Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 370

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 370 Cardo ends the life of Marco, Andy, Becky and Flower Power Girls promise to continue the fight after confessing to Borja

Cardo and the Vendetta managed to escape from the hands of Marco and his private army. The Manager and George had prepared the cars so the group ran into it, while Romulo and Cardo stayed behind to shõot the private army till Marco and his men took cover for the two to flee.

Marco vented his anger on some civilians who he encountered while racing after Cardo and his group. The police were still at the Ligata clearing the place. Soon after, news broke on the police special attack on the Vendetta at Ligata which many lost their lives and about 100 civilians injured from the encounter.

The De Leons were worried since the news indicated that Cardo was seen at the scene. Yolly sympathised with Alyana for being caught in between the situation after she and Cardo decided to settle in the province. Teddy and JP equally watched the news and the latter was worried about his sister.

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Teddy’s only hope was for the two to be okay. Oscar was extremely worried since the initial report stated that the Vendetta has escaped. However, he told Marissa that the police were still at the scene to confirm if Cardo and his men indeed escaped. The vice president on the other hand, was pressured by his wife to do something to find Marco.

Elsewhere, the private army and their boss, Marco raced after Cardo and the Vendetta on the middle of the road, Marco kept shòöting the Vendetta’s car.

“Cardo, Alyana I will k!ll both of you even if we end up together burning in hell.”

While the police were still clearing the place, Peng told his mother, Andy and the Flower Power Girls that they should go upstairs. As he was insisting on it, his mother saw no sense in what he was implying. With all sadness, Peng informed them that Happy and Barracuda were found outside by someone and they were all deàd.

Chikoy stumbled on them when they were going upstairs. General Borja arrived at the scene and was informed that some of the cops spotted Cardo and Alyana. He wondered where the Vendetta were running to and Chikoy said they did not know. However, Andrea Collins and her relatives might be of help to him.

General Borja went to Becky’s room to tell Andy that their world have crossed several times due to Vendetta and he has asked her questions on several occasions about the Vendetta which she failed to tell him the truth. He demanded her to talk now.

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Blossom interjected that they did not know what they were talking about but Guzman told her that, they already saw a footage of them when William Celerio was k!lled. Chikoy also told Ms Becky that she was the one who got on his way when he came there. Blossom kept denying but Andy admitted that they helped the Vendetta since they believed in their course and what they were fighting for.

Andy admitted she helped Romulo and Cardo to escape the hospital because she wanted to protect them. She said Vendetta had been doing things to help the society and has done nothing wrong. General Borja indicated that irrespective of the course they were fighting for, the Vendetta could not put the laws into their own hands to fight for justice.

Becky said the Vendetta on numerous occasions saved them. Andy further stated that the Vendetta helped to bring out the integrity of the elections and also they were the ones who rescued Brother Lorenzo from Brandon, at that time she was there. She said the real criminals were Hipolito and the vice president Cabrera. The flower power girls admitted they were the ones in the footage and that was because they were helping the Vendetta.

The Vendetta believed Celerio was an accomplice to Hipolito and the Vice’s schemes. General Borja interjected that Romulo k!lled William and the girls said Romulo was forced to do that since Celerio was about to shoõt Olegario. Andy said General Borja knew his grandson better than them.

Cardo was a good person but Hipolito and Lucas were the bad ones. General Borja said he knew Cardo was good that was why he wanted to bring him to safety and he would be able to accomplish the task if they tell him where the group was heading. Becky said even if they knew, they would not tell him where Cardo was hiding, however, they did not know since the police launched the attack on them at the time they least expected.

Elsewhere, the Vendetta had enough of Marco so  they came down from their jeeps and in an heroic team work, the group took steps to ambush Marco who was still shooting at Cardo, determined to end his life. Cardo and his comrades shot Marco as his car was approaching till he lost it. His driver was equally shõt and the car geared off. Anton bombed the car and the heroic group walked majestically back into their cars.

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Aubrey was worried hearing the Vendetta escaped the attack. She was scared that they would be next but Hidalgo assured to protect his family. At the crime scene, the police put off the fire after rescuing the bodies trapped in there. They were able to confirm that the body was indeed that of Marco.

