Viral Scandal Episode 61

Viral Scandal Episode 61 Jigs is ambushed and arrested after the court grants Rica’s appeal, Fiscal Leticia finally approves Ella’s petition against Jigs

Rica Sicats on her bed posted an instapost of herself and her half sister Raven with a Caption “An ally”. Raven received the tag and was emotional. Dan went home to find especial food served. He wondered the occasion of which Kakay has prepared plenty delicacies.

It was not their marriage anniversary too. Dan took the seat and said it was good for them to have plenty food since the mayor has promised to send lots of guards to guard the place and he has already told Kyle to strengthen Balai Arkitektura Security with the belief that his father would get back at them.

The carpentry assistants show up at the place to claim, they were there early to help guard the place but Kakay knew they were there due to the food. Troy saw his daughters picture and he commented that he was proud of them. Elsewhere, Jigs was in a hurry, packing his things. His father came in to inform him that they have an early flight tomorrow, they would board a private plane.

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Bobby was sure his deed would not be traced back to them since someone board the flight for them. Early morning, Alberto received a call from his friend to inform him that Rica Sicats appeal has been granted and the order came from the higher office so he could not do anything about it. Alberto swore to make him pay since he helped him to get to that position and failed to help him.

Jigs and Bobby escaped and were driving fast to be away from Sidero. Rica received a call from Attorney Dizon that her appeal has been granted and the police has issued an arrest warrants for Jigs’ arrest. Rica was so happy and jumped around. She gave the phone to Kyle and Kyle asked whether there would be no problem.

Attorney Dizon said the Mayor would ensure that. The Police ambushed Jigs and his father. Bobby had no where to run to with his son. The police arrested them and Jigs called the mayor a traitor for staining the Ramones name. Bobby did not understand why he was also arrested and Troy explained to him that he was under arrest for obstruction of justice, for aiding and abetting among other things.

“How dare you! You ungrateful bàstard!”

“Dad should never have adopted you.”

Troy slapped him and said that was for his daughter and wife. Bobby warned him not to think that he has already won, he would pay for it. Bobby and his son were sent to the precinct and the press were there to ask the counselor questions. Bobby warned them to leave the counselor alone. As he was being dragged into the cell after passing through the necessary protocol, Rica showed up.

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Jigs was fighting to be away from the hands of the police. He asked Rica whether she was now satisfied for turning everyone against him. He warned her that she would never forget him because no matter what she does, he would always be at the back of his mind and in his dreams. Kyle appeared to punch him. Rica said he was right that he changed her life but she would be happy and he would be behind bars.

She threatened to ensure he does not come out. Bobby was posted bail and he went to see his son. Jigs was acting frightful and asked his father to get him out of there but Bobby said his case was not bailable so they would have to file a petition. He told the police to give his son special treatment since he was a counselor. He wanted a full furnished room for his son  and he would pay him handsomely for it.

The police told him not to worry since his son would not keep long there he would be transferred to the City jail. Bobby threatened him to make him lose his job but the police said he was following strict orders from the mayor that he would not give preferential treatment for Jigs. Bobby assured Jigs that he would work on something to get him out of there. Once he left, the police called the mayor to confirm his suspicions.

The mayor said he would leave no stone unturned for Bobby and Alberto to win over him. He told the officer that they would threaten him still he shouldn’t give Jigs special treatment. Bobby went home to demand Alberto to talk to the police superior since Troy was blocking his chances of obtaining special treatment for his son.

Alberto knew Bobby has screwed up once again but Bobby said it was rather Alberto’s fault for believing in his friend. He said they couldn’t get away since they were ambushed and it was the fault of Troy. Alberto warned him not to blame it on him since he was not able to train his son properly which resulted in that. Bobby said if he had supported him like how he did with Troy, they wouldn’t have reached that point.

He had always treated Troy all high and mighty, making it seemed like Troy was better than him. If only he had given him the chance. Alberto punched him and he pounced on his father, saying he only had himself to be blamed for bringing a snake into the family. Rica felt the day exceptionally beautiful and Kakay accepted saying it was like the sun was smiling at the Sicats and requested for a dance with her daughter.

Bea called herself epic and main character even if she was giving Pogs hard time in life. Reflecting on Nico’s warnings that Pogs might give up on her, she still clinged to her belief as queen and dressed fashionably for the school’s university opening spot fest.

Kakay believed her daughter would keep her head high in school now that their hard work has paid of and Jigs was behind bars. Attorney Dizon arrived with Ella and Rica. Kyle went to the rooftop and received a text about Joseph Laurena’s issue. He also saw an instapost of Rica.

Attorney Dizon in a meeting with the Sicats, Ella and Troy informed them that Jigs was filing for a petition to be posted bail. However, their evidence against the counselor was strong which would make it difficult for his case to be bailable. They had the unedited video evidence, several witnesses and they would work harder to push the issues to make those who were watching become more interested in it. That, she said would speed up the trial.

Rica asked about Ella’s case and Laura said the prosecutor hasn’t made a decision yet. Troy advised Ella not to worry. He assured to continue to push so that her case would be heard in court process. He believed once the justice department decides the prosecutor would have no option than to grant it. Ella thanked the mayor and said Rica’s case has given her hope that justice can still prevail and they could rely on the justice system.

Laura received a call and announced to them that the prosecutor has granted Ella’s complaints and her case would be heard in court. Bea saw that the girls were rooting for Pogs during the basket ball. Stella was all over Pogs and Bea looked so jealous. Pogs also did not mind Bea even when she drew closer.

Bobby got furious that no one seemed to be afraid of the Ramones and had an outburst. Alberto watched him from afar. Bea tried to get on Stella’s way with Pogs and it got Brax laughing. Ella arranged a milk tea with Rica, though she was not allowed to drink milk. Troy requested for a dinner with Rica and Raven once everything was okay and hoped that one day she would call him dad.

Kyle went to Mrs Laurena’s place again and told Axel about it. Rica told Kakay that she wanted to go to the dinner to get to know Raven better and asked of her approval. Kakay approved it, she wanted the feud among them to end in order for them to get along. Karla asked about Kyle’s issues and Rica said he was still investigating. She has promised to help him and she knew they would not find anything incriminating about the mayor.

Reflecting on how his father has looked down on him over the years due to Troy, Bobby got himself a guπ from his study. Elsewhere, Troy tried to talk to Laura but she gave him attitude.

Meanwhile, Mrs Laurena was upset with Kyle for coming there once again and she shit her door on him. Unknown to Kyle, someone was watching and when he was leaving, a strange man called him to ask whether he was asking about Joseph Laurena and he said he knew him. He gave Kyle a letter which was written by Joseph and stressed that Joseph and him were in a relationship before.

No one knew about that relationship not even his wife but then Joseph suddenly vanished after Sidero Art collapsed. It was several years before Joseph showed up at his place and the man was so afraid. He told him that if ever something happened to him, he should give the letter to the police but after that he vanished and never came back.

The man said he was so scared to do what Joseph asked of him and he could tell Kyle was tougher than him and since he was looking for answers, he believed Kyle would be able to carry the task he couldn’t deliver.


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