gallivanting, Chameleon saw Romulo coming, he suddenly hid with Velasco.

Velasco later told Gerry that she saw Dalisay and was friends with the r3bel group. Gerry believed he was looking for opportunity to save them. Elsewhere, Homer warned Chameleon not to double cross him as he has heard he was not closer to his girlfriend, Katrina.

At San Isidro, Enriquez received the permit renewal papers from Sebastian which the Mayor handed over to them. Homer went to see Katrina in the cage and made advances on her which got Dela Paz upset but the male was held on a g*n point so he remained quiet.

The NDA held a press conference to inform the public about how the SAF had defeated the the Bloody Sun Group in a recent encounter at Santa Ursula. After the conference Hipolito talked to Alyana, asking her whether she has heard that her husband was seen at the Santa Ursula market. Alyana admitted but wished there could get to the bottom of it for it to be over.

Alyana was scared if she used her job as a writer to search for her husband would put Cardo into trouble. Hipolito assured her that his outfit and the PNP would do everything to find her husband. However, Alyana left Hipolito said:

“It’s true Alyana all these will come to an end but Cardo will not come to you alive.”

Manolo was glad that Cardo has infiltrated the camp of Bloody Sun and he believed the SAF trooper would destroy the group that Hipolito had been covering.

In the house, the De Leon family educated the kids on vaccination. Alyana’s report on the press conference was aired. Elsewhere, Romulo arrived at Santa Ursula, since he heard there were various check points in the area, he went to a friend’s house and the wife of the man went to buy the medicines for them.

The man complained about his business being crippled due to some bad groups who had been stealing all his animals at night. Romulo promised to handle the issue for them in order for the man to be on his feet. They stumbled on a restaurant and earthworm said he was hungry, Cardo said same and they went to the restaurant to eat.

Meanwhile, there were bad groups in there who were causing trouble. Romulo kept quiet till those men went far hurting the waiter. Romulo had enough and approached the men to talk to them against what they have been doing against the waiter. The guys saw that they had muscles and were many so they started to attack Romulo which led to a fight between the two camps.


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