After Lucas received a call, he and his wife rushed to the hospital. They were informed that their son lost lots of blood and he was deàd. They headed to the morgue to confirm it. Catherine mourned her son and blamed Lucas for what had happened.

“I will not stop untill I have also taken the life of the person who did this to you Marco!” Lucas swore.

“I am going to hunt down Cardo Dalisay!”

“And I am going to make him pay for this…”

“His own life in exchange for yours!”

Oscar told his family that Marco was rushed to the hospital after Cardo gunned him down. Marissa wondered what Marco was doing there and she reasoned that it might be about Cardo’s wife who Marco sent her to the state function. Oscar said the police were investigating. Andy told General Borja that she was ready for any punishment but she did not regret helping the Vendetta in their mission.

She said she knew his conviction was different from that of the Vendetta. However, in his heart he knew both were fighting for same thing. The Flower Power Girls and Andy were ready for any consequences. Andy told them that if they go scot free, they should continue to do things that would benefit their society. Becky was proud of her daughter. Andy thanked Cardo for making her life meaningful.

Meanwhile, George sent the Vendetta to his aunt who was a vetinary to treat the wounds of their injured comrades. However, Rigor said they were not pets. Since lots of people had seen them, Ramil believed they would rat them out  but George said no one would tell on them. The people were equally wanted by the authorities and assured they would be safe there.

Hipolito called Lucas to wish him his deepest condolences for his lost. Flora had a talk with Delfin and revealed to him about Cardo and Alyana ‘s visit. Delfin asked his sister where the Vendetta were but she said she did not know where Cardo was. Delfin swore to find them wherever they were. Catherine prepared Marco’s dress for the funeral and told Menchu about how she neglected him when her husband was a mayor.

Menchu said she made up for it and Marco knew how much she l0ved him. Catherine swore to ensure her son’s deàth was avenged and would make Alyana’s parents and the family of Cardo pay since they were responsible for Marco’s action.

The aunt of George provided a temporary place for the Vendetta to stay and also served them with food. Alfred treated the gun wound of the injured ones with his experience as a pet doctor.

Hipolito went to confront Homer and his guys for their failure which resulted in the deàth of Marco.  Homer told Hipolito that Lucas has to be upset with Cardo for k!lling his son and gotten Brandon arrested not them. Hipolito said they were part to be blamed because if they had been able to k!ll Cardo and the members of Vendetta as they agreed on, Marco wouldn’t have met Cardo. Homer insisted that Marco did not use his head and Hipolito said it would be over for them if the vice president says so.

Lucas went to the precinct to inform Brandon about the bad news. Brandon believed that what happened to his brother wouldn’t have happened if he was not locked up. Lucas said there was nothing he could do, no one was able to stop Marco not even his mother or him.

“If I get out of here, we both will bury Cardo alive,” Brandon swore.

Oscar scolded Borja for covering up for the Vendetta. He said the mission of the police failed simply because the companions of the Vendetta came to their rescue. Borja also brought a different angle that Homer might equally be there to eliminate Cardo. Oscar did not buy that, the operation was a top secret and only limited people knew.

Contingent of the case, Borja told his subordinates that it would affect his position as the president said. His subordinates promised not to make that happen. They would search for evidence that would prove that Homer and Cardo had no alliance. Borja said his welfare should least be their worry. They should search for answers for the president how Homer and his group knew about the operation.

The police already knew that Cabrera was the one who leaked the information to Hipolito and Hipolito also ordered the Venom group but they needed a proof for that. At Melba’s place, Rigor asked Jerome how they would be able to escape. They survived the bullet but what if they ended up being k!lled by Vendetta.

That, Jerome said would not happen due to the presence of Cardo and General Olegario. He said he needed to find a way to get in touch with General Borja.

Homer got upset and asked his friends if they would blame him for Bubbles treasury. Roldan told him that it was the least of their worries but their problem was they had fallen from the grace side of their bosses. Homer said he cared less about those two.

Roldan said the only way for them to restore their reputation was to find Cardo and do what they could not do. Homer accepted to find Cardo but he would first find Bubbles.

“Because I am quite sure wherever that traitor may be that is where Cardo is.”


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